LaToiye is a thai/black. She is 21 years old (born 1987). She stands 5’6 and is from Atlanta, GA. She is not well known as a model yet, but she has been in several rap videos, men’s magazines, and some print ads.

More photos after the jump.These are some of the photos I liked.






BlackJack Skanz

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  1. Arf, no, no no! We can blog forever about female ejaculation and stuff, but no wrapping of legs. Got it? BTW, being totally not PC here, that booty definitely highlights the black part of her, and in a good way! I mean, it’s so curvaceous as to be almost unreal.


    That A$$ is AMAZING !!!

    Reminds me of Amerie… if you know what I mean.

    Oh yea….

  3. This girl is an example of how the people who go on about some Asian model having a “great butt” have no idea what they’re talking about. This is a great butt, such as only black women seem capable of having most of the time. In comparison, models like KT So – who’ve made a career out of sticking their ass in front of a camera to make people think they have a great butt – are really quite assless. And the ones who do have some kind of an ass usually have quite stocky legs to go with it. Is there any pure Asian model with a truly great ass?

  4. It all depends on what kind of ass you like, Doc. ^_^ Some guys prefer more booty, some guys prefer no booty. At the risk of sounding obvious: it’s all subjective.

    Me? I prefer less ass to more ass. I guess that’s just one of the many reasons why I prefer Asian ladies.

    That said, I would agree with you about ass-to-leg ratio. The stockier the legs the bigger the butt. ^^

  5. Actually, I personally like small butts too. But I don’t think they could be called “great” butts – we simply don’t like there to be too much of them. 🙂

  6. I’ll agree with sevendeuce. I like small, but poppy (bubbly?) – the kind that is thin in the hips but rolls out nicely. Many Asian women have that. I’m not a width fan, which is more common among women of African descent.

    That said, there are exceptions to that rule, and LaToiye’s mix is pretty phenomenal.

  7. I went to school in ATL. The most beautiful Black women on Earth are spilling outta’ every nook & cranny there. There wasn’t much of an Asian community there at the time…save for the sprinkling of Korean grocery & franchise owners.LaToiye makes me wanna visit & see whut the deal.Go ‘hed gurl!

  8. BTW- I’m in a strange place with her ass.I dig it…and I understand that in her line of work -that’s “THE LOOK”…but she probably should’nt go much farther than that weight-wise.She can carry it at her age but “Sista’ Booty” becomes a serious liability over age 25.My career advice to her would be that if she’s gonna do something in entertainment beyond videos-she should probably start to DE-EMPHASIZE that thang.I like her ass for where she is now-but it’s not my regular turn on.I talk waay too much.;->

  9. This is a bodacious booty. Great and big. Unlike Doc, I think there are also Great small butts.

    It’s the shape, not the girth, that makes a great butt. And, it would be a mistake to think there is only one shape that makes a great butt. I will have to keep an eye on future posts (or give myself the pleasure of combing the archives when I have more time) and point out a “great butt” on a pure Asian girl.

    And, Stripes, you are correct. Any bigger and this is not a great butt, IMO. Also, in a few years, it will likely be a fat butt (which some guys like, too…but not me).

  10. Look guys: once again, I like small butts, so a lack thereof is good for me. But you just can’t call something that there isn’t much of – or at least not outstanding or remarkable in any way – “great”. It’s like saying a flat chested girl has “great tits”, when in fact she doesn’t really have any. If you’re an ass man, Asian women are not for you. Luckily for me though, I’m not an ass man at all. 🙂

  11. Don’t know why you guys are flipping out. In photo #2 has ass is clearly photoshopped. It’s obvious that there were lines drawn in at the base under the cheeks!

    And I love tiny asses…three boners for Asian girls!

  12. Ironically the things that make Asians age better than a lot of the other races are some of the things that are some of our weak points too. Generally the black and hispanic women out there tend to look really amazing at a certain age, but once past that age which is somewhere around 15 through 24 they tend to thicken pretty quick due to their lifestyles and diets.

    Asian women on the other hand tend to be always a little on the thinner side which does’nt neccessarily attract a lot of people but they age pretty good, having less flesh overall usually correlates with a better aging process. Gravity has less to work with if you don’t have much mass to begin with. But if you can get your woman off her butt to excercise than you are going to have a much longer shelf life.

    My other theory about why so many women of certain races seem to get heavier is the fact that certain races prefer their women heavier. How many times have you heard certain men say…” I like a women with more, theres more to grab etc. etc. With this mindset the slide to obesity is greased with your lack of critical comments. Too many men will lie to their women when they ask them if their butt has gotten bigger or not. I have always told my female friends and girlfriends the truth. It might sound cruel but I don’t like to be around people who have significantly more body fat than I do, and I’m not going to cater to their egos.

  13. Disagree, Doc. The shape, firmness, complexion all are elements of a great butt. A small butt can be fantastic, but it has to have the above elements to be great.

    Same with breasts. Some small breasts are fantastic. Some are ordinary.

    I disagree with your overall philosophy that bigger is always better, or at even more remarkable. I can appreciate exquisite miniatures!


