Miss Song Hotel Video (Complete and uncensored)


Very recent Korean entertainment headlines regarding the leaked video of a certain A-list actress’ intimate activities with a not-as-well-known female colleague last month, have had thousands of netizens searching the file sharing site it was reported to have been uploaded to. Even though the site removed it just three hours after it had been uploaded to their servers, under the threat of criminal prosecution, I was fortunate enough to obtain the complete and uncensored (no blurred-out faces here) video file through a friend of a friend (and ’nuff said about that).

I’m not stating the actress’ full name, not that it would matter if I did, because regular readers of this site will instantly recognize the face ….and the name will now surely become synonymous with the unique (and quite remarkable) act she and her lovely partner perform in this video.

(Note: I’ve uploaded this video to a site known for having loose hosting guidelines that allow quite a bit of latitude regarding content and I have no intention of removing it, but due to the legal issues that I anticipate will ensue, I can’t say how long this will remain up once it “hits the fan.”)

EDIT: It hit the fan in a big way and the above video was yanked by probably the only host risking to host it, after they received several threats of criminal prosecution.

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0 thoughts on “Miss Song Hotel Video (Complete and uncensored)”

  1. Woah, it’s a little slow in starting, but once the video gets going it starts getting warm in the room. Reeeeeally warm.

  2. It wasn’t April Fool’s here when I first checked this out:-( I haven’t been Rickroll’d in a long time:-)

    Whoever the chick in the beginning of the video is, she’s hot!

  3. Haha! You got me! I’ve been fooled!

    I do enjoy Rick Astley – he was 80’s awesome and still is.

  4. I can’t see the video at the minute but you’re right Fungus. Rick Astley is awesome, I saw him interviewed last year and he seemed a good bloke too, could look back and have a laugh and appreciated everything he was able to do.

  5. Man oh man, how I hated Stock Aitken and Waterman stuff. Astley showed he had some talent after he left them behind, but this stuff is unlistenable for me.

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