Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Candyman.

It has been a while since I wrote an article for Asian Sirens. Work and life has been keeping me busy, but mainly the reason has been because I did not have something to write about that was worth writing an article for, and also because I started a blog that I have been working on. A while back I found out about but didn’t check it out until just recently. Once I started to check it out and see the models that were showcased, it quickly became a site that I needed to write about.Moko is a hotbed for pictures of gorgeous models. It took me a moment to figure out how to navigate the site since I can’t read Chinese, but once I was able to figure it out I have been coming across one hottie after another who have been mind blowing for the most part. I still can’t pick a favorite model. If I had to pick one, right now it would by Wu Yi Man, but my favorite is anyone wearing the least amount of clothing or rocking a t-shirt that shows the underneath part of their breasts (neathage) and their midsection. So if you are into hot Asian models, give them a look.
















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Zhang Xiao Ying @
Dami @
Wu Yi Man @
Wang Yi Bing @
Chu Chu @
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Kaidi @
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Yuki @
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  1. Great, a pile of Chinese sirens. I dont mind the abundance of Japanese, Thai or imports that we have here, but is nice to see some girls from my host country.

    It lets me believe I could meet one someday on the streets of Shanghai.

    Thank you Robin!

  2. Not sure why you let Robin take the credit for your hard work Candyman – you’re very welcome to join the team!

    And even though the photos are far more stylised than I would normally like, these girls are very much my type. πŸ™‚

  3. Wow! Very nice, Candyman. It’s hard to believe we haven’t stumbled across this site simply searching for images.

  4. Of course Candyman is welcome to join the blogteam, but I think he prefers it this way. Which is fine by me. But because it takes some time to resize all the photos and convert the word doc into PMachine it sometimes takes a while for me to post it here. I think the first line makes it very clear this is not my work. Unless you don’t read and scroll to the photos immediately. But who would want to do that? πŸ˜‰

  5. Oh, after a few glorious hours hopping around the site, I can say while it is Chinese, this is mostly Hong Kong girls. Or I should say it is a Hong Kong site ( the red taxi cabs in the background are what finally sold it to me ). Plus the love of “white” in the photo’s.

    I think I saw some of their ads while on the subway last month. I remember thinking “Moko is hot!”

  6. These are IMHO an excellent illustration of where a “realist” philosophy of model photography crashes & burns. These girls are gorgeous, and the highly stylized poses and make-up only and occasional hair lightening only add to the total effect. (Photo number 5 with the girl in red lipstick is terrific.) The fantasy aspects are out there in the open, much as they are in a Pirelli calendar, and the effects are awesome. These are also a good example of how Chinese women rock the house. Great post Candyman!

  7. I’d still prefer to see them in more realistic photos, but I do believe these girls actually are attractive. πŸ™‚

    I should point out though that the seemingly impressive boobs are almost certainly Photoshop enhanced – wouldn’t you be disappointed to find that they actually aren’t that busty in real life?

  8. Candyman…..If I say your name three times can you send five of those ladies to my house? πŸ™‚

  9. My God, Wang Yi Bing is absolutely phenomenal! Definitely my version of perfection! Gahh… that set of hers is just… WOW.

    That being said, I would like to second the notion of seeing all of these girls in a more “realistic” tone. Clearly, these pictures (while very nicely stylized) are not reality. I’m sure they’ve all been touched up ridiculously – which is unfortunate, because it leaves so many question marks about what is authentic and what is not. And I would loooove to see more of Wang Yi Bing to see if she lives up to the hype these photos represent!

  10. Heaven has a new name and its MOKO.

    Partial to Chu Chu and her ears…the whole trio <g> One of my fav gals past had a slightly unproportional nose and a snorty and cute giggle that was adorable. But that’s just me, eh.

    Thanks a bunch Robin…this is the reason I come to Asian Sirens. My Missus wonders why there isn’t an Italian Sirens <gg>.

  11. Dr. Lee is right. The boobs are all heavily Photoshopped. In any case, not really my thing, prefer more realistic. At least human-looking.

  12. Hot girls! While these girls may be from Hong Kong, the writing is in simplified Chinese. Perhaps few of these beauties are from the mainland =P

  13. What a nice treat to make me happy. They are perfect indeed. Maybe Hong Kong is calling my name.

  14. “wouldn’t you be disappointed to find that they actually aren’t that busty in real life?”

    Some of the gals we meet in real life aren’t as busty as they appear in “real life”. Its called fantasy and him/her make-believe dude. Human-looking means all their personal flaws in the mix. Its up to each of us if we can handle the truth.

  15. wow, quite a find there candyman! Those women are gorgeous! Love the neathage pics myself πŸ™‚

  16. Come on guys – a big reason these girls look so “perfect” is because what you see here doesn’t actually exist! I’m sure they are still very attractive in real life, but they will look a whole lot less perfect than they do here. Doesn’t that bother you at all?

  17. The girls don’t look human at all in the photos, but it does present a good argument for some possible android loving.

