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Morishita Chisato. One of my favorite Asian models. She’s strikingly beautiful, and has a smile that takes one’s breath away. I mean just look at that first photo. Wow! Fortunately there are a wealth of pictures of Morishita to be found on the web, but, regrettably, not much in the way of an extensive bio.

Morishita is well known for her extensive career as a “Gravure Idol”. A Gravure Idol is usually a model who poses for bikini shot photobooks. She’s also a very popular “Race Queen”, a “cheerleader” for the world of motor racing. Her success and popularity in these arenas has opened doors for her both as an actress and singer.





Some facts about Morishita:

Birthplace: Nagoya-shi, Aichi
Date of birth: Sept. 1st 1981
Ethnicity: Japanese
Height: 5′ 5″ / 166 cm
Hair: Black
Eyes: Hazel

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  1. Hmmm, she’s certainly cute enough, but is she any better than a thousand other Japanese models? If you like Morishita, I’m sure you will find many, many other girls on the Japanese model sites who are at least as attractive as her – or even more so. For my taste, her nose job is a bit too much compared with the many natural (or at least natural looking) beauties who come out of Japan.

  2. I didn’t say she wasn’t a beauty, but I feel there are many, many other Japanese models who are at least as beautiful as Morishita (without the overdone nose job).

  3. she is beautiful. i dont mind a little surgery to improve on mothernature:)…how can one tell about the nose job? looks pretty natural.

  4. Full-blood Japanese simply don’t have noses like that. Besides, it has the curiously accented bridge that is characteristic of a nasal implant, but which is almost never natural amongst oriental women: the tip of her nose extends out almost twice as far as her nostrils, and you can just see a faint discontinuity down the sides of her nose where her natural nose ends and the implant begins (mostly blocked out by make-up and touch-ups in these photos). Of course I can’t completely rule out the possibility that it’s natural, but that’s highly unlikely – and nose jobs are almost standard issue for Asian models these days anyway (I often can’t tell they’ve had them).

    I should also point out that – while Morishita’s nose job is a little too much for my taste – it is still basically a good job. The Japanese plastic surgeons are very good at producing a natural looking result: her nose job is not as obvious or unnatural looking as many of the models featured here.

  5. Lee, thanks for finally saying: “I can’t completely rule out the possibility that it’s natural”.

    It’s important to always qualify your facial surgery opinions with a statement like that.

    Because you can never be 100% sure if facial surgery has taken place unless you were there in the operating room when it happened. Photographic analysis is not proof enough. Lighting, shadows, makup, etc can be deceiving.

    At best, your opinion (or anybody’s opinion who did not witness the surgery) has a 50/50 chance of being right.

  6. I would say my opinion has at least a 90% chance of being right in this case. As Marco says, 50/50 is as good as a monkey can do – in other words, pure chance. And my opinions are based on a lot more than that. When I am unsure (as in the case of the recent Sunisa post) I will say so. But when I have at least a 90% certainty, I think it would get very tedious if I had to qualify every one of my opinions with “of course, I can’t be 100% sure” – I think that goes without saying.

  7. One more thing NorthMan – given how common nose jobs are for Asian models these days, even pure chance would probably produce a greater than 50/50 probability of an Asian model having one!

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