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Since Travis is on a posting spree, I might as well join the party and post this article that I have been working on. Melania is a busty Chinese model living in Beijing. I love her body and tattoos, and I like how she uses modeling as a way to express herself.Stats:
AKA: Melanie Lee
Age: 24
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 138 lbs












The Distraction: Melania Lee @ Hooped Up
Interview @ HipHop.CN
Mainland Hotties Article

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  1. This is your second and final warning AsianWomenAlways – please ensure you comply with our posting guidelines, or you won’t be able to post at all.

  2. As for Melania herself, although as everyone knows I’m not a fan of tattoos, I nevertheless find this girl quite sexy. Nice tits’n’ass!

  3. Put me down for some comment involving large breasted clowns and the joy of frosting removal that would probably be deleted instantly. 😉

  4. Appealing girl.
    I personally like tattoos except for those 2 hearts. It’s just ruins the shape of a nice butt…

  5. omgggggggg wow!!!! huge butt for a chinese girl and she doesn’t look like a typical chinese girl…more like Americanized.

  6. You really have to love a women who has matching “Mom” and “Dad” tattoos. It is so Chinese! *Sniff* I hope my little girl gets those someday. Ummmm… maybe not.

    That’s a whole lot of buxom beauty. Amazing butt and balanced curves. Love this girl 🙂

    Kind of lost me on a couple of the pics, though. Was beginning to wonder how weird it would get….

  7. I got it!!

    No need to tax cigarettes, alcohol, or fuel.

    We should impose a 4800% tax on any and all “non-prison” tattoos.

    Perhaps they would still be branded, but at least we would be reducing the deficit and reducing such “art” for the sake of “real art”

  8. She looks like she is from Xinjiang up by the Afghan border. Definitely not Han Chinese but stunning none the less!!!! Works for me!

  9. I typically dont mind tattoos, but those two hearts are a little unfortunately placed. Otherwise, DAMN!!!

  10. wait, seriously? most of you are OK with these tattoos?

    i really can’t get past it. why anyone would decide to put “mom” and “dad” underneath each asscheek is really beyond me. i think my mom would be embarrassed if i told her i loved her so much i got “mom” tattooed right underneath my butt. and not even my mom’s name! it just says “mom.”

    also, photo where she’s lactating and the breastmilk is flowing out of her bustier…AND she’s surrounded by horny lesbian robots…yeah, that is creeping me out.

    the idea is so unbelievably trite. her tattoos would’ve been so much more meaningful had she chosen some designs unique to her mom or her dad, but it’s a f—ing heart around the words “mom” and “dad.” my first thought was “biker.” this idea has been done so many times that a quick google image search for “‘mom’ tattoo” returns tons of pics of practically the same design. did she lost a bet to a biker friend? was she trying to impress a biker friend by getting not only “mom” done, but “dad” too? arrrr.

  11. also, is that REALLY a photo of her LACTATING and the breastmilk is flowing OUT of her bustier, into the mouth of a female robot, whose getting her body licked by ANOTHER female robot? AND…there’s two female robots kissing the background? WTF?


  12. Maybe I’m different, but I don’t see anything gross about breastmilk. My daughter didn’t seem to mind it as a baby either. 🙂

  13. I am certain that for every girl posted at this site, there is a guy who thinks she is the cat’s meow. In this case, the guy is definitely NOT me.

  14. The clown picture frightens me…

    She could change the tattoos from “mom” and “dad” to “leftass” and “badass”. lol

    You know, she is pretty artistic and unique, other than the generic mom/dad biker tats…nice pictures too…

    But back to the clown pic. If the government of China won’t use their excessive authority to stop this, then we are all doomed. Chairman Mao would not have put up with that clown thing. It’s just wrong. Search your feelings if you must but you know it to be true.

    So to recap- the clown pic should be banned.

    clown pic= nightmares

  15. Did I read that right? She has a zombie quote and giant earlobes? WTF

    To recap, the ghost of Chairman Mao should ban clowns, zombies, and enlarged earlobes.

