Miss Japan Crowned Miss Universe 2007


Proving once again that Asian women are the world’s most beautiful, 20-year-old 5’8″ ballet dancer and Miss Japan Riyo Mori is crowned Miss Universe 2007.

Riyo Mori
Riyo Mori
Riyo Mori



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  1. Dude, you totally ruined it for me!* It just started here in California.

    *I’m kidding. I wasn’t watching anyway.

  2. Congrats Ms Japan! I feel sorry for Ms USA who slipped & fell hard to the floor… but she bounced back pretty nicely though

  3. what do you guys think..but she doesnt look japanese…more like vietnamese/chinese or thaiish…not the typical japanese look….still very hot and TALL…maybe that helps her to win..

  4. How does winning Miss Universe prove that Asian women are the world’s most beautiful? I believe Central American women have won the most Miss Universe titles. I also believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  5. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL.Please hurry up and get your scandalous SEX TAPE out.I can get distribution
    through VIVID.Generous upfront plus residuals.Need a co-star?

  6. I love/lust Asian women…but they have a farm system for pageants in Venezuela.If Chavez gets his greasy paws on that-it’ll be time to go to war.

  7. She’s a babe! Great to see an Asian girl finally winning one of these pageants. I agree with LawBoy though – she does look more Vietnamese/Chinese than Japanese.

  8. Hate that last pic of her there, but she is rather pretty. Not exactly the classic japanese girl, a bit more ‘import model’-ish. Glad she won, good for her, and japan.

    Anybody see that fall ms. usa took on stage?

  9. She’s a babe! Great to see an Asian girl finally winning one of these pageants. I agree with LawBoy though – she does look more Vietnamese/Chinese than Japanese

    2 out of the 10 judges were Chinese-Americans- Michelle Kwan, John Lee (this was identified as Japanese by Vanessa Minillo though). Their votes weren’t enough to help the 4 Chinese contestants (China, Hongkong, Singapore,Malaysia).

    Anyway, I think Miss Korea was robbed of her crown.

  10. (She’s a babe! Great to see an Asian girl finally winning one of these pageants. I agree with LawBoy though – she does look more Vietnamese/Chinese than Japanese.

    Posted by: Dr. Lee on May 29, 07 | 9:19 am)…….

    Note, she’s got a little tinge of color, not so much almond-eyed. She’s from Shizouka, probably has ancestors from the Ryukyus where the blood is related to the Taiwanese

    If she was Chinese, she should have been pasty looking

  11. This comment shows your ignorance of such matters greatt2. China includes a huge range of ethnic groups of varying skin tone – this girl’s skin colour (and eye shape) are well within the Chinese range. And Vietnam has some quite dark-skinned ethnic groups indeed (plus their eyes are usually quite round by Asian standards). She is also well within the range of the lighter skinned Thai girls who are sometimes featured here (who I believe are utlimately of Chinese descent), although she is of course nothing like the dark-skinned (Isaan) Thai girls.

  12. Having said that, I believe your assessment of her ancestry could very well be correct – she could easily have a lot of Taiwanese blood in her. However, let’s not forget that the non-indigenous population of Taiwan is ultimately of Chinese descent (these are the people we normally think of as Taiwanese – the natives are actually much darker and more indigenous looking).

    You seem to have something against Chinese greatt2 – got rejected by a lot of Chinese girls or something?

  13. not really, I’m just caressing your unabashed blind loyalty- I have had fun reading your comments in other posts trying to promote your taste, confronting others just to hide your insecurity. btw, you did use “white-skinned” in two other model comments. You even make liars of others

    you seem to think of that term WHITE to shore up your delusons of the supremacy of your taste, which btw is nothing but simple blind delusions

  14. All I am doing is stating my taste: unlike yourself, I am not making any racist or derogatory comments. Also, there have been many darker skinned models that I have liked – I just usually prefer the lighter-skinned, more delicate featured ones. You seem to have a problem with the fact that my taste is different from your’s, which can only be a result of the insecurity that you accuse me of (those who are insecure often accuse others of it in my experience). You are also clearly racist toward Chinese, and racism is always based on insecurity.

  15. BTW, you have already breached our posting guidelines twice – as I have already said, racism is not tolerated here. Personal attacks are out as well. If you breach our guidelines once more, I will have no choice other than to suspend your membership.

  16. we’re not talking here of light-skin or dark-skin because we both like lighter-skined girls. I am just bothered by your illusions of attributing WHITENESS to your kind. Why, because Asians have always had this subservient cultural relationship to the WHITE WEst that you would want now to arrogate that color of supposed-to-be supremacy to your girls of delusion? You live in Australia, you’re probably made inferior by the Whites you interact with everyday, & you would want now to wash your self-hatred by identifying with the source of your insecurity & stupidly arrogating their color into the girls of your hallucinations? Obviously…

  17. god, this is funny. i like light-skinned girls. oh no… im racist now? shit!

