Model and photographer Lianne Lin

Lianne Lin

Lianne Lin modeled for a year and a half before she realized that she would enjoy being on the other side of the camera. She started doing glamour photography in the summer of 2003, and has now converted her website to feature the models she has worked with. She lives and works in Silicon Valley, California, and has photographed models of different ethnicities, men and women. She has discovered quite a few first time models and also worked with experienced models who she worked with during modeling events (via: Modelgraphy).

Based on the fact that she just started a few years ago I’m impressed about her resume. Definitely a girl to keep an eye on!

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  1. I thought she moved down to Southern California. When you enter her website, it says “location: North Hollywood, CA”. I think her modelgraphy profile is out of date.

  2. One other thing is that she has not retired as a model. I saw her not too long ago “wearing her modeling hat” at an import car show.

  3. Thanks Zam – she really is quite hottie. Even the tattoos look alright on her (I normally hate tattoos): in her case I think they look somehow appropriate.

  4. Badboy, feel free to do a posting (or just copy/paste the info from your group) here on Asian Sirens. I would do it myself, but am rather busy these days…

  5. Thanks Robin for the offer but I figured that there is already a previous posting along the same lines that Northman did and I wouldn’t want to be redundant plus although copy and paste would be convenient it would break the layout or look funny. The last posting didn’t turn out to be that effective either unfortunately. I hope my latest message clears up some confusion regarding voting. I think if 10% of Asian Sirens visitors took a minute or so to vote that it could make a big difference in the outcome.

  6. Yeah, but your Yahoo group requires membership… Maybe I can do something to help the Asian girls, by faturing a couple. When does voting stop?

  7. Thanks Robin! You did a great job with the posting. I hope it makes a difference too. I have personally been voting once a day on two different browsers. The Maxim site is a little slower today because their weekly e-mail newsletter just came out.

    A minor point but just wanted to clarify that my Asian Divas group doesn’t require you to join in order to view messages like many other Yahoo Groups. It does require that you be signed in with a free Yahoo account (such as a Yahoo ID or e-mail account).

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