Lena Li @ ModFX

Lena Li @ ModFX (Photography: Brian Bobila)

We have discussed Lena Li before on Asian Sirens. She was one of the most promising Asian models when she entered the modelling scene. Unfortunately we haven’t seen a lot of Lena since her appearance in Kim Mizuno’s East West Calendars and some Playboy magazines.

I just talked with David from ModFXmodels, one of the few websites that contracted her for a photoshoot. David is one of the guys who started his own business back in the early days when Asian Sirens became popular and I must say, he’s doing a great job. I’m sure most of you’ve already seen that Lena Li was featured model of July 2005 but for fans of Lena I’ve selected a few of her shots at ModFX.

Lena Li @ ModFX (Photography: Brian Bobila)

Lena Li @ ModFX (Photography: Brian Bobila)


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  1. Man, her navel really looks odd in that second pic. As she’s had so much other surgery – and she has such great abs – I guess she may have had liposuction? Or maybe she really bulked up during her hiatus?

  2. Having seen her navel more clearly in her Comicon pics, I’m pretty sure the scarring is from an infection of the piercing she had there – for me it looks pretty gross close up (although I am a stomach fetishist).

  3. Hi, this is Lena Li. Some of my fans and people have noted that there has been some talk about me here. lol Am I always such a controversy? lol j/p

    I can clear things up for someone. No, I didn’t have a navel infection. I simply took my belly button out. . .yes, I have an outtie. I think my belly button is unique. And no, I never had lipo and I will never get lipo. For the matter of fact, I have been trying to gain some weight.

  4. hey doc, did you see this comment from lena above? do you doubt it is from lena, or do you just believe she is lying about what appears to be scarring from a piercing?

  5. I did see it, but I’m practically certain she’s lying – the way belly buttons form almost certainly cannot produce that form. What’s more, it is exactly in the shape of her previous navel ring, which is just way too coincedental. Especially as she removed her navel ring at the same time this scar appeared – most damningly of all, her early photos with the navel ring in do not show this odd navel scar. So I am about as certain she’s lying as I can be. Unfortunatley, models often lie about this sort of thing (e.g. “I’ve never had breast surgery” etc.).

  6. hey lee, i re-read your e-mail and i see what you mean with the before/after (first photo – no scar, second photo – scar).

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