  18. No. How many times is this going to be a topic? having been to the PB mansion a few times, I can tell you that while they may not be exactly like they appear in the mags, they are pretty much perfect in themselves. Same with the models at the car shows, almost every one of them looks as good as any of the pics I’ve seen of them. Obviously they have makeup on, but still the beautiful core is all them. I can’t believe this is an ongoing conversation.

    I love chinese girls, but these don’t really do anything for me other than they’re obviously attractive women in general.

  19. Small correction jd: some of these Photoshop creations are flawless. πŸ˜‰

    Still, as I said, I’m sure these girls are still very attractive in real life, even if they don’t look exactly like they do here.

  20. There were some “regular” webcam pics on the site with the same models, and they pretty much looked the same. The pictures quality was def lower but the girls looked just as good.

  21. Great post Candyman, I was familiar with the Moko top girls through
    which has one every now and then amongst other hot Asian chicks. I find their blog is worth subscribing to although the banter doesn’t compare with AS. It would be interesting to know where other readers like to go…

  22. I think I am going to have agree with each and every one of you guys here, and say these are some of the most beautiful asian-sirens I’ve seen in a really long time. Flawless and spectacular! It’s pretty unanimous on this one. πŸ™‚

  23. The problem with most other Asian babe sites is that they just post random pictures, often even without ID. Then people come here to ask us who they are! I find this very frustrating – I wish they’d do a little more homework before posting.

  24. awesome find..i am having a hard time standing up now :)) wow, just wos…the bottom boob thing is great..whats the correct terminology for boobs hanging out a short tees ? :))

  25. I love the way these ladies look, but if you look carefully and closely at the neathage (word of the day!) shots, their boobs look very stylized. I still like looking closely at them, though – preferably in real life.

  26. I’m so in love with the first lady it is not funny. The second one is top class as well.

  27. FlyWindy or Zhoumin. If I had to choose 2, they would be it.

    Really great pics. Yeah phohotoshopped, but still what a pleasure to watch!

  28. Glad you guys enjoyed this article. I wrote it months ago but it didn’t get posted until just recently. I didn’t think it would take this long to have it posted, but it’s all good. Looking at hot chicks never gets old. And if I was in Robin’s situation, I’d probably take forever to post it as well.

    I thought about joining the team, but there’s not much for me to write about these days. Plus my free time is limited and writing this stuff takes up alot of time, so I just write every now and then about subjects that are worth writing about. But who knows, maybe things will change in the future.

    I can’t do what I do without help. I’m just fortunate to know so many awesome people. I found out about from mrmullusca who had a picture of this absolute hottie that I needed to find out more about. From there, I just kept finding one Chinese hottie after another, so I had to write about it. Then Steve asked me about a picture that I had from there, and now you can find them featured pretty regularly on his site. The internet is awesome.

    Once you figure out how to navigate the site, you can find plenty of pics that aren’t as photoshopped, but I prefer the ones that are photoshopped/stylized. They’re very nice to look at and that’s what I want to see when I go there.

    I still can’t find anyone that I would prefer over Wang Yi Bing. I love her tattoo too. I just can’t get a good look at it. Some of these chicks don’t look good without the makeup and stylized photos, but many are very hot, then appear to look flawless in the pictures that they are in.

    I hate trying to navigate, but there are plenty of pics on ScanLover. You can start here and then click on the moko tag at the bottom of the page to see the other two threads.

    And if you want to peep out more hot Chinese women, start here.

  29. Interesting point. The model “Yuki” looks very Japanese to me (obviously her name is). I love her photoset – especially the photos with the amazing white eye make-up and the one with the second girl (#5 I think). Stunning profile, elegant nose and jawline. That’s not photoshop as far as I can see. There’s no doubt the girl herself is lovely, and like any beautiful woman she can present herself in many exotic ways.

  30. I wish girls would wear shirts that only cover the top half of their boobs on the streets. Sure I wouldn’t get any work done but I also wouldn’t care.

    You can meet a lot of hot girls like these in Shanghai, just go to any trendy shopping mall, you’re likely to meet them at the less trendy places too. They’re everywhere. A real test of will power for those of us unfortunate enough to be monogamous.

  31. Yep Doc, Robin was sitting on this one. Hopefully that will no longer be an issue. πŸ˜‰

    Yuki looks Japanese, so I will just assume that she is. And I wish I lived in a world where every hot girl wore shirts that cover the top half of their boobs. Maybe someone could make that a law or something.

  32. Only two pictures of Zhang Xiao Ying? She looks like she has a decent B cup and nice curves and a pretty face. Wonder why she only has two pictures…

    Candyman is right, I should amend my previous comment to say “hot” girls.

  33. Oh, my bad. The link above goes to just two pictures, while the other links go to the girls “homepage”. Clicking on something let me see there are a few more groups of pictures for Zhang Xiao Ying πŸ˜€

  34. Preety girl. By the way, is she Chinesse or Taiwanese?
    She has a great body, teasing lips, and so on.
    I am impressed with her.

  35. Some info from what I can find.

    Zhang Xiao Ying (张晓莹)
    bday: 2/21/1987
    height: 168 cm

    Wang Yi Bing (王若伊)
    bday: ??
    height: 163 cm

    Yuki Ding Han (丁晗)
    bday: 8/19/????
    height: 167 cm

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