Mei Melançon

Mei Melançon

Eurasian Mei Melançon plays Psylocke in X-Men: The Last Stand. The 26-year-old model-turned-actress portrays the bad girl who, as the story goes, started as a member of the X-Men before switching bodies with a female assassin to become an evil mutant hybrid. The 5’8” (1.70m) Melançon is something of a hybrid herself, the product of a Japanese/Chinese father and a French/Native American mother.When she was 16, her brother’s friend showed her a comic book featuring none other than the exotic villainess Psylocke. The teenage Melançon mused, “Maybe when I grow up I’ll look like this. I could play this girl!”

“When I put the outfit on, it empowered me. I felt a lot fiercer,” says Melançon. The Philippines-born actress, who previously had a bit part in Rush Hour 2, shouldn’t need much help doing that. In her free time she practices Wushu kung fu, hits the waves on her surfboard, and plays guitar in an all-girl garage band with a friend and a younger sister (one of her 10 siblings). She describes the unnamed band’s sound as a mix of punk and soul influences, crediting her hippie mother for teaching her to play guitar at age 5. “I was in a kids’ band called The Blossoms when I was 9. We used to perform at charities and clubs,” says Melançon.

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Mei Melançon

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  1. Quite sexy and exotic – nice one Robin! Where did you get the above pics from, and how do I get to her article in Complex Magazine?

  2. wow, some pbase pics… i used to browse gallaries there all of the time (and still do from time to time, bes photography on the web)

    anyways, i dont remember seeing her character in the movie… i regret it. =)

    She is ALOT taller than alot of asian models from the looks of it.

    Thanks Robin.

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