Miss Japan, Kurara Chibana: Miss Universe 2006 First Runner Up

Miss Japan, Kurara Chibana, first runner up Miss Universe 2006

Yesterday the 18-year-old delegate from Puerto Rico, Zuleyka Rivera was crowned Miss Universe 2006 in Los Angeles, California.

First Runner Up: Miss Japan, Kurara Chibana (photo above) will assume the duties of Miss Universe 2006 if the titleholder for some reason cannot fulfill her responsibilities.

I have selected for you the Asian contestants in

Miss Universe 2006

Miss Universe Japan on the web:
Miss Japan @ muj.trans-cosmos.co.jp
Miss Japan @ Kinea.com
Miss Japan @ her own blog (in Japanese, but lots of photos!)

Miss Japan
Miss Japan, Kurara Chibana, first runner up Miss Universe 2006

The other Asian contestants were:

Miss China
Miss China

Miss Korea
Miss Korea

Miss Malaysia
Miss Malaysia

Miss Philippines
Miss Philippines

Miss Singapore
Miss Singapore

Miss Thailand
Miss Thailand

Miss Indonesia (doesn’t look very Asian to me…)
Miss Indonesia

(I wonder why there was no Miss Vietnam?)

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  1. I wanted to watch this so I could check out the Asian and Latina contestants. I watched the contest last year and Puerto Rico should have won it, but they gave the title to some broad from Canada. She couldn’t compare to Miss Rico ’05.

    Miss Japan is smoking this year. Right now she is the hottest out of all of the Asian contestants until I can get some higher resolution images so I can do a better comparison.

  2. Zuleyka fainted 40min after show ended. Does it mean Kurara gets the crown? 😛

    Kurara was clearly crowd’s candidate & many were disappointed that spanish girl won. even my puerto-rican buddy admitted that Kurara had more to offer as a beauty queen, that Zuleyka.

    she’s beautiful & somewhat brash ( that costume ! ) but was selling herself very well. i’m sure we’ll see more of her over next few years. she’ll be queen of commercials in JP very soon.

  3. I agree with the doc. Although these women are all beautiful, they are collectively a very non-Asian looking bunch. Miss Thailand is probably a quarter Thai, if that. And judging from these photos, this year’s theme was “wavy hair”. Was Clairol a sponsor or something?

  4. she is the bomb!…and that kinky costume…best damn hard body from asia in a while…but what is it with japanese women and bush? 🙂

  5. japanese girls don’t shave or trim their bush very much as a rule (unless youo really sweettalk them into it). it’s just a cultural thing… see my homepage for many more examples…

  6. i wonder how they can wear bikinis and such…it is a good thing they dont have a lot of hair…also i have heard that it is considered unlucky to have sex with a woman with little hair or no hair..it is called “white tiger”..very bad luck…but if you have sex with a girl with a nice bush than it is considered to be lucky…same with having sex with virgins…hmm:)

  7. damn lucky dog…:))…i only get to go over that part of the world for only 2, 3 times a year…i may need some pointers for bangkok entertainments ; )

  8. it didn’t take long: muslims fanatics have targeted miss indonesia for “insulting” islam.

    “Nadine Chandrawinata’s participation in the contest and display of her body in a swimsuit “is actually insulting for Indonesian dignity and women”, Islamic Defenders Front lawyer Sugito said yesterday.”

    so it took a male indonesian lawyer to get offended on behalf of indonesian women. rich in irony, i’d say. maybe he’s just jealous that none of his 3, wrapped up in scarves wives, looks like her?


  9. Mr. Jigong Ahja…. listen up.
    We appreciate any input you might have on our postings, but what you’ve stated there is not really what we are hoping for…. 😉

  10. I really hope to see more of Kurara in the future. I thought she was absolutely stunning in the competition. Anybody seen anything with her since?

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