Miho Maeshima

Miho Maeshima

Miho Maeshima (aka Miho Maejima) was born on July 26, 1986 in Tokyo, Japan. She is a popular Japanese model and adult film actress who formerly appeared on broadcast television in Japan. Her debut was in 2006 when she appeared in ‘The Naked‘.

Believe me, you will see much more of this pretty idol the coming years. In the mean time, enjoy my selection of some of her best shots and don’t forget to check out the selected links for more!

Miho Maeshima

Miho Maeshima

Miho Maeshima

Miho Maeshima

Miho Maeshima

Miho Maeshima

Miho Maeshima

Some stats:

Name: Miho Maejima
Profession: AV Idol
Country: Japan
Height: 168cm
Weight: 43kg
Size: B83.W59.H86

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AV collection:
Miho Maeshima @ AVidol.xcity.jp
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0 thoughts on “Miho Maeshima”

  1. It means “quite delicious”!

    Yes she’s cute. But I’m bummed by the growing number of fake boobs in Japan.

  2. She is delicious. I can’t be bummed out by fake boobs in Japan because all of the fake boobs that I’ve seen on Japanese women look fantastic. How can I criticize fantastic fake tits on a cute Asian chick?.

    I’m just tired of the bad boob jobs on Asian models here in America, especially when they already have a great pair of breasts to begin with.

  3. I believe I commented on this in a previous Mika Tan post – she has one of the worst boob jobs I’ve ever seen. A shame, as she’s quite pretty and seems to have a head on her shoulders.

    As for why American boob jobs are so bad (and why Japanese boob jobs look so natural), it’s because of the way they do them. See my old article Breast Surgery 101 for more detailed info.

  4. Mika should get a refund and redone. She’s hot but something not right.

    Miho’s are just right and delicious, good choice of words. 🙂

  5. Ok, on Mika Tan’s website (linked by thanirz above) she lists the kinds of photoshoots she will do. I get most of the abbreviations, like G/G for girl/girl, and B/B/G for (boy/boy/girl, ugh), but what is “G/G/A”?

    This is killing me!

  6. maybe it’s “girl-girl-animal” haha!

    and oishisou is something along the lines of “mmmm… looks yummy!” it should be uttered with a twinkle in your eye and maybe a little drooling. 🙂

    and i would have to agree with the doc that j-boob jobs are better than american (or thai) ones. but i still prefer the real thing!

  7. If I was a broad and I wanted fake boobs, then I would save the money and have them done in Japan or find someone in the U.S. who could do the same technique because those implants will be in your body for a long time. I know I wouldn’t want to go most of my life with a bad boob job like some of the models featured on LA Direct Models. I would go that extra length for quality. But that’s just me.

    Also check out Alexis Love on LA Direct Models. I’m in love with her and those boobs.

  8. A real beauty. Great AVs, but that her breasts are fake really shows there.

    I too wish these women would just stay natural. Nevertheless, the surgeon did a relatively good job with Miho Maejima. And yes, compared with the average results in the US, he/she did a fantastic job. It has always amazed me how many women in Amercia get breast jobs given the generally low, low quality there.

    Dr. Lee, is there any difference in the longevity of the breast work in Japan versus the US? I mean, do women in one place as opposed to the other have more complications as time passes? Any difference in how often more work is required later to maintain form or correct for deterioration, slippage, etc.? Is the Japanese work superior on these counts, too?

  9. I do not have access to the statistics that would allow me to determine this, but I suspect they do have less complications. On the other hand, there have been a couple of high profile cases of Japanese models/performers who had to switch to smaller implants. Another issue is that different races have different healing and scarring characteristics, which would complicate matters.

  10. Miho’s Maeshima is one of my favourite’s no doubt she’s one of the prettiest models available around…

  11. hey doc..fun trip but didnt get a chance to hook up with adam…i had to come back one weekend earlier than planned
    🙁 but i am going again in july…fun trip, i would recommend to everyone to visit saigon:)

  12. I’ve seen a couple of her videos and she’s very boring to watch. I guess the prettier you are the less effort you have to put in.

  13. She’s a real beauty, I like her a lot, in my wet dreams.
    I just watched one of her dvd. I know what u meant by boring, but you can tell that she’s not enjoying it at all. Has to f**k with a fat japs pigs. Many times she’s avoiding kiss and her face was just blank when bonked

  14. @guest01: to be honest – as Yoko always wears such tight fitting bras and bikini tops – it is impossible to tell with any certainty. Indeed, she could very well be all-natural. With the relatively obvious boob jobs you normally get in the US, it is usually easy to tell no matter what, but with the relatively natural looking boob jobs they normally do in Japan, I almost always need to see the girls topless to be sure.

  15. Love the last pic; she looks like she is having a good time there.
    Oh thanks btw for excavating this one out of the archives.

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