Model ID Request Again


You guys totally dropped the ball on my last Model ID Request so I get another one. A “get out of name free” card, if you will. Here’s another model with no data, although her name MIGHT be Huang Yinger. In fact, I’m going to give you help. I think her Chinese name is this: 黃瑩兒 but it doesn’t seem to translate correctly or bring up other photos. Your Mission, which I’m bolding for emphasis, is to find not only her real name, but to post it in the comments AND find me at least one other photo of her from somewhere online. First person to do so gets nothing good.Stats:








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  1. I believe her name is Du mi nao. Well…. that’s what I’d call her anyway….

    She has what I consider the classic “chinese girl next door” look I like. Cute, unamericanized, with just a hint of possibility…..

  2. lol @ kroos too. Your suggestion reminded me of the fast food restaurant chain in parts of China called Do & Me.
    Always got a chuckle whenever I saw it.

    As for the unidentified model: my ex’s name is Huang Ying – no ‘er’ though. It’s spitting image of her body but not the face.
    Du Me Nao: lol again!

  3. If you look at the shape of her mouth you can make a good stab at guessing what her first language is. It’s at odds with what she is wearing though. So for me it looks like she is from China but the mouth says English as a first language to me. Forgive me if I’m wrong.

  4. I don’t think so, she is a Chinese. She is more look like Vietnam.
    And I think she is skinny. Sorry.

  5. i agree with niners she looks more vietnamese than chinese but she is very pretty and i would like to see more raunchy photos in the updates that’s y i started coming here on a regular basis

  6. Thank you guys for your “hard work” in searching for her identity! I think she looks like many Chinese girls. China is so vast that i’ve seen Chinese girls with natural blonde hair, to porcelain asian skin to dark skin, flat noses to noses with prominent bridges! Chinese girls rock!

  7. Her name is 林小芭 roughly translated, Xiao Ba Lin. She probably lives in Taipei, Taiwan. Not sure about her ethnicity. Typical boring model I-want-people-to-think-I’m-deep blurb in her wretch account. It seems that she is more forgiving of annoying people now that she is a little older. I don’t really find her physically appealing but to each his own.

    Couple of sites. Don’t say I don’t give back to the community.

    Her wretch page is

  8. Did she get breast implants? Some of her pics from one of those links makes her look like her titties have gotten bigger.

  9. Got to admit I don’t find her attractive enough to bother trying to find out her name. Doesn’t do anything for me at all, you all fight over her.

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