Ms. Annla

Ms. Annla

Ms. Annla is another import model with a presence on myspace, but she is from Fort Worth, Texas, not California. She fits the myspace self-promotion mold (Time’s person of the year 2006 and all that), and even includes her modeling resume as a myspace blog entry. has nothing; the place to visit is

Ethnicity? She’s a Texan, if you ask me, but AsianAvenue gives “Laotian, other.”MsAnnla:
xanga pics)
HINcity“About to launch”)

Ms. Annla

Ms. Annla

Ms. Annla

Ms. Annla

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  1. Randy, the Michelle Mailkin/Time magazine stuff is off-topic for this post. Please remove this sentence from your entry and post it as a comment in the Micehelle Malkin thread.

    And I have to agree witth shokr on this one – way too ‘nasty’ looking for my taste.

  2. I don’t wanna take her to dinner…or home to mom.I just wanna call her ’bout 2am…and before I hang up the phone hear a knock on my door.

  3. the mamma san’s i’ve seen in asia look better than her. she looks like a [CENSORED]… like the type STRIPES wants to have knock on his door at 2am. haha

  4. shockr, as much as I may personally agree with you, please read the disclaimer at the bottom of this page and comply with it. I have to be honest though, when I first saw this girl, your words are the sort of thing that came into my mind! That doesn’t mean we should state them publically, however.

  5. i dont want to be disrespectful to the models…but i liken this site to a segment on Howard Stern…where regular girls go on the show and get rated and critique. if you want to be a model or hold yourself out to be a model than you have to face some criticism…harsh or not..maybe by getting these critiques she can improve and be a super import model…but for now..what is she thinking?…i mean she is hot for a regular person but to be a model you have to almost perfect….on the hand she has that look that she can knock my shoes and socks off :)…

    i cant tell if she has good boobs or not..the first pix yes..the last not…me so confused or is this a camera trick?…see northman..i am being nice:))

  6. Could it be that she is actually pretty but the photographer directed her to do poses that look “nasty” and raunchy?

  7. kaine: you could be right… the photographer could have chosen the wrong photos to publish or may have a different idea of what is “hot”

    but seriously… if she could be a model, many regular women out on the street could too.

  8. I have to disagree with LawBoy and once again agree with shokr – IMHO this girl isn’t even ‘hot’ for a regular person.

    On the other hand, the last photo is much better than the others, so photography clearly is a factor here (either positive or negative).

  9. Dr Lee: the cigarette in her hand is not that attractive considering the number of places in America that has banned smoking. Is she pretending she is a rebel?

    I noticed that her pictures make her look like she has an under bite… might need braces??

  10. LawBoy: Some people go for quantity and some people go for quality.

    I tried doing it one time with an unattractive girl… couldn’t keep it up dude. Even after turning off the lights!!! I had to fake an orgasm and kick her out of the house…

  11. I agree the cigarette is a big turn-off, but at least she doesn’t look so ‘nasty’ in this shot – I guess the fag is meant to do that for her.

  12. Waw!! Nice body but perhaps she can act without her eyeshadow. It will be more nature.
    If anyone has, please share with me.
    Thank you.

  13. I know this girl. Lets just say the photographers have to use a LOT of PHOTOSHOP to make her even look half way decent. She has stretch marks like no other. Worst attitude ever. Thinks she is gods gift to earth. Thinks of herself before her daughter. She is 22 with a 9 year old. If you live in Keller, TX look her up and if your in Dallas you can see her hoochie it up gogo dancing. One word “BARF”

  14. I have to say, I probably could have guessed all of the above from these photos even with all the Photoshopping. To be brutally honest, I think she is one of the least attractive women to have ever been featured on AS, but she does look like she thinks she’s hot s**t.

  15. Yeah, I was just looking around on this site and saw her and was like “Barf”. That girl does not need more publicity.

  16. If it were up to me, this post would be closed on the grounds that this girl doesn’t meet Asian Sirens standards, but we have to be accepting of different tastes I guess…

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