She is not a model, she is a role model as she writes herself on MySpace. I’m talking about the 24 years old Vietnamese beauty Merinavo. Check out her website, visit her photo’s at Flickr, and if you like Madonna, turn on the volume of your speakers. Just sit and enjoy!

Thanks DiverMike for the tip!

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  1. While I don’t mind looking at her, I find what she writes – well – very sad and pathetic. A guide to being famous from somebody I’ve never heard of? Saying you should be a rebel when she rebels against nothing? She’s just an extreme example of the current ‘famous for being famous’ culture that’s sweeping the western world at the moment, and personally I find it very shallow and objectionable. But once again though, she’s not bad to look at!

  2. She’s been one of my friends on myspace for like a year. She is smart and nice her other myspace sn is i think just merinavo…. but I dont remember, there is one other model in her flickr album that is hot, take a look for her in her 1000 or so + pictures, you’ll find her!

  3. Dr Lee,

    I think you make a big mistake about her ebook. I’ve read it and it is completely the opposite. She wrote that book to give people what they want (the title) and eventually what they need (the content).

    It is a true inspirationnal ebook talking about the “REAL” issues of this “FAME thing” that bothered her so much (like you say so approprietly).

    This is why she wrote it because they were hundreds of girls asking her advices to become famous and she toughts they were not going in the right direction.

    Plus it is co-writed with a leader in personal development in the french market.

  4. You are right Robin.

    She gives it for free (thousands of download up to now). And she helped a lot of Y generation asian girls to look and plan their life in the right way.

  5. Well, personally I am always a bit sceptic about self-enhancement books… I only read one once, and that was by a Toltec indian. It was quite good actually. Called the Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz. But it was ancient Toltec wisdom, and I think very different from modern psychology peptalk. But then again, I have no idea if this e-book by Merina is any good. (I don’t think I will read it though ;-))

  6. It is true that I haven’t read her book (I prefer to devote my time to more intellectually stimulating material). I do however think it is abundantly clear from how she promotes herself that she is seduced by fame for it’s own sake. For example, on her home page it says: “The more you rebel, the more you make love. The hotter they find you the more you rebel. Change the world. Viva la revolution”. Not only is this bad grammar(!), it’s an absolutely classic example of the shallow, meaningless BS that teenagers spout when they try to tell the world how ‘different’ and ‘special’ they are. What’s she rebelling against? What revolution? It speaks of an overinflated sense of her own importance.

    And why do teenagers come to her for advice on this sort of thing? Once again, it’s because of how she promotes herself.

    Having said that, she clearly is a smart girl, which only makes what she writes even sadder.

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