Li Meng Tian 黎梦恬

Li Meng Tian in old Chinese costume (2)

The beautiful and sexy model that you see above is  Li Meng Tian 黎梦恬, aka Shan Shan 闪闪 or Maity. She is s a young and hot Chinese model and Internet celebrity from Shiyan, Hubei. Born on June 4th, 1992 and formerly known as Chen Dan Dan 陈丹丹, Li Meng Tian is the spokesperson for the Chinese game “Shen Xian Dao” 神仙道.

Li Meng Tian’s Profile:

Other Name(s): Shan Shan 闪闪, Maity
Origin: Shiyan, China
Born: 4 June, 1992
Height: 172cm
Weight: 52kg
Measurements: 35E-25-36
Blood Type: B
Occupation: model

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