Model identified: Eiko Koike

Jeon Ji Hyun?

Found these beautiful shots on some forum. No ID with it.
Jeon Ji Hyun?

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0 thoughts on “Model identified: Eiko Koike”

  1. Yep, it is Eiko Koike – one of my favourite Japanese bikini models (although it looks as though she’s lost a fair bit up top in these pics). So not only is she not Jeon Ji Hyun, she isn’t Korean either! 😉

  2. I guess they don’t allow linking directly to their files. I agree with what you say about her though – actually a lot of these comments could apply to Japanese bikini models in general.

  3. I love those little marks too and that there is little makeup, which also applies to many Japanese bikini models. Too often things like that are removed with Photoshop or hidden with makeup.

  4. The link works, no they don’t seem to allow hot linking. Open the link in a new browser or tab- what have you. Then when it opens to the wrong page copy and past the link in the browser it go and boom nice LARGE pic 🙂

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