  16. travisstroup — really? tattoos OK but gauged ears are not OK? that’s interesting. i actually like plugs and was considering getting a small gauge myself (so if i decided to take ’em out, they’d still shrink back). i feel like the plugs look pretty minimal compared to the tattoos. i didn’t notice until you pointed it out.

  17. I’d milk her. And maybe she doesn’t love her mom and dad, maybe she hates them and thus the tattoos are under her ass so she can **** on them.

  18. AlienOverlord does have a point – given her style, it does kind of make sense. Perhaps they aren’t quite as trite as Christine thought.

  19. maybe, but that wouldn’t really be consistent with the other tattoos she has. from her modelmayhem profile:

    1. storm trooper and roses on my back
    2. lucky kitty on my left hip
    3. bird on my right ribcage
    4. anchor on my left ribcage
    5. matching mom and dad hearts on the back of my thighs
    6. Zombie quote on my upper right thigh “When there is no more room in Hell the dead will walk the earth.”

    a STORMTROOPER. with roses. a dawn of the dead quote, an anchor, and a sparrow. the sparrow, anchor, and the maneki neko (lucky cat) are all pretty generic tattoos. kind of like chinese characters, dragons, cherry blossoms, flowers, stars, various images of jesus/mary magdelene, and crosses.

  20. also, this is the modelmayhem link to a list of favorite photos on modelmayhem: here

    one of them is a woman with matching dad/mom tattoos across the shoulders, and another is of a woman with symmetric under-the-butt tattoos. maybe she put two and two together and decided matching mom/dad tattoos under-the-butt were a good idea?

    it’s weird because she’s highly educated, and runs a blog on contemporary chinese art. maybe she’s just into kitsch and really gauche things, and that’s a really popular aesthetic for where she’s originally from (LA). i can certainly understand that, but i feel like knowingly stamp some indelible gaudy/garish design on yourself is taking it a little far.

  21. There’s art in the pics and in this lady. Great body, sensual, attitude and great curves!! Tits and ass too, I’m loving it.
    I even forget the tats.

    christine, what’s wrong with horny lesbians kissing and licking around Melania? Really I don’t get it. It just seems so right, except they are robots. 🙂

  22. Yeah, she looks about 35.

    Agree with Christine on all counts. I think the tattoos are disturbing and distracting. Guess with all her edumacation, she’s into irony.

  23. Her face and her body – as well as the photographers – are way above average.

    She has an air sophistication about her, better said, she would have a great style without the tats. I guess that the old fashioned tats are meant as being artsy, maybe as a reminiscence to Burlesque dancing and movies of the 40s/50s.
    Without the tats she would be perfect!

  24. I just don’t find anything attractive about gauges. They serve no purpose. To make earlobes bigger? Who cares. People can go ahead and get them as they please, and I’m not going to mark down Melania for having them, but I don’t see the point.

  25. Travis, I think the point is rebellion. My son got diamond stud earring a few months ago, and while his mom made a few comments, I just laughed it off and teased him (gently). Next thing I know, he has golf tee looking things in his ears. I am not amused, but I think he finally got the reaction he was looking for. I suppose tats are next, but I REALLY hate the ostentatious ones. Discrete and tasteful tats are one thing, but it seems that many people don’t know when to quit. Like this girl.

  26. Beautiful woman, although not a big fan of the love heart tats, but each to there own and I can kind of see what she was aiming at. They’re not original but I think that it the point.

    A woman that has her own mind/ideas and not conforming in anyway…. Maybe she should enter her photos on the Suicide Girls website too, they’ll love her!

    I quite like the oddness of these photos too, certainly makes a nice change.

  27. Probably. But rebellion is not an attraction enhancer. People may not like tattoos, fine, but they are still considered a form of art and are designed for people to like them. Does everyone like them? No. But at least they exist for that purpose.

    Gauges are not designed to be attractive, to anyone, ever. They are only designed for rebellion, and since I find rebellion itself to be pointless and unnecessary, I can’t say I’m wild about the idea of people using gauges. I don’t get mad at people or models for using them, but I definitely don’t see the point.