    (i’ll shutup now, doc, dont ban meee)

    And for you out there that dont know, the skin tone in a few of these pictures is manufactured via photoshop or another photo-editing program. From what I can tell, the first picture best represents her actual skin tone (as opposed to the last).

  18. No jdrevenge, you are not racist: saying you prefer lighter (or indeed darker) skin tone is just personal taste. I say it myself all the time, as do many of our readers.

    And greatt2, your last comment once again shows just how ignorant you are, and how much you have jumped to incorrect conclusions about me. I am not Chinese! Lee is my first name, not my last name. I attribute whiteness to ‘my kind’ because, well, I am white! What do you say now?

  19. I’m white and I feel inferior to the other whites I am around everyday too. What a coincidence. I feel like a little servant boy sometimes. Especially when they out rank me at work.

  20. She looks to be Japanese and from Shizuoka. Japan is not as homogenous in looks as many mistakenly believe. The last pic is lightened to a ridiculous degree…why distort the image so? Her first pic really does it for me, pant pant…
    She studied ballet in Canada & wants to dance on Broadway.
    Here’s her blog with some adorable pics!

  21. Did anyone else notice that one of the times Miss USA came out on stage she was booed loudly by the largely Mexican crowd? Leave it to Bush to get as many counties as possible to hate the USA. Sheesh!

  22. I thought Miss Brazil Or Miss Venezuela should have won. Miss USA was aweful (no, I’m not a USA basher, I just thought she was ugly)! Miss Angola wasn’t too bad either. I generally find Japanese more attractive than Koreans but in this case I think Miss Korea was more attractive…my wife agrees…and she’s Japanese.

  23. I knew as soon as I saw that she was crowned the winner that there were going to be plenty of comments about her not looking “traditionally” Japanese, looking mixed, having had plastic surgery, etc.
    Even though all of the above may be true….she’s still smokin’ hot.

  24. The probably affluent…but definitely RUDE Mexican crowd that booed Miss U.S.A. -can feel free to shut the hell up anytime they wish.They export their poverty…and we take it.It is in fact a part of their economic strategy since they are unable and unwilling to deal with the basic stuctural flaws in their economic and education systems.We take their ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS…and still manage to have work available for 96 PERCENT of ALL those who want to work in this wonderful country.Here’s a little tidbit for you knee-jerk Bush Bashers.(and there are many):He is actually PRO IMMIGRATION…legal or not.How do you think he became Gov. of Texas? Got 30% of the Hispanic vote.

  25. i am not a racist but i do have a preference for prettier girls…call me sexist if you like…why cant we just enjoy the beauties and not attack personally…plus you dont want to piss off the doc :))

  26. one point i applaud Bush for…pro immigration…this country is made up of a bunch of immigrants..funny how a lot of people in the US think that this is their native country…not even the Native Americans can claim that.

    in this fields of work i see a lot of hard working Illegals here and how they take care of their families…good people…we have plenty of works and space for everybody..human resources are the best resources a country can have….I say let them all in and make them swear allegiants to our great country…Go Bush…but just on this issue….he is pretty clueless about everything else:)

    oh yea..bad taste on the part of the audience…why take it out on the contestants…crazy Mexicans….:) j/k..

  27. I removed a duplicate post on Maya Sakura that contained Playboy pics (which we aren’t allowed to post on AS due to their enforcement of the DMCA). So there is nothing new to see there! 😉

  28. Miss Japan is fine as hell. She is fine enough for me to buy one of her photos that the Miss Universe is selling for too much money. She is the finest out of all of the Asian contestants this year. Miss Norway happens to be my favorite, but she can’t compare to Miss Japan though.

    Having a preference for a certain skin tone doesn’t make you a racist. I can think of plenty of things that can make you a racist.

    And a shoutout goes to Dubya for the vilification of the United States throughout the world. It’s f’d up that Miss USA is being booed as she is talking about her visit to South Africa to help educate girls with Oprah. It’s a shame that the good that America does is overshadowed by the miscalculations made by the Bush Administration.

  29. Indeed it was bad taste of the Mexicans too boo Miss USA. She hasn’t done anything wrong. And where would Mexico be without the economic support from the US?

    I’m for the guest worker program, but it’s not like Bush is some visionary. What else could he possibly propose since it’s unfeasible to deport the millions that are here illegally, our borders are still not secure, there’s still rampant corruption in Mexico, and nothing will be done to address the reason why Mexicans enter the US illegally in the first place.

  30. Donald Trump, the latest franchisee of Miss Universe is an astute businessman & he knows economics has been moving to the East lately. 2 out of the 10 judges were Yellow so there was an effort to stack the chances of Asian girls. Obviously there’s an Asian focus. After years of Caucasian hosts, this year it’s the brown Vanessa Minillo.

