Kristy-Lei Louise


You may be surprised to hear this, but Kristy-Lei Louise is a model. Seriously, how do I keep introducing these? They’re all models and they’re beautiful. Kristy-Lei Louise is also beautiful. You can like her Facebook Page if you are one that likes things and has a Facebook page.Stats:

Age: 24
Height 5’2
Ethnicity: Japanese, Chinese, Hawaiian, Spanish, Filipino, and Mexican (Whoa)
Located: California






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  1. Ethnicity: Japanese, Chinese, Hawaiian, Spanish, Filipino, and Mexican (Whoa)

    “Whoa” indeed, Travis. She is beautiful.

    “Whoa”, as in Neo from the Matrix saying it. Did you see that Facebook photo of her in the green dress with the high heels? Stunning.

  2. Awesome mix! Great hair, Great toned, slender, shapely body! Agree with Dr. Lee about the tan!

    I find one thing really bothersome for me and it is her upper lip shape. It has a sharp protuberance and reminds of a beak. Am I too harsh?

  3. Pretty face, but I think she needs to eat a bit more food. I like women that look softer than this one.

  4. I love the tan.
    Fungus farm, I think you are talking about the sneer, I reckon it’s hot. To me it gives the Latin feel.

  5. I cannot find any fault whatsoever in this absolutely perfect specimen of the human race. There is an unusual directness, awareness and intelligence in her eyes. Very cute little package.

  6. I’m with you, Doc. Very pretty but a bit too tan. Don’t get me wrong–I like dark smooth skin on a woman, but overly tan is a bit of a turn off. However I would do my best to see past that for Kristy-Lei.

  7. Dr Lee: I may just be smitten. I have seen Kristy at a car show, I once assisted on a photo shoot with her by a very experienced and skilled photographer, and ran into once at a restaurant. At all times, she has been just a very poised and confident young lady who relates very naturally and genuinely to others. And IMO she is a natural in front of a camera who takes direction skillfully and with great understanding. As for the tan, she has a very outdoor, athletic California look. Some may not like the look. A lot of us do.

  8. Sorry ‘vacuous’ is not a word I’d use to describe her eyes, apart from the 2nd last pic above where yes…hmmm ‘vacuous’.
    1st and 2nd pics – absolutely gorgeous!

  9. I love the sweater shot, contrasts with her natural color beautifully, and the fuzzy sweater highlights the super-smooth skin.

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