Lunar Babes: Gorgeous Asian Babes For Your Lonely Nights


If we ain’t posting here, you can always visit! 😉 “Gorgeous Asian Babes For Your Lonely Nights” so they say. They’ve got some pretty Asian babes alright, but too bad most are unidentified (although I’m sure that won’t be a problem for you guys!).

The navigation is a pain with pages that keep loading like forever so you scroll and scroll… but enough with the negativity! They got loads of (non-nude) pics! (thanks to Luke72 for the tip)

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  1. I just took a tour of the site and I do believe I could marry every girl I just saw. It almost hurts and really made me feel funny inside.

  2. As one of the hundreds of voyeurs who daily views AS (which keeps me very
    happy til I can visit my girlfriend in Taiwan)…let me just add this site
    “makes a grown man cry”…
    Men let’s not be picky picky picky but
    enjoy the view!


  3. I agree LawBoy, I thought she was a cartoon at first.

    On the site I only saw maybe 3 good photos, all the rest did look like anime.


  4. I LOVE the Anime look, It’s so damn cute, IMO.

    No luck in identifying the girl in this thread?

  5. You’re probably right Doc…but my wife wouldn’t be to happy if I married one. So I’ll just dream. 🙂

  6. I was bored so I took a look. Far better than I expected, I’ve heard of a good handful of them, and they had a korean girl on there! Although I think I enjoyed the 3 hours I spent earlier looking at pictures of Han Ga In (한가인) on more. 🙂

  7. lol, arf, its just a korean equivalent of yahoo. I find it much more efficient at looking at pictures of actresses and models than google search (if they are korean and you know the name in hangul hehe).

  8. Thanks..Robin Hood….I’ve download more than 1900 pics from today
    I found it VERY nice, good looking, anime looking, nice legs, great boobs, wonderful race queens, and many great asian girls.

  9. Holy crap, when I saw the pic for this post, I was sure lunarbabes was a site that sold LIFELIKE SEX DOLLS.

    Is it just me or does that girl look like one of those japanese sex robots and not a real person??

    Is this the result of excessive airbrushing?

    Dr. Lee?

  10. This is what heaven looks like for me. Blue sky, a sandy beach, a B-E-A-U-tiful asian woman and our boards. Waves or no waves… it’ll be a hell of a day!

  11. The girl on the first pic seems to be Sena Ayanami. I particularly like her cute face, although she also has a fantastic body!

  12. …glamour shots on the toilet? really? seems like they are trying to evoke a character from zelda taking a potty break!

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