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I hope you guys enjoyed the article on Ruby Renegade. From the amount of views and comments that the article received, I am sure that this was the case, so I have another tattooed beauty to enjoy by the name of Levy Tran. I’m sure you’ll like her as much as Dr. Lee and I do.Levy is another lovely lady that I found out about through Tumblr from some modeling work that she did for Deviant Design Group. I got one look at her and immediately wanted to see more of her.

The main things that I like about Levy are her smile, her tattoos, and her personality. I also like what she has to say about tattoos since we still live in a society where people still have misconceptions about them and the people who ink their bodies. You can click here to read some of what she has to say on the subject.

As for myself, I am just glad to see another tattooed beauty such as Levy because I love Asian women with beautiful tattoos.

Age: 28
Height: 5’6″
Ethnicity: Vietnamese












John Agcaoili

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  1. I got the shock of my life when I first saw this girl – she’s almost like an archetypal Viet beauty, with a pretty nice body from the waist up as well (her lower body is a little too stocky for my taste). But she’s covered in tattoos! I never imagined I’d see the combination of such a classically pretty Viet girl with tats all over her body. I really wish she didn’t have them, but I find her very attractive regardless – and very intriguing.

  2. Very pretty and a great smile. I’m not crazy “anti-tat” like a few posters here and neither am I “pro-tat”.

    This girl is over-tated for my taste for sure. Still you can see she is a knockout. I’m guessing that for many, her tats detract from her beauty. The initial impact of her beauty is hijacked by the tats, at least for me. Instead of focusing immediately on how pretty she is, I focus first on the tats. Too many and too obvious, I think. But that’s just my opinion, of course.

    I also don’t know that she will regret these tats as she ages. Surely some women (and men) regret their body art later in life, but I would guess most do not. I also believe the regret is less prevalent today than it was 15-20 years ago.

  3. This girl is super cute but the tats are too much for me. I don’t mind a small one here or there but she has too many to even see her nice skin.

  4. I’m a fan of Levy and her tattoos. Plus she can cover up if she needs to. She’s not going to regret her decision to get inked up down the road.

  5. Gorgeous girl!
    But the tats distract.
    However, that said, I quite like the left shoulder artwork. Just staying with that amount of coverage might have been quite classy in my opinion.
    I wonder if it isn’t a bad career move getting the tats and wanting to maximise one’s modelling career. Surely while a few doors might open, many doors must also be closed to her – the more mainstream media that would otherwise certainly appreciate this young woman’s obvious beauty.
    Perhaps she doesn’t want that kind of reputation? But the bills have to be paid.

  6. Very pretty face and shapely body! Shame about the tattoos, not my cup of tea! I read her article regarding her tattoos, I am still scratching my head wondering why such a beautiful young woman would do this to her skin? Intelligence-Yes, Common Sense-Debatable

  7. I peronally dig her tatts, beautifully hot and amazing with em and the same if she were without em. There are some ppl out there with tatts that dont look right on them and I think those are the ppl that give little thought into why they want them or what they mean to themselves, on those type of ppl i find tatts are tasteless and without form. I feel that Levy is full of spirit, one that i definitely would willfully drown in. Her ink seems to impart that tremendous spirit to me, if there was anything visually capable that could ever do her justice. I find her intensely intriguing and her ink definitely exacerbates that fact. If i ever meet an untimely death I would totally want to be sent to the mortuary that she works so she could take care of my body LoL. So ya I am definitely a fan and can say kirei da na! x_x

  8. up until she covered her breasts, it could feel like body art, but now, sorry, it looks like a disaster. I pass, sadly…

  9. Apparently, I am from the old school generation! I do not get it at all with the younger generations mind set on body art! To me art belongs on a canvas, not on the body! The body itself is a work of art in it’s own right! A woman’s body for those of my generation and older was held to a more sacred status! I just don’t get it!?

  10. Let me start by saying I believe more people today will regret their tats than in the past. Before, there was such a social stigma to get one that people who got them usually were very committed to it. Now, its a trend and a lot of people do it on a whim or because everyone else is doing it. Those are the people who are going to want to take it back.

    Levy is another beautiful girl. Like the others, I couldn’t get past the tats on her, but I give her bonus points for wearing a Slayer shirt!

  11. I like hamburgers
    For me, a favorite food.
    I’ll have them most anytime
    I’ve been struck by the mood.

    I like them with mustard and pickle
    And with ketchup, not a trickle.
    Yet, even I can tell when there’s too much
    When I can’t taste the meat and such.

    Now here’s a lovely Viet named Levy
    A Siren, of which there’s a bevy
    Some of which do sport some ink
    All of whom cause to think

    By those here these pix have viewed
    About how much skin should be hued.
    My feelings are also not skewed
    Should said Siren pose in the nude.

    Llike the sandwich so noted
    With some color be abit coated
    Had Ms. Tran stopped with one, two or three
    I’d happily laud her praises with glee.

    Tats aside, Ms. Tran is quite hot
    But for me so much ink is but a blot
    On such a glorious girl
    The beauty of a lovely pearl.

  12. I think she is beautiful.

    Also i think the argument with tattoos of ~ she will regret them when she is older ~ is lost on people with a wild streak.

    People like that live for the now, they live for today, not for what will happen 30 years from now.

