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On Sunday night, I caught the tail end of the 2009 Miss Universe pageant. Usually I would know about the pageant ahead of time so that I could check out the Asian contestants, however each year the pageant is becoming less news-worthy and is why I did not know it was on until 2 hours into the program. By the time I started watching, the top 10 were selected with none of the 10 finalists being Asian. So I wondered if any of the Asian contestants should have made it to the top 10. Continue reading to find out.I started watching the Miss Universe pageant back in 2004. My girl at the time would was Thai wanted me to watch it with her which I how I started watching the program. She would always root for whoever was Miss Puerto Rico since she was usually gorgeous and had a real good chance of winning. She never rooted for Miss Thailand since whoever was Miss Thailand at the time was always ugly to her.

I would always check out the Asian contestants to see which one was the hottest since I don’t pay much attention to the actual competition since the winner was usually from Puerto Rico or Venezuela. And as the years went by, I started paying less attention to the pageant and would only watch it if I happen to catch it while flipping through television channels, which is how I caught it yesterday.

The first thing that I noticed when checking out the contestants page is that the contestants were ordered by ratings giving by members of the site. 4 out of the top 15 highest rated contestants were from Asian countries with Miss Indonesia who is pictured above being the highest rated contestant going into the pageant. I guess the judges had a different opinion since she did not make the cut. Let’s meet her and the Asian contestants in order of member rating:

Miss Indonesia – Zivanna Letisha Siregar


Miss Thailand – Chutima Durongdej


Miss Vietnam – Hoang Yen Vo


Miss Philippines – Bianca Manalo


Miss India – Ekta Chowdhry


Miss Singapore – Rachel Kum


Miss Japan – Emiri Miyasaka


Miss China – Wang Jingyao


Miss Korea – Rina


Miss Malaysia – Joannabelle Ng


I was surprised to see the contestants from Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Philippines ranked so high while the contestants from China, Japan, Singapore, Korea, etc. ranked so low out of all of the contestants who participated in the pageant. All of these women are beautiful, however the only one I would vote for to put into the top 10 would be Miss Indonesia. She gets my vote because she is the only one that I am wowed by when I look at her, where as the other Asian contestants look just okay to me.

Compared to the contestants from the other countries, besides Miss Indonesia, there’s not one that I would swap out for one of the contestants that did make it eventually to the top 10. And do you think that Miss Indonesia is the most beautiful out of all of the Asian contestants for this year? I think she is.


Miss Universe

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  1. i hope from Indonesia can move to top 10 or 15, because her rank in number 1….
    and the winer from Venezuela… always from Latin….

  2. Miss Indonesia looks smokin’ in the opening pic, but less so in her other pics. My vote goes to Miss Singapore, with Miss China as runner-up. It’s nice to see that several of these girls look truly Asian, instead of the white wannabes they often choose.

  3. It is hard to tell from one pic. Look how different Miss Indonesia looks in the two photos here. In the first one she looks super hot, in the second one not. You inspired me to go to the Miss Universe web site, and after examining all the pics I think Miss Malaysia and Miss Singapore are the prettiest. As is often the case with these types of contents, the winner, Miss Venezuela, does not do much for me (and I like Latinas).

  4. Proof once again that these shows are produced primarily for and watched by women (and perhaps gay men…not that there’s anything wrong with that!).

  5. The only one that truly stood out last night on the show that didn’t even seem pretty was Miss Korea. Even my Korean wife agreed (and she’s gorgeous, nudge nudge). Perhaps it was the makeup or the costume she wore. (shrug)

    I noticed the same thing about the lack of asian women even in the top 15. I could have probably swapped out at least 5 of the final 15 for Miss Indonesia and Miss India (zang!), but some of the judges liked wooden expressions and sometimes strange measurements.

    What I found rather annoying was that Miss Venezuela won … again! Two years in a row, and the new one wasn’t even that pretty or interesting. Whatever ..

    Soooo … who wants to go to Venezuela with me?!

  6. Miss Indonesia ( very cute smile in the 2nd pic) and Miss India ( the head shot is definitely both sexy and confident ) for sure.

