Met-Art Model Tonya Photographed by Goncharov

Met-Art Model Tonya

Here’s a sample gallery featuring 19 images of one of their Asian models Tonya. I couldn’t find a solo gallery of Tonya, so I hope you don’t mind watching her pose with her white girlfriend Vera. Can anyone find a Met-Art solo gallery of Tonya? For more samples, click
Met-Art Model Tonya

Met-Art Model Tonya

Links for Model Tonya

Tonya Sample Gallery Main Site

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0 thoughts on “Met-Art Model Tonya Photographed by Goncharov”

  1. Yes – while I’m happy to see NorthMan back, there’s no way I would have guessed this girl had any Asian blood in her at all. Where did you get your info from NorthMan?

  2. Well…..I have no proof she is Asian. Met-Art never has bios on their girls. But her hair and eyes look Asian to me. I could be wrong though.

    If not Asian…..what is your best guess folks? 🙂

  3. Yeah, she doesn’t look very Asian to me Northman… and Tonya sounds quite Russian 😐

    If I am not sure if a model has Asian blood I usually don’t post her…

    (sorry, not a very nice welcome back, huh? but you know I am glad to see you post again, dont’you?! ;-))

  4. like doc said…she looks like she’s from the asian part of russia….we’re not picky as long as they have black hair, well at least on their heads…they may be asian:)

  5. Oh there is definitely some Asian in her. She may be mixed but HOT none the less. Thanks Northman!

  6. Well Lee…….speaking of Off Topic, look HERE.

    I guess we all have our weak moments, some intentional, some by mistake. As long as they are very infrequent, I don’t think they will hurt the site.

  7. Looking closer, she has blue eyes, Northman.

    Admit it, you liked the chick and your mind started emitting ‘make her asian, make her asian’ little brain signals. 🙂

    She’s definitely hot and exotic!

  8. Asian or not…those legs and their garments activate my seminal vesicales and that first picture of her bent over like that gives me momentary flashes of doggystlings and Kobe Bryantisms.

  9. Hey NorthMan, the difference with Jessica is that she really does look Filipina – I’m not sure many people would agree this girl does look Asian. But as I said, she’s probably from the Asian part of Russia, so you could say she’s technically Asian anyway. 😉

  10. The only thing I have to say abouyt the “O” word (oriental) is that it automaticaly conjures images in the mind of far east asians rather than the word “Asian” which does the same, yet also includes people from countries most Americans can’t point out on a map such as Kazahkstan, Russia, Tibet, etc.

  11. she may not be “oriental”…lets ban him:))

    clm..i beg the differ…i think there is a some different….opinions anyone?.. 😉

  12. I think I have to disagree there CLM. Once “inside” you would have to close your eyes to let it become irrelevant. And personally I am rather visually focussed, so I want to like what I see. I ain’t getting ‘inside’ just anything! 😉

  13. Robin…you bet ya…my taste is a little different so the girl better look pretty good otherwise mr. happy goes to sleep:)

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