Lena Li Revealed 2

Lena Li in Dreamgirls 2003 Calendar

I’m still working on an update of Lena Li Revealed but I’m somewhat disappointed in what I’ve found so far.

Hope someone can help me to find a larger scan of Lena’s appearance in the Dreamgirls 2003 Calendar. Also interesting links are more than welcome. Anyone?

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  1. After seeing her latest pics from Comicon (where she’s clearly wearing a padded bra instead of being braless as in the past) and in her MySpace profile, I’m almost certain her breasts have shrunk. As such, I strongly suspect at least one reason for her modelling hiatus was complications with her previous breast surgery.

  2. Did you ever find a larger scan of this picture? Also I made my own yahoo group wherein I’ve tired to collect every picture of Lena that I’ve ever seen ever. I had an account with modfx but it expired before the summer villa set was released, and well, I’m not paying for that crap, no way.

    Also at comiccon she wore like four or five different outfits, one of which I believe was pretty braless (and arousing) but yeah, that is kind of weird about her wearing a padded bra with the others. How are sure that it was padded? If her breasts really did shrink I have no reason to live. You’ve placed this seed of doubt in my mind and I’m getting sad.

  3. Could you point us to your Yahoo Group, and more specifically the ‘braless’ pic from Comicon? She’s wearing a bra in everything I’ve seen so far. Also, don’t you find it curious that she isn’t doing any nude pics now? Something to hide perhaps? Whatever the reason, a new nude pic is the only way we could be sure whether her breats really have shrunk or not.

  4. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/lenafilter/

    There’s the group. I just made an overflow group today to house the rest of the modfx pics that I have. I don’t have them all though, for various reasons, if you’d like to contribute the rest I’m sure they’d be greatly appreciated, by me at least. And the comic con pictures are in a folder in the files section titled (ironically) “comic-con”. From there the photos are pretty unorganized, though there aren’t many so that shouldn’t be a problem. The braless outfit I’m referring to is the pink tanktop thing. Maybe it isn’t braless though, I don’t know?

    Also I’m not sure how long ago the photos of her in the june//july vixens issue were taken, but her breasts look as plump as ever there. She apparently will only pose nude for playboy because it was her childhood dream (creepy) to be in playboy or something.

  5. Just put in a request to join your group – hope you can approve it ASAP! 🙂

    The Playboy thing sounds like it may be a made-up excuse for a contractual obligation, but who knows. I don’t think Playboy have done very much to repay her apparent loyalty anyway.

  6. I’ve just gone through all the Comicon pics in your Yahoo group, and she’s padded in all of them – the pink tank top has pads inside the top itself.

    I also have to say her navel looks pretty gross in these shots – now I can see it more clearly it looks as though she had an infection from the piercing she had there.

  7. Hi everyone, it’s Lena Li. I am here to clear a few things up. How did I become such a controversy? lol :p

    Again, I just took my belly button ring off. I never had an infection. Yes, I have an outtie, so it looks more prominent. I think it’s unique.

    Did my breasts get smaller overnight that I didn’t know of? lol I am actually weigh lighter than I used to be. Can that factor in? Probably.

    Yes, the June/July Playboy Vixens are shot very recently.

    I hope this clear things up.

  8. Yeah, I guess weight loss could make sense, I remember someone saying that you look thinner than you used to. I suppose you do, I haven’t really noticed. Though that doesn’t resolve the issue of you wearing support during comic con rather than going braless as you had before. Were you afraid of arousing too many comic nerds?

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