  14. She looks great, but that butt is gonna be cellulite central by the time she hits her late twenties.

  15. I never said bigger was better Bigfoot – in fact I said repeatedly that, for my taste, smaller is better when it comes to butts. But just as a true tit man needs them to be a decent size, so too does a true ass man. You can say that you appreciate the fact that Asian girls have small butts (as do I), but truly great butts are not their forte. And there just isn’t enough variation amongst them to make any particular Asian girl’s butt stand out anyway. Most of them are firm, the shape doesn’t vary much, and complexion is a factor of the skin, not the butt itself.

  16. baby got back 🙂 nice chocolaty 🙂

    one complaint i have is that Asian girls usually dont have the booty 🙂

  17. I’ve meet that Amerie chick at a club and even danced with her. I’m not really into black girls, even the half asian and half white ones, but she’s pretty. And no I didn’t get any. Bitch! Just messing, she seemed like good peoples.

  18. Doc: I have to disagree with you on this one (which is rare). There are “big” butts and there are “small” butts. I absolutely consider myself a guy who is a “butt man” (that doesn’t sound too good… lol). I also much prefer smaller, tighter asses. It’s just my thing. Does that mean I don’t know what a “great” butt really is? No. My definition is just different.

    Also, there are many guys out there who prefer smaller breasts on a girl. They love breasts but do NOT like them big. Does that mean they don’t know what “great tits” are? No. It just means they don’t necessarily follow conventional taste.

    Lastly, when a girl is bent over and arches that back up to reveal that nice, small, firm ass. My god that is heaven. :-P~

    “I like small butts and I cannot lie
    You other brothers can’t deny”

    (c) Sir SevenDeuce-a-lot

  19. Well put, (Sir) Sevendeuce!

    As an aside, I have met Sir Mix-a-lot (real name Anthony Ray) a few times when he worked on the show. The Watcher. You might be surprised that the buy responsible for “Baby Got Back” is one of the most intelligent and eloquent people I have ever met.

  20. But can you call a guy who likes small tits a tit man? Not by most people’s definition. And so it is with butts/asses IMHO. Once again, my taste is the same as your’s, but I’m not a real butt/ass man, nor do I think is anyone else who prefers Asian women.

  21. Bigfoot, I’ve meet rapper The Game and you would be surprised what level of mind that man has. I’m telling you he’s a straight business genius, always knows what he’s talking about, and has a frame of reference for everything. Many of these entertainers have an image which is just that, an image, when an actuality they are some of the most cunning bastards of all time.

    Back on huge asses, yeah not for me 🙂

  22. I’m not a tit man, by any means, but I appreciate beautiful breasts. Bigger is not better for me, unless the really big are really perfect.

    I AM an ass man, and can tell you that size is one of the least important factors for me.

  23. Doc: I certainly see your point. Conventional taste (as I referred to it) would seem to suggest that a “tit man” would typically be more aligned to larger breasted women. I suspect the same logic might apply to the “ass man”.

    That said, I am most definitely all about the ass. And proud of it. Err… well, you know what I mean! ^_^;; I love tight, small butts. But I will defend anyone’s right to agree with Sir Mix-a-lot!

    As per the Sir, I would never have guessed that he was eloquent and an intellectual! I guess you can’t judge a man by his lyrics! 😛

  24. i think its important to differentiate that this girl has “HOOK” more than an “ASS.”
    A hook is way more appealing than a wide ass. A girl with a wide ass would make me feel like im mounting a cow like the girls on BlackJack Skanz. To much girth.

    I dated black-white and black-jp and i can tell you the proportion and firmness was just freaking amazing and im a tit man to top it. Even i was mystified.

    If your an ass man best bet is to try and find a black-asian mix. If your mommy wont let you bring home a black asian girl then probably Thai or Filipino as they seem to have the most ass compared to the other asian girls.

    oh by the way this girl is “cute” for her age and as long as she stay thin has a chance of being “beautiful” at an older age.

  25. Filipinas have some latin blood from the spanish that ruled Philippines over a century ago. That’s the reason why they have bigger asses than most other asians. And also the reason they tend to get a little more fat. But also the reason why they tend to have a lot more passion coming out of them sexy girls.

  26. I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt and say that she has a donk, but to really tell how great her ass is you would have to check her out while she’s not wearing heels to really tell. Regardless of whether she has a great ass or not, she looks great. Black & Thai make a great mix.

    As far as asses go, I prefer my Sistas and my Latinas to have ass, booty, culo, a donkey, a badunkadunk, a badonkadonk, whatever you want to call it and Asians to just have a butt. I don’t want that thing to blow up on me 10-20 years down the road. So give me a slim, sexy Asian with long hair and a nice butt and I am 🙂 or LaToiye or anyone Asian for that matter.

  27. “Filipinas have some latin blood from the spanish that ruled Philippines over a century ago. That’s the reason why they have bigger asses than most other asians. And also the reason they tend to get a little more fat. But also the reason why they tend to have a lot more passion coming out of them sexy girls.”

    I thought it was all the pork belly and velveta.

  28. well there is that short period of time when filipinas are at maximum density that can best be called “juicy.” Just splendid. But stand back because when it goes it goes quick.

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