Lam Chi Mei @

Lam Chi Mei @

No text (Lam Chi Mei isn’t probably her real name anyway, so difficult to do research), but just a nice gallery of this petite beauty at

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  1. The site is ok, but when I either close the window, or try to surf somewhere else, I get an exit popup which crashes my browsewr 100% of the time on three different computers. Aside from being furious that they have an exit popup installed, crashing my broswer is even worse. 😉

    I’ve tried emailing them about it, but no response. So, I cancelled.


  2.’s Gigie from A4U. She’s a Thai Penthouse model who used to work in a Bangkok massage parlour. Very cute with a nice all natural body. It seems A4U, 88square and Asiannude4u are recycling all the same girls.

  3. How many pictures of Amara do you actually need? There are about 300 at a4u alone, plus the 88square ones. I’d rather have a little variety.

  4. from A4U I have Amara sets 1-30, and from the new premium site I have sets 1-11, I have no Amara sets from 88square, but I know he is there under two different name. BTW, I know a gal in Pattaya who looks, and I mean could be here twin sister, just like Amara, goes by the name of Tuk, same figure and face, no tats, longer hair…yum!

  5. sounds like we need a matrix for names for the phyical gal, from A4Y, 88square, Asiannude4u, and HK97 (magazine). Speaking of the HK97 magazine, I’ve started getting the issues one by one, I have issues, 530->544. In there is Gigie and Chelsea

  6. Robin, the link to ASIANUDE4U.COM doesn’t work anymore.

    Don’t know if you have ever read this on (one of the charged website wholly owned by our corporation) founded July, 2004. Following some personnel changes within our corporation, some ex-staff from the corporation took over the control and management of the website under unauthorized conditions illegally, that lead to the lost of the corporation’s interests and confident to our member. The corporation has terminated the service of these staff last November, however all material and property (such as old photos) of the website that belongs to our corporation has already been stolen and use by these staff by accessing to the old indirectly (for instant the website).

    Law action is now being undertaken to protect the members’ benefits and the interests of our corporation and as it takes time for processing such legal action.

    Important notice:
    The corporation is the owner of the, however with the current situation; we have no choice but to stop the On the other hand, we have prepared for a few months to establish a new website to replace A brand new website with beauty’s pictures updating everyday, ASIA is now online. All indirect access to (for instant the ALLNUDE .com website) can only access to the previous version of the website which are never updated with new model’s photos and movies, and that will also lead to the direct lost of benefits and of course money from the members. The corporation will not responsible for any lost of the members when using such indirect access to

    The new website address is “WWW.ASIANUDE4U.COM”.

  7. i believe it’s in “engrish” or “japanglish”. that’s what happens when you use same girls for A4U, 88square, AN4U, peeasian, shaveasian, HK nude plus some other splinter sites i failed to find.

    not that i should pick on someone else’s command of english, but even i get lost when they use that stiff, bookish, non-colloquial language. not their fault though – only way to learn great english is to be surrounded by its speakers. not the norm in SE asia.

    still. seems to be a vast improvement over HK nude.

  8. Regarding MrHugo’s comments above (claiming this model was a Thai Penthouse model etc.), I received the following communication from Adam Yurman:

    I have been closely involved with every issue of Penthouse Thailand for the past 10 years and do not not think that the model referreed to as Gigi from A4U has ever been in the magazine. I do think mr Hugo has her mixed up with someone else. And further, to state so confidently that she hails from a rub and scrub parlor in Bangkok and has been in our magazine is not very responsible unless he is sure first hand which I doubt considering that we have never seen her in our magazine ourselves. Not that we have anything against gorgeous massage girls. A girl’s gotta do what she’s gotta do to survive. To further asist in clearing up this case of mistaken identity, attached is a photo of a model who appeared in our magazine mid 2005 called Gigi. She is not the person Mr Hugo writes about and there will never be two models in the same year with the same model’s name in our magazine. We would not let them use a name already published that year. Too confusing for the readers to vote for their favorite models etc…

  9. It isn’t about difficulty – once again, he knows how to do it, he just prefers things this way. I guess he likes the way we’re handling our Adam Yurman Festival(TM). 🙂

  10. OK, I see I better say at least something before it looks like I have to have my secretary turn my computer on and off for me or something. I was a bit hot under the collar about a readers post regarding Lam Chei Mei or what ever her name is. The reader states that she is a past Penthouse Model. Unless she has undergone extreme surgery ( which is possible) we can say she is not from our magazine. I sent the post to Lee first in the hopes that if he thought my text was leaning towards a flame that I better just keep it to myself. I like to think of Asian Sirens as a fun place for entertainment and exchanges of ideas, not a battle ground.
    Cheers, Adam,

  11. Hey all. I’m here to necro this thread with some interesting news should anyone still be wondering about this beautiful girl. It appears that she did show in Thai penthouse. There is a “Thai Penthouse Special” 2004. She was listed under the name “Ying Yonlada”

    Check for yourself to be amazed. Details I found for the edition (assuming it’s the correct magazine).

    Penthouse Thai, 2004, Special Edition
    Cover Girl
    Puifai Jaravee, Jiji Jenjira.

    Miss Cover Girl 2003
    Ying Yonlada, 1st runner up.

    Pet of the Month
    Note Nuttanun.

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