Mary Alejo


Mary Alejo was born and raised in the Philippines, and for the last ten years resided in Florida. Recently she posed nude for Playboy. There are plenty of images to be found on the web, so don’t hesitate and look for links, pics and vids inSome photos:




Some facts:

Place of Birth: Philippines
Date of birth: ?
Ethnicity Asian/American
Location: Florida, USA
Height 5’2″ / 1.57 m
Weight 100 lbs / 45.36 kg
Measurements 34DD – 25 – 31
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown

Some links:

Mary @ (official site)
mary @ (Playboy shoot)
Mary @ (Playboy shoot)
Mary @
Mary @
Mary @
Mary @
Mary @

Some videos:

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  1. Sorry snoop23 I think she is hot!!
    I ran across her pictures about a month ago.
    Also I want to wish the best NEW YEAR to everyone at Aisian-Sirens!

  2. She does look like she’s mixed. She also looks like she spends quite a bit of time in the gym.
    However, the first thing that came to my mind after seeing the main photo, was that it sure isn’t safe to be out on a bow pulpit in high heels.

  3. “That’s not an Asian Siren, it’s a man, baby!”

    -Austin Powers


    Just kidding. To each his, or her, own.

  4. FredF is right: those hands look very old and masculine – certainly not like an Asian girl! Maybe they’ve got ladyboys in the Philipines now? 😉

    In spite of all that though, I still think she has a certain sexiness to her – the boobs and abs certainly help, but even though her face isn’t very pretty, it still has a raw, primal kind of sexiness to it. Very ‘indi’, but in a sexy way – black women sometimes make me feel this way. If she isn’t actually black, I would say she is “blasian” at the very least.

  5. And she does have that primal sexiness to her which is what I’m attracted to most about Asians with brown skin. I wouldn’t be surprised if she did have some black in her. But without the boobs, makeup, and all that hair, she would looka like a man.

  6. “I was born and raised in the Philippines,But My Great GrandMother On My Mom Side From Spain And My Dad Hawaiian And Pilipino So Here I Am Mix With Good Hot Stuff.. and for the last ten years have resided in Florida.” Here’s an interview from the Modelcoast site above. I think she’s pretty hot myself. Pretty bangin body, actually. I would take it with a big smile on my face. :)))

  7. What an incredible body! The boobs need downsized a few sizes, but the rest of the body is banging. Sorry, but I wasn’t looking at her hands.

  8. its strange, but at times shes not too shabby , at other times, you cant help but think she looks a little off…

    but seriously those hands of her, and those think veins that pop up around them are kinda gross…

  9. I think she looks hot for her age. I think I read somewhere that she is in her 40’s. I wouldn’t throw her out of my bed!

  10. If she is in her 40s that would explain the hands (to a point). I dare say she’s had a fair bit of facial surgery to fight the aging process, which may explain the “black look” (if she doesn’t actually have any black blood).

  11. So sorry guys! This girl doesn’t get my blood warm at all. She seems to remind me of LaToya Jackson I guess. She is Filipina but not probably not pure or she tans way to much on the “caucasian” setting. Hahaha. Seems like Hulk Hogan shares the same tanning bed with her as his flesh tone is similar to roasted chicken.

    Alejo is a common name in the Phils but again if she is 40+ she can be married into the name or for a stage name uses her mother’s maiden name???????

    I’m pure Filipino (Ilocano which is darkest of the darkest), born and raised in Canada, and have been back many times. My wife is a Phil-born mistisa (has some Chinese in her early ancestry) and neither of us have never ever come across any other girl like her skin tone naturally. She even appears to be darker than the Muslim community you will find in the Phils. 5-6 anyone?

  12. News for Dr. Lee, indeed there are quite some ladyboys in Philippines too.

    Anyway, she seems very hot, I agree with the raw sexiness. That body is a sin… the second video is great. 🙂

    I’m not bothered by the hands, when I have that body on site. But I agree, could look nicer. Hand look could be from age or from big gym time, it does that too and she seems to love the gym (wonderful muscles).

  13. JaCe, you haven’t seen that dark skin tone in the Phils? I’ve seen a lot of it, come on.
    Some girls are even mixed with black blood, that’s for sure. Can’t complain.

