Mariko Yoshimura


Mariko Yoshimura is a young and up-in-comer that is making her way around the Internet. I couldn’t find an official portfolio anywhere, strangely enough. Only random photos on Tumblr and the like. But maybe if/when she gets more famous we can update this one with her official portfolio.Stats:

Age: ?
Height: ?
Ethnicity: Japanese?
Located: ?










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0 thoughts on “Mariko Yoshimura”

  1. Tattoos? Check.

    Piercing? Check.

    Bad photographer? Check.

    Vapid facial expression? Check.

    ummmmm……. I’m gonna head back to that vietnamese cutie a few entires back….

  2. Well the feather tattoo can’t be real, it keeps switching to different sides of her body. Which is good cause tats suck

  3. haha… you’re right… maybe its not a tatt. Some kind of rare skin infection that moves around the body….

  4. Naaaa…the image is reversed. Note the location of her bracelet changes also.
    She is a cutie anyway. =:-p

  5. She’s a tight, and fairly cute, little package.

    I think too much is made of tattoos here (both negative and positive) and typically I wouldn’t even comment on one tattoo. But in this case the tat is too ugly to ignore.

  6. I’d like this cute sexy ‘up and comer’ to come up and see me sometime.
    We would discuss the finer points of photography including the merits of both the left and the right side of her body on which to place the tattoo, when reversed, and whether or not it looks like a wrongly positioned ‘vertical smile’, in which case perhaps she ought to have placed it just below her navel..or..she could have shaved her pubic hair and replaced it with a smaller feather that would be not visible in a bikini.
    Now wouldn’t THAT have been more pleasing/surprising when she stripped off?

  7. Tattoo moving? I don’t think so. That generally happens when the picture is taken in a mirror.

  8. The tat is an unfortunate distraction from a very nice body.
    Doubt she’s Japanese. In name only.
    @kroos: LOL, totally agree!

  9. Cute face, Cute tits, Cute body, very distracting marking on her cute body. She looks very California-fied, which is not a bad thing. I like West coast girls the same. I’d like to see more of her if she didn’t have that distraction.

  10. A peacock feather up front and a cock pit ’round back! The perfect metaphor for this dynamite little number!

  11. Lol didn’t even notice the mirror photos, didn’t expect anything that unprofessional here, my bad

  12. i find it amusing that somebody would purposely have a feather tattooed on their abdomen.

    And a gray one at that. Perhaps she really loves pigeons.

  13. Pretty girl, nice body, also doubt she’s Japanese. Fully agree with Bigfoot Dean re her tattoo.

  14. You wouldn’t want to try and sleep with her while you’re drunk. The tattoo would confuse your navigation abilities and you’d end up frustratingly trying to poke a hole in her stomach…..

  15. I actually dont mind the tattoo. She has a nice tight body and a pretty face. I think she’d look better with darker hair and I could do without the duckface in some pictures, but overall I like her

  16. Trust me… she don’t care if u guys like or don’t like her tattoo… U tattoo haters really need to move on to bitchin about something else… The “MySpace Face” photos aside, me likey!

  17. Dude, it’s like an 8 inch tall feather. Unless she’s using it to measure her man, what’s the point?

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