Lena Li @ Scoreland

Lena Li @ Scoreland

Lena Li hasn’t really done any full frontal nudity since Playboy. I mean she’s posed for Dream Dolls and ModFX Models, but they didn’t show full front nudity to my knowledge. Last week I got an email from yutaka, one of our fellow readers, and he mentioned a sample gallery of Lena with full frontal nudity stripping out of a corset. The sample gallery is taken from the August 14th issue of Scoreland.

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  1. At some point the surgeon has got to stop pumping the saline into the bag. Sheesh! What a freakish look. I’m sure they’re soft, pliable and very sexy (uh, huh).

  2. Thanks Zam! Intersestingly, Score were interested in shooting Sachiko, until we told them she wouldn’t do any ‘pink’ shots! I wasn’t expecting Lena would do this either, but obviously she has.

  3. is it me or does breast look different perhaps she went in for a fix up or something and the messed up. Im guessing she doesnt do full frontals because of the wierd scarring? maybe im wrong.

  4. Actually jimmerz41, I suspect this is how her tits really look – Playboy touches up their photos a lot, but Score doesn’t seem to touch them up much at all. I agree they look less attractive and balanced here than in her Playboy pics. One also has to wonder about any scarring that Score has removed as well…

    On a related note, I remember Playboy moved Francine Dee’s nipples down her breasts in her NSS pics, to correct her odd high nipple position.

    Oh yeah, before any one asks, as my photos of Sachiko aren’t touched up at all, what you see is what you get: you can’t see any scarring on her breasts, because there is no scarring on her breasts!

  5. That’s pretty strong words coming from you NorthMan! 😉

    As is usually the case, the Score Group photos are pretty nasty and unflattering. As they are less touched up though, they probably represent how Lena looks in real life more accurately than her Playboy pics. I still love her hair and I love the size of her breasts, but without the Playboy touch-ups her breasts aren’t exactly pretty, and neither is her face – I shudder to think how her face would look without makeup.

  6. I also met her in person once at an import car show. She seemed really annoyed to have to interact with people that wanted to meet her. And she had really glassy eyes and seemed like she was high on something. Overall, just not a good impression.

  7. Perhaps the ‘glassy eyes’ were contacts? Coloured contacts in particular can give this impression. Or was your impression that she was high also due to her behaviour? I have to say I find this girl very interesting psychologically – on the one hand she seems to be a little ditzy as you would expect, but on the other (judging from her writings) she also seems to be a little ‘blookish’ and shy. I’ve never really been able to figure out where her head is at.

  8. There’s an interview of her somewhere and she does seem to come across as somewhat thoughtful and actually pretty sweet, which is what I was getting at on the other thread. It seems a fascinating contrast to her physical appearance–and her lovely Enormo-boobies!

  9. Lee, if Zam doesn’t get to it in the next couple of days, let me know and I’ll do it for you. I’m in Florida right now, but I’ll be back home in a couple of days. This hotel has SLOW “high speed” internet connection and it would take forever to do it from here. I’ll tell you, once you are used to true high speed, its hard to get used to slower speed! 🙂

  10. the file is split due to rapidshare’s maximum upload limit per file (100mb)
    plus it is easier for those who don’t have premium accounts to download if the files are smaller

    as of today, there have bee 214 downloads of this video clip

    you can use winrar to extract the rar files

    i don’t know where a zip file that large could be shared. any thoughts?

  11. You can use Megaupload. That’s what I use every once in a while, but I mainly upload to Rapidshare. Megaupload has a max file limit of 500MB if anyone wants to upload it to there. I also don’t mind doing the upload once I am able to download again from Rapidshare.

  12. Ok, extracted fine (I previously tired doing one at a time, not simultaneously).

    Great vid. I wonder how recent this is–she looks fantastic; she was getting pudgy in some recent pics. And those Score pics above were unflattering.

  13. Thanks Candyman – downloading it now!

    Although we do have unrar utilities on the Mac (and I have one), I still run OS 9 (the REAL Mac OS!), which hasn’t been updated since 2001. So as the rar file fomat changes a lot, my old unrar utitity doesn’t always work. But as the zip file format has been very stable, my ancient zip decompression utility still works almost every time. On the other hand, I made the same mistake as Bubalabobo – perhaps if I didn’t it might have worked anyway!

  14. Wow….I remember catching her in a Playboy special issue a few years back.
    Looks like the next step for her now may be hardcore.

  15. i didn’t rip that one, but i think it’s from Score.

    i found this DVD. But, judging from the back cover, the scene above might not be from this video. i’ll check this one out.

  16. Hmmm – after looking at these shots, I agree it does look very prominent here. I wonder if she’s had another one, or if it’s just these photos?

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