Michelle Ang


Michelle Ang is a Malaysian actress from New Zealand that is about to play a character in an MTV show known as “Underemployed.” Luckily for us, she also posed nude in some photoshoot when she was younger, so you can watch the new show and drool at your leisure.Stats:

Age: 29
Height: ?









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  1. Michelle is HOT! Third picture down (in front of bathroom tile): Messy hair, full lips, natural, inviting, and BEAUTIFUL breasts!!! HOT!

    That pic is sexy and natural.

    I like that her teeth are not filed down to a Hollywood style, but are slightly imperfect and natural.

    Are you looking at that perfect Asian nose? Are you looking at the pics with her and the nerdy glasses?!

    No photoshop bullcrap here! HOT!

    Side note: What the heck is it with these stupid “gladiator shoes”? They “cut” the leg off, making the women appear shorter. Get shoes with no strap, or just one low strap.

  2. I saw Michelle in a bad movie a while back and thought she was pretty sexy. The fact that she has an edgy side as well makes her even hotter.

  3. Aussie accent! WOW! Bigfoot, thanks for posting.

    And thank you, Travis. All is forgiven from “Measurement-Gate” 🙂

    I’m moving to Australia.

  4. Good Lord Bigfoot!…that clip of Ms. Ang just made me go Dang! I totally agree with French…she is HOT! And that accent just adds to it.

  5. She got some pretty crappy acting roles though if that is all they hire her for lol . Hope she gets more respectable roles and not just this sex toy.

  6. Aussie accent??????!?!! Choice brew, dees yenks need to be idjuceeted in the defrince bitwin noo zillend ind austreelin icksents.

    Damn i like this girl. I agree with French, it’s refreshing to have natural curves and not photoshopped crap. Damn sexy, without the trashy hooker (with tatts) look that seems to be so common.

    I like very very much……

  7. i take that back, that show looks like it might be decent, though mtv is nothing but teeniebooper stuff (not like the old mtv). She is really cute though.

  8. kroos! is that English?? 😉
    She is pretty in the first pic, then I saw actress..and I thought OK, but then was fairly gobsmacked with her nude pics. Nice Surprise!

  9. This girl had a stint on Neighbours, I think it must have been before the nude shots or at a similar sort of time as she was playing a schoolgirl.

  10. Guess who’s back?
    Back again.
    French is back.
    Tell a friend.

    I had to come back and look at her again. SHE is HOT! I know, I know, I really don’t have anything to add to the discussion.

    She is helping me break my Viet addiction. As long as we don’t re-visit Nancy Bui (swoon) here soon, I think I can make progress. One day at a time…..

  11. Wait. That video wasn’t softcore porn? Could’ve fooled me judging from the acting.

    Still sexy as hell.

  12. Some of the images are not showing. WHAT THE HECK IS HAPPENING?!?!?!

    Perhaps that third pic was burning up the internet, causing it to crash?

    “Tis better to have loved and lost, than to have never seen pic #3…..

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