Mutya ng Pilipinas 2009 Dance

“Mutya ng Pilipinas” is Filipino for “Muse of the Philippines”. As you can see from the opening dance number at the Mutya ng Pilipinas 2009 pageant, these Filipina muses sure can get jiggy with it.

Check out photos of candidates here, and the list of winners here.

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  1. Arrrrrr…a covey of beauties! Why do they all look like sisters? Answer:::A result of centuries of inbreeding!

  2. Inbreeding?? cmon nighthawk… we’re supposed to be celebrating “the essence of asian beauty,” and not alienating a race of people. Being a filipino, i find your comment racist and derogatory.

  3. @NIGHTHAWK If anything, the Filipinos interbreed with extreme ease. There is a lot of Chinese, Spanish, and other blood flowing in veins of many Filipinos. So you obviously have no clue what you are talking about.

    You also show your ignorance about the fact that usually a person has much more difficulty in recognizing the faces and in seeing the differences in the faces of races with which that person did not have a lot of exposure from an early age.

    On the positive side, I’ll comment that Filipinas are by far the best and sexiest dancers of any of their Asian counterparts I have seen. I am speaking about the average girls in a regular dance club, not professionals.

  4. I’m going to give Nighthawk the opportunity to explain his comment further before I take it down in case there’s some kind of misunderstanding, but it certainly doesn’t look good.

  5. @ Dr. Lee – Some food for thought about taking down posts. I personally subscribe to the policy of using a light hand. If an offensive comment is quickly repudiated by the community, then leaving the original offending post allows for context to the discussion, and shows the character of the community.

    However, if the offender continues to post harassing, offensive, and non-quality posts, I would personally censor the follows ups by the offender, simply to prevent the discussion from degrading into a flame-bait troll war (so to speak).

    But its not my blog, so its not my decision.

  6. Actually DrNo, that’s partly why I haven’t taken it down immediately. I’m actually intrigued as to where Nighthawk would get such an idea from, as it is very much the opposite of the truth as far as Filipinos are concerned. Nighthawk’s been posting here for a while, and has never posted anything like this from memory – I feel I might be missing something somewhere. Anyway, I just hope it doesn’t lead to a nasty exchange (which is why such comments normally need to be taken down). Let’s please keep it civil guys while I await Nighthawk’s clarification.

  7. With further thought, and trying to see the other perspective, I would say that the word “centuries” could be used to put Nighthawk’s comments into perspective.

    If he would have stated a position a little more diplomatically, and not used the word “inbreeding”, it could be a point worth some consideration.

    I would assume that people on Islands would have more highly concentrated intra-breeding (not in-breeding) and less genetic drift than people on large land masses, due to the greater ease of traveling large distances over land. Over large time scales, depending on population sizes and other factors, this could be a contributing factor towards greater homogenization of physical characteristics. When looking at the total time scale of humans populating the Philippines, the high amount of interbreeding with other Asian and western cultures is relatively recent.

    BTW, I have actually heard a similar comment to Nighthawk’s from a Filipino himself.

    (FYI, I can’t easily find that ‘intrabreeding’ is actually a word, but I feel it should be, because…. Interbreeding means between species [or races i guess], and inbreeding is generally interpreted to mean breeding between closely related family members. I would define intrabreeding as breeding within a closely similar group, but not necessarily with closely related family.)

  8. MR.PRESIDENT…TAKE DOWN THAT POST! What the heck is so poision about INBREEDING? All cultures have practiced it at one time or another! To this day there are few if any dark haired people in Iceland! Island cultures traditionally married their own. Native American, African and thousands of other TRIBAL CULTURES did not permit marriage to “outsiders”!! How about European royalty…NO PEONS PERMITTED!
    Dr.No is correct in saying I don’t know much about the Filipino culture. I do take offense to Icemans that I am RACIST. Nothing could be further from the truth. I was the only person in my High School without a drop of Native American blood!! And I still have my scalp! We were the first in my State to integrate. C’mon’re strung way-too-tight about the inbreeding comment. It was NOT MEANT to OFFEND OR INSULT ANYBODY! I SINCERELY APOLOGIZE TO THOSE WHO WERE! (By the way…why aren’t there any blondes??)

  9. BTW::: It’s not unusual that my “Irish-Humor” is misinterpreted or slightly offensive. But…as POPEYE says::”I ‘yam what I ‘yam!”

    I’m in a lot of trouble lately, first assigning Doc the wrong Nationality…now this. Maybe I should take a vacation?!

