Mysterious Masked Model!


I am not sure who this woman is but I know that I’ve seen her before. She looks like a real cutie too! Can anyone identify her?

Update: The “Mysterious Masked Model” is none other than Natalie Marie! And she would have gotten away with it too… if it wasn’t for those meddling kids!I frequent a site called Nemesis Racing for the wonderful photos taken by Edwin Villanueva of models at various expos and import car shows.

Needless to say… I came across these pics of this beauty behind a mask taken at Erotica LA on June 7th (pics by Edwin Villanueva)! Enjoy!





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  1. FLo Jalin?!?!?!? She looks as much like Flo as I do LB….Oh and I look nothing like Flo.

    Definitely Natalia! Imagine if Batman and Robin’s enemies all got together and studied pics of Robin (in a non gay way mind you) like this. They’d be doomed in a minute. Gotham would be an even scarier place.

  2. Not Photoshopped – just a padded bra.

    Good publicity stunt though – a clever way to generate interest in the model. I can’t say I care who she is though. 😉

  3. Not Eva…because Eva has a laser outline of a heart tatt on her left boob that she had removed.Yep…I’m a details guy.

    Whoever this cutie is-she looks like she could use a good baby fat nibbler.I know a guy.

  4. Edwin Villanueva takes some pretty good pics. It’s just too bad that you can see most of the models for who they really are. He’s even got some pics of models like Tila before she got crazy with the make-up and tatts.

  5. In reference to my comments in the Honey Jo thread immediately above this one, here’s yet another SoCal import model with an average body and an unremarkable face who won’t even take her clothes off, yet still has so many of our readers going ga ga over her! I’m serious: can anyone explain to me why you get so excited over these girls, when they’re nothing special, there’s so many of them and they won’t even go fully nude?

  6. Lee, why do you think any girl should conform to what you or anyone else wants them to do? If their choice is to look a certain way or not pose nude why not just let them be?

    People are different and make different choices. If what a girl presents on her website is not good content the market will sort that out very fast…..nobody will sign up. Lots of model websites fail in the first few months.

    Of course I like seeing nude girls as much as anybody. But if a girl chooses to not pose nude, I accept that. I can still enjoy her pics and find her sexy without being nude.

    Actually, sometimes the teaser poses can be more sexy to me. There have a been a few implied models that eventually went nude….and after that it was well, anti-climatic. (pun intended!) 🙂

  7. A girl can do whatever she wants – that’s not what I’m talking about at all. What I would simply like to know is why would people get excited about it, especially to the point of paying for it?

    I do take your last point, although I would argue that if she really was a great model, it wouldn’t be anti-climatic at all! 🙂

  8. What I would simply like to know is why would people get excited about it, especially to the point of paying for it?

    I’ll tell you exactly why. Just like models are different, the viewers of their sites are different. What excites one guy might turn another guy off completely. Simple as that.

    You have to allow that other people do not have the same likes and dislikes as you. I’m amazed I have to spell this out. 🙂

  9. “Everyone just has different taste” is just a cop-out – there are always reasons for people’s taste.

    By definition, for a person to get excited usually requires something remarkable and out of the ordinary – how can anyone get excited over what they see every day? And that is the crux of the problem here: if this sort of model was very rare, I might be able to understand the excitement. But they simply aren’t rare at all, and there’s nothing else remarkable or special about them either.

  10. Lee, you’re doing it again! You’re whole explaination is based around YOUR point of view and YOUR point of reference. Of course you don’t get it because you are assuming eveyone looks at things the same way you do.

    You see the SoCal girls with similar clothes, hair and makeup and you dismiss them as cookie cutter and boring. That’s fine, that is your individual reaction.

    Not everyone else sees them the same way. Even though they may not be “rare” or “remarkable” to you, some guys will still find them attractive……as evidenced by the (baffling to you) good comments these girls get as well.

    So I’ll say it again. Different people see the world differently and react to it differently. Simple as that.

    Vive la difference!

  11. We’ve had this go ’round on more than one occasion, in the past. It is virtually impossible, I think, to explain why one finds another person attractive, that can’t be easily dismissed.

    While Dr Lee, as a trained plastic surgeon may have a more detailed vocabulary for certain features (like Eskimos supposed skill at describing different kinds of snow, or a sailor’s ability to describe the condition of a body of water), most of us are fairly limited in the way we describe another’s features.

    10 women could be described with roughly the same set of descriptors, but one could be dramatically more attractive to many of us. There is something beyond the description that is very important to the evaluation. A very common set of descriptors can describe something very rare, as the rarity usually lies in some overly vague comments such as, pretty, sexy, great smile, etc.

    In fact, the rarities that can be easily described are more apropos to freaks than to beauties.

    With that said, I tend to agree with Doc on many of these so-called SoCal types. But, occasionally one of these girls is simply far more attractive than others of her ilk. I will never understand why people dismiss an individual based on the general category where they are placed.

    As for Natalia, while she is obviously attractive, she does little for me, which is why I didn’t bother to post, earlier. I’m not much for the stripper look, which is the category where I place her. But, I know there are other women I also place in that category who I think are exceptionally pretty.

  12. Yeah, I won’t just automatically dismiss a girl because she’s a SoCal import model – she simply has to stand out from the crowd in some way. This girl just doesn’t stand out from any crowd.

  13. “While Dr Lee, as a trained plastic surgeon … ”
    Is that even true? I recall him saying he wasn’t a physician.

  14. I can’t help that I love most Asians women… even some ladyboys! It really doesn’t matter what “look” they’re into or what part of the country they’re from. As long as they’ve caught my eye the rest of my body tends to go along… haha! I mean… I am an equal opportunity lover (freak’s more like it!). I’m easy like a Sunday morning… but just because I’m easy doesn’t mean I’m always available… haha!

    I’m a bit like 7-Eleven… I may not always be doing business but I’m always open (paraphrased from the Boondock Saints)

  15. Ok Flip, we get it. Cliche` overload there.

    And the Doc is as much a trained plastic surgeon as I am an Official Bikini Inspector.

  16. FlipnIrish, where did you go? I liked your quirky punk ass remarks. you where the most spirited of everyone who ever came here. you better be okay you little bitch

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