Maggie Gu


Maggie Gu is a presumably Chinese model whose name is most definitely not real. There is only one photo below because most of her photos have that odd fashion model scowl that is kind of weird. But you can see them at the above link.Stats:

Age: ?
Height: 5’10
Ethnicity: Chinese
Located: China



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  1. Yeah – what they hell makes them think that fashion model scowl (and makeup) is attractive? Having said that, this girl does seem to be exceptionally pretty for a fashion model (they’re usually plain at best), and seems quite healthy when she isn’t made up to look like a fashion corpse.

  2. Pretty in the first pic, less so in the second. Hard to get a read on her overall from only two pics but she’s not really my type I would guess.

  3. Interesting point Doc. Maybe smiling models distract viewers of fashion shows/advertising images from the clothes.
    I’ve seen young women dressed fashionably in China on the footpath walking (you know the walk – like they are on a tightrope) as if they are models. I wonder if they think Western women are supposed to walk this way, so they copy them.
    Oh and I agree with arf and Wingsfan – pretty. Next please.

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