    The peoples of China, Japan & Korea are Mongoloid, but they formed inbreeding ethnic cultures that diverged (the Japanese marry a Japanese).For some reason, you find more physical symmetry among the Koreans, actually they win runners-up in beauty competitions only they don’t bag the title. Japan, seldom runner-up but it usually wins the title (2 so far). China, well…

    In East Asia, the two main races, Brown & Yellow collide in Burma, Thailand, Indochina, Northern Philippines (Igorots), Taiwan & the Ryukyus so you see the complexion not as pasty, the eyes are rounder. Mongoloid-descent & Malay-descent , in varying blood admixtures, more brown in the south, more yellow in the north. You can’t say the Thai king is Yellow without acknowledging the Brown part. What we call Thai ethnicity is a sum total of the collisions of races within Thailand, now improved by the many Caucasian tourists. This border zone of races produces the girls that win beauty competitions. One thing is obvious, as you go far from mainland China, the more the girls are not as pasty-looking & almond-eyed (no longer slits), the more you find beauty admired worldwide.

    Orient means East. India is South Asia. If you want to focus on Northeast Asian women, why not call your website Northeast-Asian sirens so that people will know what to expect? The Arabs are called Orientals by Rudyard Kipling too. You can see Arab footprint in Southeast Asia, notably Western Indonesia, Southern Philippines & Malaysia.

    Anyway, back to the subject of plain women. The winner of the Miss Universe this year is a fluke. She’s plain. Probably won in the personality part. Or in the busines plans of Donald Trump. What he wasn’t able to pull last year, he got this year. Expect his deals in Asia this year. I still say South Korea should’ve been the chosen Asian.

    Above was just some beauty geographics…

  31. greatt2, I changed part of your post above to “the eyes are rounder”. I am also uncomfortable with the way you use colours to characterise different races in your post. I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt and let it go this time, but please choose your words more carefully next time – otherwise you won’t be able to choose any words here at all.

    BTW, your accustions of ‘under the table’ deals don’t just apply this year: IMHO there has been a long standing bias against orientals in these pageants.

  32. I feel a little bit sorry for Miss China. She doesn’t look pretty to me at all. I see a lot hot and smoking hot Chinese babies everyday. And I just don’t understand HOW THE HECK in the world she got chosen to enter the contest to represent China. I am just puzzled and feel sad. I’ve never see one, NEVER SEEN ONE hot Chinese girl enter the Miss Universe. And i’ve been to ShangHai, and god damn. hot chicks walk everywhere, and yet Miss Universe is so …… sigh…. why Why WHY?

  33. I can’t say there was extreme bias in previous competitions before because many Asians have won already. I just feel Donald Trump has a script this time

  34. hey ms. kazakstan looks more chinese than ms. chinese…:)…man buba..she looks super hot..wow..but more like korean…very hot…the costume looks a little odd:)

  35. dudes, from the video posted by robin at 1:22pm, you can hear those people call the miss korea, just korea, korea, korea. lol it’s kinda funny.

  36. Good news for China. Yeah, beauty contests are businesses. Seems China has been hosting the Mr. World for the last couple of years & Mr. China has been the runner-up each time (the males are no better-looking than the females though) . Seems they’re practicing with the males first, gearing for the big time with the females next time around. Donald Trump, watch out, the Chinese economy is growing faster than the Japanese & Koreans

    Beauty contests are no longer big businesses in Europe & the US. After the last Miss Universe in Asia held in Bangkok, Trump reaped big harvests. The swimsuit sponsor is no longer the US-based Catalina but BCS Thailand. Bet, MU will be held in Asia next year. Need new sponsors. Trump got the Japanese this time after teasing them last year. Seems Trump just signalled the Koreans to get ready. But if the Chinese are wiser from their Mr. World caper, they should run for the money.

    Boy, gonna be fun. Should be LOL watching next time if Miss Shanghai is suddenly a finalist…

    Btw, the US candidate was booed not because the Mexicans hated the US. Miss USA slipped & they were just disappointed why she was included in the finalists’ circle. I read this on some Mexican blogs. That doesn’t make Bush more palatable though…

  37. I think she is pretty cute in a girl-next-door way. Not really high fashion model type which I see as good. It would be great to see models like her but I don’t expect it anytime soon. I really like the one where she is dancing…almost looks like an exotic dancer.
    btw greatt2, the mexican crowds have been uncivil to USA contestants before and USA athletes too for many years. They are looking a gift horse in the mouth. They should be kissing President Bush’s feet in gratitude. Whether through remittances or open borders they have the best of both worlds…they benefit from my taxes and add little to my life.

  38. Has it already been a year since Kurara Chibana came in second? I still think she should have won.

  39. I’m agree on LawBoy comment that Miss Japan really look not like Japanese, but maybe she’s a new kinda breed of Japanese girl for next generation coz last time I went back to Tokyo last 2 years most Japanese girl has come from various look,which some had mix of either Caucasian or other Asian.

  40. I love her. I would like to meet her. She’s mine. She’s cute. Not very hot, but really cute.

  41. First.. I have freckles, where do I fall in on this color chart…….

    Miss Japan is beautiful,its hard to be Miss Universe and be ugly……..

    I was dated Miss Formosa….I think she’s a little old now…

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