Miss China has my vote


Not sure if this is recent, but I received it today. I could spot only three Asian girls. But then again, the top row and sides are not visible. Miss China has my vote. Blow up in

Thanks to one of our readers we now also have access to the complete photo: http://www.mateodeacosta.com/miss1.jpg with more Asian girls visible! Try to find Miss Thaiand, Miss Singapore, Miss Korea and Miss Japan! (And here’s the first -incomplete- photo I received big size)

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  1. no Mike…than they would be screaming in fear :))…what an image…would you like to pose that for us…the rear view of it:)

  2. why are all their mouths open in a weird way? 🙂
    They were sending a video message to Donald Trump. The swimsuit shoot was shot at Donald Trumps golf club in Pacific Palisades California on a very foggy morning.
    I got to do a couple of shoots with the contestants and attended 3 or 4 events last summer. The most fun to shoot was Miss Thailand and Miss Korea.
    You can see some of my photos at

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