Looking For A Japanese Girlfriend?


Looking for a Japanese girlfriend? Wearing this T-shirt could help you out!

Apparently there’s a whole bunch of guys in the world who wouldn’t mind getting attention from Japanese females in the world. This T-shirt features clear, clean text and a message that is perhaps best translated as “Now accepting applications for Japanese girlfriends.” Features a nice red “rising sun of Japan” in the design. You never know what conversation this T-shirt could start, or where it might lead!

Buy one at Jlist.com Also check out this one. Hell, check out all the Japanese Shirts, they are all funny!

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0 thoughts on “Looking For A Japanese Girlfriend?”

  1. Now that was interesting! Funny how they still blur out their genitalia though. 😉

    I will ask Sachiko to check the t-shirt when she has time.

  2. Think Geek is a great place to buy, and yes the Japanese T-shirts say the right thing. Saw them recently in Tokyo, but this is super to find them here in the states, and YES Japanese women will notice!

  3. jlist.com has been selling these t-shirts for years too. They also sell DVDs and other things from Japan.

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