    Again, tattoos, which may be rebellion, are still body art. Does everyone like them? No, of course not. But there is a reason that no one tattoos vomit on their bodies – whatever they choose to use is still supposed to be artistic. Gauges are nothing. They’re rebellion and nothing else.

  28. Christine: Considering how idiosyncratic her tattoo designs are is it really surprising she has something as mundane/typical as “Mom” and “Dad” heart tats? I think they’re absolutely brilliant in the context of all of her other disjointed imagery.

    It is amusing though how passionate people’s reactions are to other people’s tattoos. It’s almost as if some people are actually offended by the choice of some (or all) tats… lol

    Having said that, I find Melania (cool name btw) quite attractive. She carries off “sultry” like nobody’s business, can look sexy in a disturbingly bizarre clown pic and classically stylized and beautiful (last pic). The bottom-line? This lady is eclectic and gives off a vibe that she is not afraid to try anything — I find these attributes to be infinitely attractive!

    Travis: You find rebellion pointless and unnecessary? Perhaps that’s because you find nothing in society offensive or suppressive? I believe that rebellion is a necessary state to push through periods of stagnation and oppression. A little bit of anarchy is healthy, dontcha think? Now rebellion with no purpose I can agree is a pointless endeavor.

    And while no one may be tattooing vomit on their bodies I’ll bet there are many tats that would challenge what you believe to be “artistic” and may actually be offensive to some. Art is such an incredibly subjective and diverse term… who’s to say that gauges aren’t aesthetic or artistic?

  29. I think I figured it out. Just think “lady Gaga” but needing to show more flesh because you are a body model. Doesn’t that make sense now? I think she inhabits that same aesthetic.

  30. “I believe that rebellion is a necessary state…”

    Well said, sevendeuce. Spoken like a sociology major.

    A friend, really into Betty Page and cover art girls like those on the old Social Distortion albums, gave a big thumbs up when I showed him these pics. (Again–not my thing.)

  31. As someone who does have tattoos I can tell you they are for my enjoyment only. I don’t really care what people think of them, just as much as I didn’t and don’t care if people find me attractive or not. I am more than just the skin I’m in, and in a lot of ways models such as this one seem to have similar beliefs.

    She is not a glamour model so does not need to conform in that way, which I find more appealing.

    Again it’s each to their own, which is what makes the world great!

    Sevendeuce, you hit the nail on the head.

  32. It seems to me like this site and some of its audience, at times, degrades the very Asian women that it intends to so-called “focus on” with derogatory and stereotypical comments of Asian women. This is very disheartening, again this is one guy’s view.

  33. …it would mean lucky pussy if it didn’t have the word “hate” on the cat’s stomach. she had the word “hate” tattooed on her hip when she was 16, and then had the cat tattooed AROUND these characters when she 19.

    in an interview at, she says that the two hearts are to express her love for her family; the stormtrooper on the back is to show her love for star wars; the bird is from a classic chinese tale, the moral of which is to never give up; and the anchor is the same anchor of the old naval tattoos, symbolizing stability and also never giving up.

    she says that the tattoos are all disjoint, as sevendeuce says, but they’re all done in the same cartoony style, so in this way they are stylistically related.

    @ sevendeuce — i don’t understand what you mean by “idiosyncratic” tattoo designs, because i don’t think any of these designs are peculiar/individual at all — she’s quoting a movie, there’s a star wars character, an anchor, a lucky cat, and a bird. these are all really popular tattoos to get, and the style of the artwork itself is also pretty uniform and nothing unusual (as she states, this was purposive, so there’s a common stylistic thread between all of the images). so the mom tattoos are just another addition to her set of cartoonish body art.

    i feel like this is pretty consistent with what i originally suspected, i.e. that she’s into this kind of kitschy, burlesque style. what i was trying to say was — i don’t understand why you’d purposely get a tattoo of a contrived design, e.g. getting it for the sake of its unoriginality, unless you were trying to be ironic.

    i mean, i have a hard time believing that she saw the design and genuinely liked it — maybe she did, and i’m totally wrong. i just think it’s more likely that she likes it in an ironic way, appreciating it for how contrived or lowbrow it is. if that’s the case, then why would you want to put something like that on your body? like one big joke that you’re gonna have on yourself for the rest of your life.

    but like mzungu says, to each their own. she obviously likes her tats, and that’s all that matters. i don’t like them, but i don’t take offense to them. my reaction was due to the fact that |i found them extremely distracting — as anyone would, if they thought the concept/artwork was a terrible idea.

