Maya Simone

Maya Simone (Photography: Greg Hadel)

Filipina/Spanish Maya Simone has quite some great photo’s out there. Wow. Couldn’t find her own website though. She seems to be happy with her Check some of the photo’s out inSome Facts:

Ethnicity: Filipina / Spanish
Location: Bethesda, MD
Date of Birth: 1985-06-26
Height: 5’6″ / 168 cm
Weight: 120 lbs / 54 kg
Measurements: 34DD-25-35 / 86DD-64-89
Hair: Black/Long
Eyes: naturally brown

Maya Simone on the web:

Maya Simone @
Maya Simone @ (paysite)
Maya Simone @
Maya Simone @ (need to register)
Maya Simone @ (need to register)

Maya Simone (Photography:

Maya Simone (Photography: Brian Neely)

Maya Simone (Photography: Greg Hadel)

Maya Simone (Photography: Greg Hadel)

Maya Simone (Photography: Brian Neely)

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  1. The tats are definitely worse – I think the boob job’s great! Surprising to see Robin posting such a busty babe though – nice one Robin! And thanks for keeping AS going while the rest of us are snowed under. 😉

  2. Man you guys are rough. I think this girl is gorgeous all around, fake or not she looks great! Thanks Robin!

  3. Ugh. Be nice Doc. Maya is one of my friends as well. Great person. About the website Maya started modelling last June and between school, going to LA last summer, and coming back East the website is in the works. Any further questions? lmk. 😉

  4. I’ve seen her photosets and videos on Import Icons, very nice. The elbow tats are puzzling but big bonus points for going nude from the get-go when most other models on I.I. are non/implied nude. 🙂

  5. I fail to see how my post can be misconstrued as not being nice. I said she has a great boob job, and I thanked Robin for posting her. I don’t get it!

  6. I think she has a very pretty face. And although her boobs are a bit big in my opinion, I think she has a great body. And I don’t mind the tattoos. (They are at a somewhat weird place though… 🙂

  7. Great face, great body, and nice implants – close to too big for her frame but not that bad. The tats on the elbows just scream out ‘drug user’ to me.

    And tats aren’t mainstream – on women – maybe on guys – and even then only in certain circles – NBA players and rappers. I guarantee you that if you show up for a job interview in Corporate USA with visible tats, they will find some reason not to hire you.

  8. Hello Everyone!

    Wow, I’m on AsianSirens!

    I’m so new to modeling (less than a year) that these comments are quite flattering. I appreciate them because this is the first time I’ve read non-complimentatitive comments on myself on the web. The following is just my rebuttal. So Touche!

    Clarifications first. The photos you have are from my first through third shoots! I’ve only been on a total of 6! haha… I’m surprised my business suit photo and the last one with the surprised look is on here…they’re from my very first photoshoot! Last June to be exact. My photoshoot with 24mainstreet (Greg Hadel) was my SECOND photoshoot in my whole life! And the third photoshoot with Import Icons (Jen Han) was my third shoot EVER!

    Secondly, my boobs are real, sorry guys…

    Third, my tattoos have significance. Very personal and deep. They’re naughtical stars… I am not into ~mainstream~ crap! I understand not everyone likes tattoos…but, I love mine. It’s art…just as makeup and highlighting your hair is.

    I have my tats at my elbows for several reasons. First, I got them a couple of years ago… before I even thought of modeling…I’ve never thought myself to be model material. I’m a tomboy. I like to get down and dirty. Wanna race me down a snow covered mountain? Second, they’re not IN my face so I don’t have to ever get tired of looking at them. Third, who likes elbows anyway? Fourth, I have a college degree (UCLA baby!) so if I ever want to work in the corporate world…3/4 button ups are fine with me!

    Back to clarifications, third, I don’t do drugs. Whoever said this “screams ignorance”. Tattoos do not equate to drugs.

    Again, thank you everyone. Comments (bad and good) are always appreciated. I always try to be a better person. And thank you Robin for posting me here! It’s flattering!

    And for those that don’t mind looking at my fugly face, my “mainstream” tattoos and my “silicone bags”…Check out my latest set in Surf Illustrated! I’m “All American Model” for the month of March.

    Also, don’t forget to pick up my June 2006 issue in FHM (on stands mid May) in 20 Hot Dates!

    Not a bad start for only having six photoshoots with five different photographers under my belt…

    Maya Simone

  9. Welcome to Asian Sirens Maya! As you can see from my comments above, I think you look great (apart from the tats), but your contention that your boobs are real is perhaps one of the most blatant examples of why I don’t trust models when they say they haven’t had surgery. I really wish models would be more honest about this sort of thing.

    Having said that though, I think you have one of the best pairs of breasts I’ve ever seen – even your nipples are perfect!

  10. Thanks Mr. Lee! I’m just surprised there’s an interest out there for me…being so new.

  11. (The latter I think ;-))

    Hi Maya,

    Nice of you to stop by! 🙂 You are surprised there is an interest out there for you? Well, this site is about Asian beauty, and you sure are beautiful.

    About my photo choice: I just chose some photo’s I liked best from what was available. Glad you don’t mind.

    Please keep us posted on your career!

    All the best,

  12. How come nobody mentioned her ass? It is too die for. BTW, who called her fugly — I didn’t see that.

  13. I was with you on Cat, VonBytch, but this girl’s boobs are so fake, it isn’t really debatable, IMO.

  14. I can’t recall how I stumbled on her pics, but I think Maya is very sexy, and so cute! I love her eyes. Kind of wish she had her own site, I think I’d join!

  15. After signing up for the two paysites that have her pics… I still thinkshe’s a babe. And having seen many enhanced boobs, including a friend who did the before and after deal (personally she was way good before!), I think Maya is telling the truth, they are natural. Just MHO.

  16. Maya is a prime example of a model who claims to be natural but clearly isn’t – there’s no way in hell her tits could be natural. Natural breasts just don’t stick up like that when their owner lies on their back.

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