Mind (心意)


As far as I can tell, this Chinese model goes by a name that Google Translate claims means “Mind.” I haven’t been able to find another translation, but if you search for her “name” in Google Images, you get photos of her, so at the very least the Chinese term “心意” is associated with her somehow. For a fun game, guess which other photo I wanted to use as the front page photo.Stats:

Age: ?
Height: ?
Ethnicity: Chinese
Located: China
















Gallery 1
Gallery 2

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  1. Pretty cute, but even if she can still pass the pencil test now, give it a few years and I doubt it.

  2. A very typical Chinese body indeed. That last picture of her, by that lake, doesn’t do her any justice – and why the heels.. šŸ™‚

  3. Must remember to ask Chinese friends how the Asian man views the body composition of women similar to this young lady, i.e. slender,busty upper body; thick-waist, short legs???

    Mind has a nice smile, displayed in Gallery 1 furnished above. I appreciate that Travis chooses to display both the ‘model-class’ AND the ‘more-typical’ Chinese/Asian woman. It removes the illusion that all Asian women are pefectly proportioned. Thanks Travis!

  4. Yes, she certainly does have “flaws” as mentioned above. Despite the thick waist, she is pretty, sexy, and has much to like. Thanks for the post.

  5. I don’t find the “thick waist” a flaw; in fact I prefer them as real women have curves; you remember…soft and lovely curves. After all, AS is “The Essence of Asian Beauty”, not “The Essence of Western Preferences of Asian Beauty”.To each his own though. To appeal to a Western mentality I’m surprised Travis didn’t post the pic with the dog ! <g>

    Funny…as an avid angler I didn’t even notice the heels in the bank side pic <gg>.

    Love this model in every way head to toe…nice boobs, love her legs. Mind gets a BIG Thumbs Up from me.

  6. @ Nighthawk: When I lived in China, my Chinese colleagues and I used to talk about the different preferences of western and Chinese guys. The Chinese guys prefer SLIM girls, as in size 0-2, slender legs, small waist, very slender upper arms, boobs not a consideration as long as they weren’t too large, and a smaller tush. I saw girls there with what I’d say were “perfect” figures yet the Chinese guys considered them fat. They’d consider most Playboy centerfolds fat.

    I doubt any of them would consider this girl’s figure attractive. Personally, I think legs like hers are sexy in a skirt but I prefer a smaller waist.

  7. “It’s unfortunate what we find pleasing to the touch and pleasing to the eye is seldom the same.”
    -Fabienne, Pulp Fiction 1994

  8. flab, hard fake breasts, cellulite: not pleasant to touch, not pleasant to look at

    smooth taut skin, natural breasts, silky hair: pleasing to look at and touch

  9. 心意 means “hope” or “intention”.
    心= heart
    意= idea/meaning/intention (depending on how it is combined with other characters).

    I doubt it’s her real name.

  10. I just read the comments above and if I was blind:), I would have thought this girl was a little fat. Or maybe thick…but she’s not. I so love her nipples/boobs and legs…Zoiks And she has a sexy face.

  11. One interesting thing about this model–the attractiveness of her face varies hugely depending on the angle of her head. The last pic especially she looks extremely plain-faced to me. But in the 3rd, 8th, and 9th pics her face looks a lot hotter. Am I the only one that feels that way?

  12. I normally prefer a more classically glamour model type of build, but this girl has lovely breasts, and a very attractive face. Plus there’s a general natural, happy and healthy vibe to her that I really like.

    Oh yes – I’m pretty sure her name is indeed Xin Yi.

  13. OK. so no one else is going to take the plunge:

    This Mind is definitely a terrible thing to waste…

    I wouldn’t Mind being with Mind..nudge nudge, say no more…

    It’s interesting how in the some of the pictures she looks a little chubby and in others not all. Either she’s prone to monthly bloating in excess, or her fitness level has changed (from bad to good, or good to bad????)

  14. I think the body is average Chinese girl – I’d say her height is around 5’2 – 5’4.

    She’s very sexy though.

    That 3rd pic however reminds me one thing I hate about Chinese girls. Their middrifts are terrible. I think its something regarding the fact they spend alot of time riding bikes and never do situps. Strong legs, weak belly’s.

    I wouldn’t mind her middrift if she had wider, white woman thighs instead of such narrow ones.

    I also like the natural looking boobs.

    I’d still snap her up though.

  15. @ knifepoint: Chinese women have terrible middrifts? What part of China were you in? I never noticed that; in fact, I saw just the opposite, at least in Shanghai. The girls there had small, flat, terrific waists.

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