Miss Earth: beauties for a cause

Miss Earth 2006 (photo:  pchin

Call me stupid, but I just found out there is yet another international beauty pageant besides Miss Universe and Miss World: Miss Earth.

Miss Earth is an annual international beauty pageant founded in the year 2001 by Carousel Productions Inc. of the Philippines. Its organizer created the pageant after losing the rights to continue producing for the Miss Asia-Pacific pageant. In its five-year run, Miss Earth has become the third largest beauty pageant in the planet, after the Miss World and Miss Universe contests.The delegates and winners give meaning and relevance to this beauty competition by promoting worthwhile environmental causes and getting actively involved in caring for and the preservation of Mother Earth. In addition to its environmental objectives, the winner of Miss Earth is involved with international environmental projects. During pageant month (2005), Carousel brings the Miss Earth delegates to selected tourism destinations, like Fort Ilocandia, Intramuros, Bohol, and Boracay in the Philippines to showcase and promote the same to the pageant’s international viewers. The delegates also take part in treeplanting ceremonies, environmental and cultural immersion programs, sponsor visits and tours, and even a Survivor-like competition.


Check out 101 photos of Miss Earth 2006 on flickr by pchin.

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  1. I think miss china, miss philippines and miss canada, who is a philipina by the way are all pretty nice. Oh yeah, and miss korea too.

  2. Dear darklighter1, thanirz

    At first, I’m sorry to reply too late.
    I just looked your comments.
    It is true that sung-hi was popular in korea in the mid nineteens.

    But nowdays, she never appears to
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    And.. You asked me that which model
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    Firstly, Leah dizon is quite popular. I
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    Actually, there is no sexy model in korea
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    I already have told you that I’m not good at english.
    I don’t know that my comment is correct in english grammar.

  3. He wait so the means the person was basically kicked out of one pagent, started another that has become more popular than the one they were kicked out of! Super, way to stick it to them!

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