Lulu Leia

Lulu Leia @ BlueNudes (Photography: Arturo Jauregui)

To be honest, I didn’t know a lot about Lulu Leia but when I saw the recent updates of Arturo Jauregui’s Lulu series @ BlueNudes I couldn’t resist to search more about this 27 years old beauty from San Francisco. And with respect to all other photographers that have worked with her, Arturo definitely did the best job so far!
Lulu Leia @ BlueNudes (Photography: Arturo Jauregui)

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  1. I must say Lulu’s site is refreshingly classy and artistic. I also have to say her stomach is absolutely sensational (as Marco knows I am something of a stomach fetishist)! But I don’t like her boobs at all – small but still fakey looking. I think she should go back to the surgeon and make them bigger. 🙂

  2. Actually they are all real! I grew them myself, hehehe. You guys are used to “average” asian chick with flat chests. I’m the exception, haha. No surgeon is gonna touch these!


    Lulu Leia

  3. Lee, this is yet another example that your so called expert opinion on surgery in general is crap! Please don’t insult these girls anymore. That would make me love this site more. And lulu lela you look very nice, please don’t listen to Lee!

  4. I don’t call your opinions crap Jean. If you want people to respect your opinions, then you should respect those of others. A lot of models claim they’re naural when they aren’t – it means absolutely nothing in my experience. And if she doesn’t IMHO she should get them. 😉

    Still, the only thing I like better than a nice pair of breasts is a good stomach, and IMHO Lulu has one of the best I’ve seen!

  5. Dr. Lee, i think making – all the time – negative comments on all these nice looking girls is not right. It is in my opinion a very negative approach. Lee, please be more respectfull towards the models. Lulu, you look perfect and you have very nice breasts. You don’t need any surgery!

  6. But I don’t always make negative coments about models – I actually make a lot more positive comments (check yourself). Indeed, my comments about Lulu were mostly postive, you just chose to focus on the one negative aspect of what I said.

  7. Hmm, Lee, I think we all know that you tend to be a bit negative about some of the ‘import’ models. Sure, I know you also are positive a lot, but I have to agree with Jean (and other people who have accused you of being to negative); you should think about what you are doing to the models and their feelings (and this site ;-)). It just doesn’t seem right to keep saying someone has had breast surgery, as they say they did not have. Same with plastic surgery.

  8. So you’re saying that if a model falsely claims she’s natural (which they do all the time), I should say I am wrong even if I am not? This doesn’t seem right.

  9. But you don’t have proof! So yeah, it sounds like putting them down if you continue the surgery talk after they say it isn’t so.

    And to be honest I am getting a bit tired of the whole surgery issue. It is demotivating. Let’s just enjoy the beauty (with or without surgery ;-))

  10. Well Robin, let’s not forget all your negative comments about breast surgery (far more than me actually). 😉

    And Lulu doesn’t have any proof either (if she does I’ll gladly eat my words). I guess the only safe way is to never say whether a model has implants or not, but this is the sort of information that people come to sites like Asian Sirens to find out about.

  11. Yeah, I knew you were gonna say that; the best defence is to attack, huh? 😉 I regret my negative comments, and will try to not do it again for the sake of Asian Sirens.

    I suggest you do the same! 😉

  12. Thanks Lulu. I greatly appreciate the fact that you’ve taken my comments in the spirit I intended, even if I am wrong about your breasts. So far I have found that the models haven’t been offended by my comments, so I’m not sure why some guys here get so worked up about them. 😉

    As I said before, I really like a lot of the photos on the site. However, it seems most of them require password access now, but I can’t see any way to join (unlike And as I’ve also said a couple of times now, I love your stomach (I am a stomach fetishist)!

  13. It seems that perfect natural breasts are so rare that people have great difficulty identifying them. I hope this will make it easier and will settle any doubts about Lulu Leia’s perfectly natural breasts. These are never before published photos I took of her in 2005.

    Here she is lying down:

    And here she is sitting up:

    Does that settle it?

  14. Thanks gregorio! Judging from your photos I would say she almost certainly is natural, at least at the time you shot her. It still isn’t certain though – small implants of the right type could produce this effect.

    She – and her boobs – look quite different in the Blue Nudes photos though, even though they appear to have been shot at around the same time. Is it possible they touched up her boobs to make them look more “perfect” (i.e. fake), which gave me the wrong initial impression?

  15. I’ve been going through the Blue Nudes’ sample photos, including other models whose boobs I am familiar with. They do touch them up to make them look fake! Take this image for example:

    Her right breast diplays the classic “rounded mound against gravity” that is diagnostic of implants. However, compare it with the second photo above. The angle is almost the same, yet her right breast is much flatter (as it would be if it were natural). Also, compare the first two shots: in this case her left breast looks like it’s fake, but once again it is much flatter in the second shot.

    My conclusion? I was wrong. Lulu is natural – I was fooled by Photoshop! I’m going to have to be more careful when I only have a small selection of heavily touched up photos to go on in future.

  16. By the way, one more comment about Lulu …

    With her cute looks and perfect natural breasts:

    It’s sometimes possible to miss her fabulous legs:

  17. She looks so different without all the Blue Nudes Photoshopping! A lot more natural looking (not just her breasts). Her breasts look a whole lot better without the Photoshoppping as well – it made them look unbalanced and contorted (like a bad boob job), which isn’t the case in reality at all.

    What happened to Lulu BTW? I see her web sites are dead.

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