  34. and re: rebellion, i don’t think that travis meant it in the way that you took it, sevendeuce. i’m pretty sure he meant a specific case of rebellion, like the typical teenage rebellion that’s just pretty pointless without anything really to rebel against (other than the parents).

    i agree that rebellion without a point is pretty dumb, and i think that’s the point that travis was trying to communicate – i.e. that the gauges as rebellion are a pretty dumb idea, since the rebellion in itself is purposeless.

    however i disagree with travis in that they don’t serve any other purpose but rebellion. i find it rather presumptuous that you would assume that the gauges are for no other reason than just to be “different” and rebel.

    i like them aesthetically, and i think a small gauge can look good. i’m sure the people who have these piercings think so as well.

    seems like the recurrent theme in these discussions is just that the wearer of the body mod probably (key word: probably) thinks it looks good. not saying there aren’t people out there who get body mod. solely for rebellion, but i’d find it hard to believe that you’d want to spend the money, go through the pain, and take the time to pierce a hole in yourself (and later stretch it!!!) in order to rebel and look ugly. who wants to look ugly?

  35. “What are you rebelling against Johnny?”

    “Whadya got?”
    -Johnny (played by Marlon Brando)

    From the movie: The Wild One

  36. Yeah, Christine is on the money. We simply disagree about whether or not it’s done to enhance attraction. But as I’ve mentioned many times, I don’t hold the things people do against them. So I don’t “really’ have a problem with gauges, so much as I don’t think they have a point.

    Also, it is important to remember that people have an attraction to rebellion itself, even if the rebellion is not against anything. So who knows what part that plays.

  37. Christine: Stormtroopers, zombie movie quotes, anchors, etc. are typical tattoos for a woman? There’s nothing peculiar or quirky about them? Come on! 😛 There is nothing contrived about embracing a burlesque style and she is certainly, as I alluded to, attempting to be ironic and amusing with her collection of tats. I doubt many people out there are trying to be “kitschy” with their body art. Besides, if she was truly uninspired and unoriginal she’d have tribal designs, dolphins and/or flowers — wouldn’t she? ^_^

    I think you hit the nail on the head though with tattoos: for people who are really into body art the entire purpose of tats are to please themselves — they don’t care what the rest of us think.

    I also didn’t mean to seriously imply that you were “offended” (a poor choice of words, though I was being slightly facetious). I think I was trying to imply that some reactions to her choice of tats have been a bit… dramatic.

    The bottom-line is that Melania is an educated woman (as you alluded to) and her tats were clearly not selected for lack of imagination.

  38. LOL @ sevendeuce… Yeah, now that I think about it, you’re probably right about the dolphins and flowers and tribal designs. It’s kind of hard to forget that people get those when you’re living in a place like Berkeley and every other person is some liberal hippie, hipster, or punk rawker.

  39. …now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve seen a tribal tattoo in YEARS. wow, what a relief. I’ve seen sooo many more of those tattoos that are more common (in the alternative world). Like the burlesque stuff, for instance, buddhist art, Misfits skulls, etc.

  40. LOL at Christine’s comments.

    Fast fwd thirty years and workers in senior citizen’s homes will be saying “did all these old people belong to the same tribe”?

  41. I can’t believe I forgot to mention the barbed wire armband tattoo. ^^;; I can take almost anything but that…

  42. daznlover: Pam is all yours and I’ll be happy with Melania and her eccentric tats. Any girl who quotes zombie films – let alone on their body – instantly piques my interest. ^^

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