Lin Chi Ling – Taiwan Super Model

Lin Chi Ling

Thank you to my good friend Khwan for bringing this model to my attention! Beautiful Lin Chi Ling is said to be the most popular model in Taiwan at the moment. I was not able to gather a lot of personal information about her. However, I did learn she is age 32 and has recently recovered from a horseback riding accident. Does anyone have any additional info on Lin Chi Ling?

After preparing the images for this feature I discovered a message board thread that had posted a whole lot more of Lin Chi Ling’s pics. Some of them are stunning! Be sure to scroll all the way to the end for some of the best images including what I believe are shots from her Maxim Hong Kong shoot.

Lin Chi Ling

Lin Chi Ling

Lin Chi Ling

Lin Chi Ling

Lin Chi Ling

Check out a little animated gif also

Links for Lin Chi Ling

Google Image Search
Club AkagiNet Messageg Board Thread

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0 thoughts on “Lin Chi Ling – Taiwan Super Model”

  1. Robin, is the animated GIF within site guidelines? If not, let me know and I’ll remove it. Cute though isn’t it?

  2. She’s not just the buzz in taiwan
    througout 2005, but also in mainland China. Not sure if this breasty model is still dating one of the singers from the former pop group band.

    Personally, I was soo sick of hearing her name on TV everyday.

  3. Robin, Dr Lee, When are you gonna post TOP Indonesian female celebs ? you’re missing out alot, there are mixed breed of Indo and western ethnics , c’mon now don’t just post Tiara, she is too “average” compare to these women, click here :
    Sophia Latjuba – Indo & German :
    Davina Veronica :
    also some swimsuit hotties :

  4. okay hotbytes, i am not going to promise anything, but i will look into it. is there more to find about these ladies than just one page? i will do some research later this week.

    and i don’t think tiara is average.

  5. To be honets hotbytes, these girls are a little too ‘western’ looking for my taste. However, Robin will probably cover them (and other Indonesian celebs) eventually.

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