  13. Thanks for the post, Candyman. I’d lost the link to your blogsite.

    After reading her interview, I’ve decided that she seems fairly well put together, mentally. She fully understands the consequences of her choices & that people will form opinions of her based solely on her tattoos without looking to the person within.

    I agree with Punsher22 – most people getting sleeves or turtlenecks or whatever don’t think much about the future. Most of the older people (>40?) with such ink know that they’ve been held back in their chosen field – some rued and others did not.

    Finally, she is probably the LAST person I would want to meet – a mortuary assistant.

  14. She is hot either way, perhaps hotter without but with that smile she could do just about anything and be fine by me.

  15. I think Punisher22 said it best…life is short, get some tattoos and have fun. She is out of this world gorgeous. I think if I was dating a girl like this, I wouldn’t even notice the tattoos after a couple days gone bye.

  16. Well, at least here tattoos are colorful and artistic. She really is a beauty.

    Curse you, TLC!!

  17. She is pretty. But Tattoo’s have got to be chosen with taste. It shows a level of depth and meaning. Unfortunately that is not present here. Very disappointing Tattoo’s.

  18. An absolute beauty!!

    I’m not crazy about the tattoos across her chest but it’s her body so who am I to judge, besides it doesn’t detract for her overall beauty.

    Loving the photo of her licking her teeth, STUNNING!

  19. Pic 4 – a great shot of her swinging her (not ‘here’) head to let her hair fly.
    But reassure me they are suspender belt straps down her legs and not tattoos.
    Reminded me of the other day I saw a pic of a girl with a rose on the back of her leg just above her knee, with the stem trailing in a single line down to her ankle. Looked like the seam of a stocking. I could have followed that rose round all day!

  20. Tatts are evil.Especially anywhere in the collarbone / breast area.The pic of her with the PBR can kinda’ sums it up.Sad.

  21. @badnews, she looks so beautiful in that portrait shot of her shopping, what a waste….

  22. Whoa, Stripes. Hitler and bin Laden were evil. Tats aren’t.

    I’m guessing that Levy is a child of parents who came over during the second wave of Vietnamese diaspora after the war ended. The family is probably “old country” in beliefs and habits. I don’t think that the Vietnamese were treated especially well during the first few years here, which probably pushed them inwards to family and community.

    Levy, of course, is 100% American, growing up in the norms and practices of her generation. The conflict between her desires and those of her parents plays out in a rebellious nature. She has chosen the tattoo route. Better than gangs or drugs or drinking.

    All her choices. Like it or not, she is stuck with them.

  23. On July 4, wishing all of those out there in the USA a safe and happy holiday. To those serving the country overseas, a safe and healthy return.

    To quote from our Declaration of Independence

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men (and some women) are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, the pursuit of shopping at outlet malls and gaping at lovely Asian Sirens.

    go ahead. look it up.

  24. @sucez…I wouldn’t call it a waste just because she decided to get a couple a tattoos. If she got fat and out of shape by taking up a fast food diet, then that would be a waste. She is Beauuutiful.

  25. Doc that’s not stocky, that’s athletic! 😛

    I can see this girl is alive!! What a gorgeous smile. I even forget the tats, she’s oustanding.

  26. What a mess.
    Even more so re the pic with the Pabst beer can…one of my favs. Trashy CAN go over the line…

  27. She’s quite the looker, the anti-tat brigade is gonna hate her but she’s really vry beautiful. While she has a lot of tats and it’s not entirely common to be covered head to toe even here in LA, it’s also not that rare. I see plenty of these pretty asain girls in the hollywood area all the time with bodies covered. I agree I’d prefer her with just a few more subtle body art but I believe people should look and live like they want so more power to her.

  28. It’s funny when people think other people will regret getting tattoos when they are older becuase they don’t like them personally themselves. Maybe decades ago it had a stigma attached that caused issues when one got older, but that hasn’t been the case for twenty years now. People who get inked love the process and the result and generally view it as an extension of themselves and their story, that’s not going to change in a few decades. A huge percentage of the population has at least one tattoo at this point at least here in the metropolitan US. I don’t have a tattoo but have always wished I did get one or two, and now I regret NOT getting them. I’m in my mid 40’s now, but without exception almost all of my friends 35 or under have one or more drops of ink. Since I don’t socialize with too many people in my age group, I can’t say for sure but I would guess the number of tattooed is much less for them.

  29. Chairman Kaga: your comment is a little too disrespectful – please be more careful how you state your opinion in the future.

  30. Tattoos are a form of art 🙂 I love it…with or without tattoos…she is still a knock out.

  31. Levy must be the first model in Asian Sirens’ history who many of us prefer covered up. 🙂

    I don’t think that’s just a reflection of how much many of us dislike tattoos, but also how exceptionally pretty she is – she’s so damn pretty that we don’t have to see her naked (although truly naked – i.e. sans tattoos – would be absolutely wonderful).

  32. “Chairman Kaga: your comment is a little too disrespectful – please be more careful how you state your opinion in the future.”

    Ok…Levy is a real dish; love everything about her ‘cept the tatoos. I like them on some gals; not on others. Levy…NOT. It distracts from her natural beauty.

    “Here’s some more of that delicious Pabst.”
    Can;t get enough of that delicious Pabst…and natty Boh.

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