Lin Ke Tong


Lin Ke Tong (also Lin Ketong) is a Moko Top Girl. Unlike many of the other Moko girls, she doesn’t seem to do too many “my shirt accidentally fell off and all I have left is this piece of fabric, oh well” photos, but that’s okay. You’ll survive.Stats:

Age: 23
Height: 5’7
Ethnicity: Chinese
Located: ?


















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  1. Okay… at first I thought that was a picture of a porcelain doll… literally. Her eyes are unreal, and the dimple is just too perfect. Looks like she is frozen in time or truly a sculpture. Fascinating… no actual doll has eyes more perfect in shape.

  2. First pic really turned me off. A plastic look on a porcelain doll. After that nothing but heart, soul and lots of personalities.

  3. Sadly yet another OTT nose job (and what looks like a chin job as well), but apart from that, very nice – her body is awesome!

  4. luvasianwimin — yeah, no one actually has eyes like that naturally. contacts that make your eyes more doll-like are cheap and popular in asia. that is why so many models have unnaturally black, round, circular irises. personally i think it’s kind of creepy.

    what is moko? judging from the girls we’ve seen from moko, i feel like it’s kind of like a myspace for asian people (from asia, not US). like how all of the “hottest girls” on myspace were really just glammed-up camwhores that know how to take particularly flattering shots, the “hottest girls” on moko kind of seem to be the same. one the one hand, myspace had girls with the fake tans and the bolt-on boobs, while moko has the girls with the whitening creams and doll eye contacts and bolt-on noses.

    all they need now is a bunch of sparkly gifs that say things like “YOU’RE SEXY” or “WHAT’S UP *sparkle sparkle sparkle*” in seizure-inducing colors and we’re set!

  5. “You down with OTT ? Yeah you know me.”

    -From the song OPP by Naughty by Nature (since we were quoting “Me So Horny” by 2 Live Crew yesterday….

    Actually, I am not fond of the OTT nose job…I am sorry, I just can’t deal with that.

    “Bolt on-noses” lol Christine…

  6. I agree, she looks like a doll. First time I’ve seen a Chinese girl with perfect skinny legs.

    All the chicks I’ve been with had battle scars.

  7. I’m in love (or a state of very strong lust). She is a livin’ doll – what more could you ask for? doki! doki!

  8. Ah, Christine, that explains a lot. I can see the contacts, and they even have a blue tinge to match the eye shadow in pic 6.

    Nevertheless she does have too much cute to be ruined by these things. Legs, yes, legs… thanks for the ZZ Top soundtrack too, I enjoyed the audio visual experience, lol.

  9. OK, you guys are going to flame the heck out of me, but here goes:

    I just caught two segments on Oprah about cosmetic surgery in China:

    One is called “China’s Beauty Boom” and the other “Chinese Cosmetic Surgery”. They are about five minutes long and are revealing…

    Apparently, Chinese eyelid surgery is only $300! Since many Chinese are money savers (they save as opposed to living on credit cards), this is an easy expense. Also, they mention how you walk into a hospital in the morning, meet your doctor for the first time, and two hours later are having the surgery…

    I wonder if this “drive-through easiness” makes the surgery more commonplace…

    Also, Lisa Ling showed Asian girls preferring Blonde-haired, blue-eyed Barbie dolls over Asian dolls…

    And since China has so many people, and are driving the economy and fashion choices of the future, I wonder what this means.

    If anyone makes fun of me for watching Oprah, I will disavow all knowledge of what you speak and then claim someone else posted using my name…

  10. The rollerblade picts put me in mind of a real life Chinese Olive Oil from Popeye but far, far more lovely and enchanting…

  11. i think she’s gorgeous. the eyes don’t bother me at all and I wouldn’t mind those legs wrapped around me.

  12. Oprah? Hah hah! 😀

    But seriously, this information is true. Rhinoplasty isn’t hugely expensive either, and is a relatively quick and easy procedure. Of course these are factors in how prevalent they are – breast surgery is much less common, simply because it is far more expensive and difficult.

  13. most of the pictures that are posted here seem dolled up in someway. not that I’m complaining. I love most of them, if not all. just a side note to think, any natural ladies with out make up or surgery ever posted here? perhaps a posting is in order. dare ya to find a natural beauty.

  14. Oprah’s not exactly the most neutral source on racial identity.

    Henry Louis Gates of the Cambridge Police/Obama Beer Summit was one of her proteges.

  15. The first gallery has many pictures, but they have a pretty low resolution.

    High-res pics anybody?

  16. I uh…uh…was outside hunting grizzly bears with my bare hands, and just returned to my home and found someone had been using my computer!

  17. OMG. YOU WATCH OPRAH? i want to give you a hug! all the other dudes are dissing your manliness because you probably get all the girls.

    girl: omg yesterday on oprah dr. oz was on and was talking about how eliminating wheat from my diet would make me skinnier!

    you: yah i saw that episode, that dr. oz is so great! *cough cough*

    that woman (and associated characters) is all sorts of crazy but that show can be such pure gold sometimes. like that one time she tried to interview the 9-year-old schizophrenic girl and the girl just wasn’t having any of it. you could just SEE oprah’s ego getting deflated like a punctured balloon.

    or there was that time that oprah tried to go on a monthlong “cleanse” diet, where she gave up sugar, caffeine, alcohol, gluten, and went VEGAN and had a personal chef to prepare her such restricted meals. at first she was like, “OMG i feel so great! so light! this diet rules!” and maybe two progressively depressing weeks in, she totally gave up. lol.

  18. btw “chinese eyelid surgery” sounds like it’d be related to “chinese water torture”

  19. My wife MADE me watch Oprah, honest.

    I like this model, but someone please introduce her to the sun!

    Ditto on the porcelain doll comments.

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