Melody Quan


Melody Quan is a glamour model from Texas with her own website. She took a break from modeling before coming back and I’m not sure which ones are the before and which are the after, but here some are.Stats:

Age: ?
Height: 5’4
Located: Houston




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  1. ummmmm… why is it that once they get to america, Asian women seem to lose their unique appeal as asian women?

    Not that I have ever actually been to America- I’m going purely by the models coming out of there.

    And I still can’t pin down what that unique asian appeal actually is.

    Nothing to do with subservience or being demure or other stereotype bullsh*t ideas that some idiot western men have or dream about. I dunno… Its just that to me the asian women in asia just seem more “real” than women in the west. And a damn sight more physically attractive! Again I cannot explain any better what the hell i am raving on about.

    Having said all this, I certainly wouldn’t say no if Melody Quan wandered up to me in the street and whispered in my ear “Hey you monkey-like hairy prematurely balding whitey weirdo, ya wanna test out my new bedsheets?”.

  2. An attractive woman with a good body enhanced by implants who looks fine in pic 2 with professional, understated makeup.

    Technically speaking:
    Pic 1. Makeup: Her square off inner brow shape underlined by silver/white eyeliner almost to the tear duct looks comical

    Body and wardrobe looks great in this photo, search the proofs from that shoot to see if there’s one where the silver/white eyeliner isn’t reflecting so much light.

    Pic 3. Remove that pic from your portfolio.

    Makeup artist in Pic 3 does no favors with the over-application. Less is more with beautiful women. Unless you’re Derek Jeter. And that allegedly has some negative health consequences too, if you’re to believe Jessica Alba.

    Also in Pic 3, either depth of field is bad or someone’s added a bad drop shadow to her body, and her lower body and black pants melt into the shadow of same and make her lower body look unfairly blocky.

    Again, these are technical tips and neutral analysis of everything BUT the girl, who is pretty, and has a good body, and could have all her shots look like #2.

  3. It’s because they put on wayyyyy too much makeup and have fake american breast implants which made them look superficial and westernized. Plus, the western diet changes the overall asian features (ex. the body is thicker, facial features). If I see an asian person walking around, I can tell if they are either asian american or FOB (Fresh Out of a Boat). lol
    It’s interesting that being exposed to western diets really changes everything.

  4. I can’t even tell what I’m looking at. The makeup is just too caked on to make an accurate assessment.

  5. @…, you’d be surprised how many amazing models look rather plain jane before amazing makeup.

    Other than bad makeup, I see nothing about her physical attributes that would prevent her from making money in the print world (which I am much more familiar with).

  6. I know what you are saying Kroos, I think the poses don’t help. I think these photos have assertive/ aggressive qualities and the models are often more toned or ‘thicker’. While the girls are still sexy I think the competitive market dictates that these type have more success.

  7. Cute but certainly not spectacular.

    There is certainly a different look that asian girls trend towards here in America when they are more Americanized, although in reality there are thousands (millions?) who don’t look like this at all, however they don’t model. While I love pretty asian girls of all types, I prefer the American look not for any particular reason other than I find it hot and sexy. But then I’m a big fan of Playboy and porn so I prefer a little dirty in my girls.

  8. Finally had a chance to check out her web site (I hate those annoying, slow loading Flash sites). On the up side, she knows how to pose for the camera, she’s pretty trim, and I think her boob job suits her. On the down side (as is so often the case with Asian American models), her lower body is a little too stocky for my taste, her makeup is usually overdone, and her coloured contacts make her eyes look too vacuous.

  9. Unremarkable from me too (along the lines of what Doc just said), but I must say I did/do enjoy the cleavage in pic 1.

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