Lola @ Pacific Beauty

Lola @ Pacific Beauty (Photography: Adam Yurman)

This week Pacific Beauty released the first photo shoot of Lola. She looks Brazilian with that whacky big hairdo but she is Thai according to photographer Adam Yurman. He told me that Lola makes her living performing in a very classy cabaret type show with flying water, furniture and sometimes people! It’s expensive at her club and she makes great money for her talent. Lola is what they call, a “Showgirl”.

Adam: “Her first photo shoot with me reflects some of the things I saw in her show with the sexy water flying everywhere. Ok, if you were her boyfriend you are going to be in trouble same as any super model, bombshell, Femme Fatale’, you might be dumb enough to date around the world. But I am not her boyfriend, I am her photographer. Models know that being nice to the photographer makes better photos. She loves good photos so we get along great. We both want the same thing, great photos! We have 5 separate photoshoot setups waiting to be released. The first of 5 is up now at PB. We normally release one per month. I am rooting for her to be a success in magazines as well. We’ll see.”

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