Miss Becky

Miss Becky

I found Chinese Miss Becky on Superstreetonline, but a quick Google search led me to her own site. She doesn’t say a lot about herself, but there are plenty of photos to browse and for the readers amongst you I found an interview at Glamourcon.Facts:

Name: Miss Becky
Ethnicity: Chinese
Home city/state: San Francisco, CA
Height: 5’1″
Weight: 105
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Black


Miss Becky @ missbecky.com
Miss Becky @ superstreetonline.com
Miss Becky @ myspace.com
Miss Becky @ glamourcon.com (interview + gallery)
Miss Becky @ groups.yahoo.com

Miss Becky

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  1. Very attractive, in a Macy’s catalogue model kind of way (the more exposed images notwithstanding).

  2. Likin’ that.Tight athletic body.Will look as stunning post import-tuner when she’s a C/D cup enhanced real estate broker.NEVER cut the hair.

  3. Amazing how make-up and proper lighting can make a mediocre, 30something look presentable. She looks like a tranny in some of the photos. She says she’s 26… I doubt it. The hair is nice.

  4. I like the long hair. I dated this Chinese girl who had hair down to her butt. It was marginaly annoying during sex but I enjoyed it.

    This model is very pretty and I love the all natural boobs.

    I’d like her more if she was 5’11 though.

  5. Well everyone knows I love long hair and a trim stomach, so this girl is off to a good start. Yet I still don’t find her very attractive overall – her lower body is too stocky for my taste and IMHO her face is quite plain. A good bob job could swing it for me though (as it would make her look more balanced).

  6. The first time I met Miss Becky at one of the Asian Model Expos she was just starting out modeling and was very friendly but that was not the case unfortunately at a subsequent meeting. It may have not been the best day for her as her booth didn’t seem to be getting that much attention.

    She looked a bit bored and had a fake friendliness when I approached her booth. The attempt at friendliness was short lived as I asked if I could take her picture and she quoted Glamourcon type prices ($5 or maybe even more to take a single picture even after I purchased an 8×10 in the $10 range). It is unfortunate but many models who attend Glamourcon don’t adjust their prices and attitude to other events. When the majority of models at an event are eager to pose without charging, a model really stands out by charging people to take photos of her (I doubt she got any takers).

    I can understand how she might be friendly to professional photographers and other colleagues but don’t understand why she chooses to turn off potential fans or even those like me who had an initial positive impression from the first time we met.

  7. Let’s face it: the main reason most import models are popular is because they have direct contact with their fans. When they start thinking they’re too good for that, they’re serioulsy deluding themselves, because most of them (including this girl) certainly aren’t that good. She – and most other import models these days – just aren’t real pro model standard.

  8. As I said…this modeling thing a just a pit stop on the way to Orange County real estate diva.

  9. I know what you mean. I saw hundreds of them at a real estate convention in San Fran. Fake boobs, too much makeup, hair extensions, the works, not to mention tons of pretentious attitude as if they were Miss Universe. All show and no substance. All clones of my Taiwanese ex-fiancee, also a real estate diva!

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