Kristin Kreuk

Kristin Kreuk

When I first saw this gorgeous girl in Smallville, I thought “wow, she’s one of the prettiest non-Asian girls I’ve ever seen”. Little did I know she actually was Asian – well half Asian anyway, and half Dutch. In a sense this is even better for me, as I am half Dutch myself (not to mention the fact that both Marco and Robin are Dutch too)! I am of course talking about Canadian actress Kristin Kreuk.Born in Vancouver to a Dutch father and an Indonesian Chinese mother, she continues to work from there today. She got her big break when a casting director sent a fax to her high school asking for an exotic looking girl to star in a new TV series. Kristin certainly fit the description and landed a lead role in the hit Canadian teen show Edgemont – from her first ever professional audition!

It was her lead role in Smallville, however, that really brought her to the attention of the rest of the world (including me!). As both series are shot in Vancouver, she has been able to work on both shows simultaneously. More recently, she has appeared in the Sci Fi channel mini series Legend of Earthsea, the comedy film Eurotrip and also as Snow White – it’s hard to imagine any one better suited to this role!

She’s also had some other notable achievements outside acting. In 2002 she became the newest spokesmodel for Nuetrogena and was #10 in Canadian FHM’s “Hottest Girls” list (she was #71 in the US edition that year). In 2003 she was #24 in FHM’s “100 Sexiest Women” list. In 2005 she was #67 in Maxim’s “Hot 100” list, #18 in‘s “Most Desirable Women” list and #1 in Femme Fatale’s “50 Sexiest Women of the Year” list. In other words, she’s hot!

Here’s a few fan sites (with photos):

Plus another nice gallery:

Thankyou to VietnameseCritic and badboy for bringing Kristin’s Asian heritage to my attention!

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  1. Droooooooooooooool! goes Moopy.

    Mixed asian girls with green eyes is shockingly pretty…

    If those are colored contacts, I will retract my statement.

  2. Hey, no problem Dr. Lee, thanks for giving me some credit nonetheless, that was a really nice gesture. Anyways, you’re half dutch too? That’s pretty cool. Yeah, to me Kristin Kreuk has got to be one of the prettiest woman I have ever seen, but I’m a little curious, it’s just me but: if at first Kristin did not look asian to you, what ethnicity did you think she was? Just curious but for me personally, I thought she looked asian the first time I saw her, lol.

  3. Hey, I have a question for Dr. Lee and everyone else. If anyone in here has taken biology, or genetics, or punnett squares, then they would think that it would be highly unlikely that Kristin has green eyes. Her mother is fully asian and her dad is fully caucasian, so it would have made sense that she have brown or black eyes since those colors are more dominant than blue or green eyes. It usually has to take two generations to get green or blue eyes in mixed asians, meaning it usually has to take a Eurasian like Kristin and another caucasian to do that, not a full asian and full caucasian, since her mom could not contribute a green eye gene at all, she has to contribute either two brown or two black eyes genes. Arrrgh! This is confusing! Although I am fully asian (vietnamese), I have light golden, hazel colored eyes (some green, no joking), something not common for vietnamese. But I’ve always thought it was because of my father’s side, since his ancestors lived high up in the mountains between Vietnam and China so the altitude level, less sunlight, and different oxygen level resulted in his people having much lighter colored eyes than the Vietnamese living near sea level. Can someone clear this up? Does anyone see what I’m getting at?

  4. Ooooh, Nurse Lee has finally posted a girl rather than simply making disparaging comments about other guy’s contributions!

    Ok everyone…start nitpicking her! And while you are at it, make sure you imply that Lee has limited taste because he chose to post this girl. Make sure you sound superior to him with a touch of arrogance while you are at it.

    Give him a taste of his own medicine!

    Lee, I guess your ideal beauty is half Caucasian, eh? White skin, straight nose, light eyes… I guess she doesn’t look too “primitive” for you. If you have forgotten your racist comments in the Amara tread look them up! Buying into what Hollywood feeds you, eh?

    So after this post are you going back to your Japanese girls with the freakishly large (fake) breasts?

  5. Jon, dude, take it easy, okay? No need to get personal. Lee has made a very nice contribution with Kristin Kreuk, and I see no need to pick on this beautiful girl, just because you don’t like Dr. Lee.

  6. I did not like that primitive comment, but I’m not going to get all hurt over it. I had no idea that was Kristin Kruek or that she was mixed. All I knew that there was some hot chick on Smallville. Now I am infatuated with her. Thanks Dr. Lee.

  7. Man Jon, take it easy…and sure, there are general beauty traits that caucasian girls have that many asian girls don’t have, but the same can be said that asian girls possess some beauty traits that caucasian girls desire. And the “primitive” thing was a little overstepping the line there.

  8. