Nana Okada

Nana Okada

27-year-old Nana Okada is a Japanese model who moved from Tokyo to Honolulu (Hawaii) two years ago. Nana, born in Yokohama, began modelling in Tokyo at age 19. Her lifetime dream is to be featured in a print magazine.On her myspace, she says some of her interests are motocross, shopping, cooking, and car shows. She loves to eat dim sum and oolong tea, and in her spare time she likes to ride her motocross bike.

As for her vital stats, Nana is 5’5″, 110 lbs, and her bust-waist-hip measurements are 32DD-24-34.

At the moment, Nana does not yet have her own website, so she lists her myspace address as her website. To date, she has been featured in WWS Mag and Amped Asia, with both interviews done recently. Thus, it seems as if Nana’s career is picking up speed – perhaps we can hope to see much more of Nana’s modelling in the near future.

More pictures of Nana Okada:

Nana Okada

Nana Okada

Nana Okada

Nana Okada

Nana Okada

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  1. Goodness, she’s got tattoos of flowers on her upper right thigh…and i initially thot those were some sand. May be a disadvantage, though, cos those tats limit her positioning during phototaking.

  2. Very very nice! Ordinarily I’m not fond of Japanese models with somewhat westernised looks but then I’m a notorious snob. I like the mature look she has in some of the photos in the WWS link.

  3. yeah, xiphus101, those are cherry blossom tattoos. i think they’re a tattoo fad, just like tribal tattoos on muscley guys’ biceps. it’s cool that she’s being herself by getting inked (since that’s a really personal decision), but i think in this case it’s really going to work against her in print modelling – being that they’re kinda generic tattoos, i wonder if they really had a lot of meaning to her outside of their aesthetics. :/

  4. Nothing like a hot tomboy.I’m not a fan of tatts…but they can be photo shopped away
    Nice hips.Tight tummy.

  5. Those aren’t tatts…they’re just beauty marks. Oh yeah, and did I mention those legs…and buns…and boobs. Nice.

  6. wow thanks brayker19! much appreciated 🙂

    i wish i were as curvy as this girl :/ and though her breasts are surgically augmented —- i just think she has a great body and everything looks really proportionate. it’s like salma hayek’s body with an asian face.

  7. Her legs are a little too stocky for my taste, but apart from that she does indeed have a nice body, and she has quite a cute and pretty face as well. I certainly could have done without the tats though. 🙁

  8. Awesome post Christine! I love her. She is gorgeous. I like her tats. They’re sexy and they won’t hurt her career because she is just an import model. As long as she don’t get anymore she will be fine. Plus she has long dark hair with a nice curvy body and a sexy ass stomach and to quote Bill, some tig ol’ biddies. What’s not to love? She definitely could be an Asian Salma Hayek. Her legs are a big stocky, but I can look past that.

  9. She’s got potential, definately. I think that if she got in touch with a Graphis photographer, she would look really nice (Graphis photographers own). So ya, i just think these pictures arent as good as they should be.

  10. i totally acquiesce to your comments, particularly the legs part (stocky, short)…anyway, cute… yes… but not exquisite… she’s 5’5? hm… questionable… 27? Ok… now i should get into modeling at the rightful age of 39…

  11. I’m with FredF on this one – her lower body is definitely too stocky for my taste, and this photo really shows it. I still think she’s pretty atractive from the waist up though.

  12. Does anyone know of a website that features this girl who is Asian with big tits and she has lots of sex with who I believe is her husband. It’s basically but indstead a hot Asian girl is the star. She has a set of photos where she is dressed up as Lara Croft. Any information would be helpful, thank you!

  13. Please send any requests to our “Contact Asian Sirens” link in the lefthand column. Although your description isn’t very helpful, I suspect you may be talking about Jade Feng.

  14. Sorry for the late post, but I’m not seeing the stocky legs part. Curvy, shapely, muscular, yes, but stocky? Overall, very gorgeous and although I’m not a big fan of tats, hers aren’t that bad. Yummy!!

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