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Love Asia 2006 – Part 1. From the stunning vistas of Langkawi island to the bustling urban landscape of Kuala Lumpur, the programme follows 10 Asian models as they work and relax during a photo shoot with acclaimed photographer Leslie Kee.

Parts 2 and 3 in

Love Asia 2006 – Part 2

Love Asia 2006 – Part 3

Love Asia 2006

The models: China’s Queenie Zhou, Japan’s Mayuko Kawamata, Korea’s Kae, India’s Aysha Bashir, The Philippines’ Grace Tagle, Thailand’s Yo and Asia’s supermodels Maggie Q, Lin Chiling, Almen Wong and Jacqueline Alblas.

Narrated by Terence Yin, Love Asia also directs the spotlight on Maggie Q, who also produces the programme, shouldering her fair share of casting duties, scouting for locations and direction.

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  1. This has been, or is just about to be, released on DVD in the US. It’s been available in Asia for a while as a region 3 DVD.

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