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This pretty lady is Chinese-American actress Ming-Na. She also goes by the name Ming-Na Wen. She was born in China in 1963, but came to the USA at age 4. Do the math and you will see yet another example of how many Asian ladies seem to hardly age at all!

Ming-Na caught the acting bug at an early age and eventually earned a BA degree in theatre (with high honors) from Carnegie-Mellon University. As you can see in her IMDB Profile, she has numerous movie, television and theatre credits to her name.

The first role to bring Ming-Na notoriety was her part in the film The Joy Luck Club. She also had a long running role as Dr. Chen on the popular television show ER. More recently, she is the voice of Mulan in the film Mulan II.

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  1. she’s an excellent example of long “shelf-life” of asian women. i saw her on tv, a few days ago & couldn’t really believe it was ming-na. she’s been around forever but still looks stunning.

    i used to joke that marrying an asian woman is a “long term investment”, that pays dividends over very long time.
    staying with white (& spanish especially) woman, is like a short term/possibly high return/certainly risky financial dealing.

  2. Thanks NorthMan for posting about Ming-Na and to Zamscan for the screencaps of her topless although I wish that there was more than just one view of her topless (besides lying down).

    I remember how beautiful Ming-Na Wen was in Joy Luck Club and like others mention she still looks very much like she did then especially in the last photo. I wonder if it was just a coincidence that she was also on ER? 😉

    Interestingly, I have seen another of the main actresses from Joy Luck Club with her family several times. I didn’t mention that I knew who she was to respect her privacy. Her husband looks like he was probably a former actor too and they have a couple of kids (boy and girl).

  3. i’m too lazy to post on my own, but am always willing to share & contribute ;-). that’s a second actrees from ER, within 2 weeks or so…

  4. Badboy…thanks for your comments. I’ll have to watch Joy Luck Club again one of these days. Have not seen it in years.

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