    And I used to enjoy LaToya, maybe that’s why Mary seems attractive to me also.

  14. I think daznlover is right. Her hands are just vascular from working out alot. Low body fat can cause that…right? It’s called onion skin.
    This girl is hot. Maybe not cute…but hot. I also don’t see anything wrong with being mixed or part black. But she’s not, according to her interview above. You all know you like her, just maybe you’re intimidated by her healthy muscles and vascularity. 🙂

  15. She’s only 5’2″ ? damn.. those pictures sure make her look taller than that. The props around her must be child-sized!!

  16. Asiandreamland: there may have been some quite harsh comments in this thread, but I think “horrendous face” is over the line. (I also think brayker19’s “shes just kinda gross” comment is pushing it a little as well.) As the rest of this thread has been pretty harsh, I won’t give you a formal warning this time, but please be more careful in future.

  17. A lot of the commenters here don’t seem to realize that many of the girls featured here may very well know that they’ve been featured here AND may very well be checking out their entries to see the comments they’ve received.
    I don’t know about the other contributors, but whenever I feature a non or not-well-known celeb here, I always contact her first for her OK, and after I get it, I send her a link to her entry so that she can check it out for herself.
    So guys, think of your wording before you post, because the girl you’re posting about may very well read it.

  18. Absolutely. Criticism is fine – and indeed, criticism and praise is largely what a blog such as this one is about – but when you choose your words, try to bare in mind that the model themselves might be reading it. Hence, it is much better to say something like “I don’t find her very attractive” than to simply say “she is ugly” or something like that.

  19. I’m going back to CEC32 posts and try to ask for some numbers… 😉

    I agree, we should respect people if we don’t like their looks. It’s our personal opinion, no need to be harsh.

  20. Yeah…Mary’s probably pretty let down or maybe even balling her eyes out now after reading a few of these comments. She was probably pretty excited about getting the chance or even felt honored to be featured here on Asian-Sirens. I’m gonna have to give her a call to try and cheer her up now. Oh, by the way…does anybody happen to have her number? 🙂

  21. hey guys — daznlover is probably right; if mary is actually not in her 40’s, her prominent veinage is probably a sign of physical overexertion. for some familiar examples of women that had the same problem – think of madonna and sarah jessica parker when they both had ultra muscular arms.

    this girl’s arms don’t seem as muscular but i think that that’s just because her body fat percentage is not low enough, so her muscles don’t appear as well-defined as they could be. another sign of this– you only see very weak ab definition where her obliques are, and not really any contouring on the stomach, though it’s really obvious she’s toned. for her biceps to be that big, she probably did work out a lot!

    i wish i had mary’s toned legs! unfortunately, i concur with the tranny statements. i think she could look a lot better, it’s just that she has so much eye makeup on and she makes it a point in her posing to over-pout her lips and stick her mouth out… the end result is pretty much reminiscent of an asian amanda lepore

  22. Actually, look at the second photo and you will see some prominent vein along her biceps, which indicates muscle work.

    And enjoy the rest of that awesome photo also. 😉

  23. I bet her awesome bum is a result of too much of the physical exertion she endures while working out at the gym, also.

  24. hey doc!

    i just flew in today after spending two weeks in socal for winter break. i didn’t have my computer with me, so i used my mom’s computer to check some e-mail but even that was limited (’cause she was hawkin’ me the whole time and i didn’t want her to see anything obscene or whatnot)

    but when i got back i lol-ed at your e-mail! 😀

  25. Her playboy shots are spectacular. Her looks, strong yet sexy and feminine. She truly gets me going. And I like her face looks in most shots.

    I wasn’t sure about her age, but watching her butt now (butt is the first thing to go, in a woman), I’d say no more than 28.
    playboy butt shot
    Judge yourself too, but that’s in great shape.

  26. Actually, she’s quite cute! But I made a promise not to show her photo to anyone else. Still, I don’t think she has to be afraid of showing her photo here. 🙂

  27. Whatever you think of the face and hands, it’s impossible to fake the female pelvis.
    Anthropology 101

  28. Man! The only thing missing in that “Girls with Girls” set, was me. Butttt, I’m not a girl, so the girls with girls title wouldn’t work if that were to happen. Darn!

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