    I am surprised by Miss Japan’s tan, but then most of the “international” judges expect tans. I doubt many Japanese ( or Chinese or Korean) women would desire a deep tan.

    Do countries south of China also think a deep tan = “working in fields” and such? I am guessing they don’t, but I am not sure.

    Also, Miss China is not who I expected. I saw some other Chinese pageants earlier this year. Jingyao was in them, but she didn’t win all of them.

  7. I think ALL the Asian contestants look great. I wouldn’t kick any one of them outta my bed.

    Let’s face it, when it comes to beauty contests all the judges are western oriented old-school judges who prefer the tall, statuesque (long-legged) type girls. Asian girls tend to be shorter with more even proportions…shorter legs.

    Perhaps as time goes by and more judges who are into Asian women get on the panels we’ll see more Asian women getting into the top 10 or perhaps even winning. But I still think it’s a ways away yet.

  8. Miss Indonesia, Miss Phillipines, Miss India, Miss Korea. Guys, check out Miss Nicaragua. I know she’s not Asian…..
    BUT DAMN !!!!!

  9. Miss Universe always disappoints. It’s almost as if they go out of their way to not pick girls who are truly outstanding. I can honestly that many of the girls I see when I’m downtown Toronto are easily as attractive – and they don’t have the army of makeup, hair stylists and fashion designers assisting them.

    That said, the standouts from the photos above are:

    1. Japan
    2. Indonesia
    3. China

    Albeit, this is based solely on the single pic of each. I can’t be bothered to search for any more (not with my new MetCN addiction). ^^;;

  10. Miss Indonesia and Miss Malaysia are sultry. Thailand nominates a dog again.

    I was surprised Miss Ukraine didn’t make the cut. Guess Barbie dolls don’t do it for them.

  11. Do countries south of China also think a deep tan = “working in fields” and such? I am guessing they don’t, but I am not sure.

    Yes they do, at least in Vietnam and Thailand.

  12. 1. Indonesia
    2. Singapore
    3. Japan
    4. China

    no offense but I don’t know how Thailand made it at all

  13. I never saw a girl like Miss Singapore while I was there. There were a lot of smaller, cute girls, but Miss Singapore is super hot!

  14. I have to agree on Miss Thailand – she’s a bit of an embarrassment IMHO. Good to know my impression that Miss Singapore is the stand-out is confirmed by someone who was there!

  15. Miss Singapore is hot! Malaysia looks fine too. Miss Korea doesn’t even look Asian to me.

  16. After looking at more photos, I’ll reverse the order and say Malaysia is hot and Singapore is fine too. And miss China, only 18? I’ll put her on the list too.

  17. I really liked Philippines, Indian, Japan, China. I wish we had Indian women on here, they’re some of the most beautiful in the world.

    I watched until they got to the final 10 and turned it off. Wasn’t one girl left I liked. Oh well.

  18. Shocking! (not)

    Ranking wise I would go with:

    1. Indonesia
    2. Singapore
    3. Japan

    For my top three.

  19. Any order, any way, any time! But if I had to pick only one, Miss China. I so love the hair!

  20. Oh Miss Indonesia come in to America and be with me. Do you like Filipino men, Miss Indonesia?

  21. I didn’t even realize it but miss Singapore is actually staying at the hotel I work at. I remember seeing her at the lobby thinking damn this girl is fine and then my coworker pointed out that she’s miss Singapore. She was with some white guy who I think is her boyfriend lucky him.

  22. i’m waiting for the new miss universe post! maiko itai just won the miss japan title, and she’s gonna compete for miss universe in july. i just saw her photo on jezebel today and i think she’s gorgeous!

  23. wow, i’m just re-reading the comments for this. my picks were miss indonesia, miss philippines, and miss japan. totally off from everyone else! i actually think singapore and china look the least attractive. but that’s only based on these pictures though.

    i guess singapore looks totally plastic to me. (not just the boobs, but the face too). and china’s facial features are too square, imo.

  24. I’m with Christine’s picks. But I think all the women pictured on this page are very pretty. However, we are talking about the creme de la creme, so yeah, some would not make the cut.

  25. Actually I want Miss Thailand to deliver some Thai food to me also. I would give her a nice tip. She could stick around and chat a bit too.

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