Meisa Kuroki


is a Japanese model and actress that happens to be half Brazillian. She has her own Wikipedia page if you want more information. Below you’ll find the face you make when you see Meisa topless.


Age: 24
Height: ?
Ethnicity: Brazilian/Japanese
Located: Japan


Meisa-Kuroki-Feet-179634 lovemeisa09



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24 thoughts on “Meisa Kuroki”

  1. Stunning! I expected boobies for a second and I think I did have that expression on my face. Pic 4 is awesome. What a beautiful lady.

  2. In the fourth pic she seems to be a bit confused. As if something is missing down there. Me.

    I wonder if she HAS a brazillian….

  3. @Luke72 can we make it a vehement disagreement because I don’t think my poor back can take anymore violence. ; )

  4. I love Japan and Brazil. They don’t wear clothes in Brazil and the whole population is a mix.

    She is hot.

  5. She is beautiful, but we could have done without pic 2, even though it shows she has a playful, goofy side.

  6. Cec, was the film any good? I would like to see it but I’m not sure where to find a copy.
    @Wings I can see that working as a nice kinky surprise πŸ˜‰

  7. Beautiful, though not my type. Interesting that she didn’t get the Brazilian side bodywise at all, but facially. For me, wish that had been switched around some. But no doubt she’s a looker.

  8. She is half panama/japanese not Brazil but south central america πŸ™‚

    and yes she is very pretty.

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