  10. I took the inbreeding comment as humorous since I haven’t seen a history of inbreeding taking place in the Philippines, plus I don’t think inbreeding is the right word since it means breeding between close relatives. If anything, there was more interbreeding taking place. If inbreeding was going on, you would see a history of birth defects, deformities, etc. that’s attributed to inbreeding.

    You don’t need to take a vacation NIGHTHAWK. My suggestion is before saying something like those chicks in the video all look alike because of centuries of inbreeding (which is a bad generalization anyway) is to cite a reference. Or maybe use a 🙂 so that people know you are joking because sometimes it’s hard to tell context over the internet.

  11. I said they were BEAUTIFUL!! How is that RACIST?? Don’t want to dig myself a ‘deeper-hole’: Candyman is correct to object to the more-strict “inbreeding” term…at least as it pertains to the “Modern Day”. Originally (ancient),it was a necessity because the tribal groups were so small. To perpetuate the breed…you had to marry your 2nd Cousin or Sister. Mr.Christian(of Bounty fame) & Crew found out all about the dangers of INBREEDING in just a few generations. I failed in not consulting my dictionary for correct terminology!

    Finally…If I am so RACIST…how is it I am married to a native of China??

  12. “Inbreeding” was the wrong word/concept. Though he misfired here, I typically enjoy and appreciate NIGHTHAWK’s humor.

  13. According to MS Word Dictionary: INTERMARRIAGE means::1)”Marriage between DIFFERENT groups (racial,religious,etc)” AND
    2) “Marriage WITHIN a group (between the same people, clan or kinship group.)

    I would assign(as I SHOULD HAVE!) the #2 definition to my comment! I SUSPECT, however, it would have had little effect on the subsequent comments and outrage??!

  14. OH! Doc! If I am still allowed to Post: Can I be assigned a smaller FONT SIZE? Need to ‘lower-my-profile’…at least for awhile!

    Now I know how politicians feel when they want to “distance themselves” from other’s statements!

    For you Locals: Remember the Southwest Airlines ad: “WANNA GET AWAY?” That’s ME.

  15. @ Nighty: I got that your comment was not bastos… haha! (bastos = nasty).

    My fave of the lot is #27 Jenn Roe Gubat (last name means jungle… haha!)

    She didn’t win anything but she did make it to the semi-finals. She’s a cutie too… haha!

  16. Nighthawk: I’m not offended at all by you mistaking my ethnicity, but please be more careful when using potentially inflammatory terms in future. Oh, and you can effectively make your font size look smaller by using less caps. 😉

    Oh yes – I also fixed your pic links Flip. 🙂

  17. Thanks so much Doc… haha! Now you can all see who I wanna see naked… errr, who I think should have one… haha!

  18. I was offended by Nighthawk’s comment because it was tossed out there with a callous disregard for sensitivities and if taken literally was quite an insult (we all now what it means to say “centuries of inbreeding” – it implies defects and lack of enrichment of the gene pool).

    There is a simple answer as to why these Filipinos on TV actually do look like sisters. The Filipino CULTURE has defined what is “beautiful” just as much as our Hollywood culture did in the 60’s and 70’s by advancing starlets to us that were all remarkably similar.

    I know literally thousands of Filipinos, being married to one. They all admit that what is admired by them as beauty is a lack of excessively ethnic features, height (5’6″ means you can be a dancer or model), fair skin (you’ll never see a dark Filipino dancer on WOWOWEE, the top variety show), angular features (as opposed to rounded), long hair and slim, leggy build.

    What’s left is a particular strain of Filipino (who come from at least 8 different genetic heritages) that still has the Filipino eyes, mouth, hair and overall look but it is safely neutral and “pretty” for television. They are indeed beautiful but so are many other distinctly Filipino appearances, with darker skin, more Spanish features, or Polynesian faces….. depends on what you like. Inbred? The exact opposite, they have a great deal of humor in their culture about the extreme diversity of their heritage and what it means to be Filipino in appearance.

    There’s a humor song about small noses, for instance, one thing they can all find in common. There’s another inside joke – foreigners tend to like “exotic” looking Filipinas, which means “unattractive” to them. Don’t ever call a Filipina exotic as a compliment, she’s apt to deck you.

    They come from Aborigines, Malaysians, Spanish, Chinese, Polynesians, Middle Easterners, for starters, and a variety of other regions that intermixed before migrating to the Philippines.

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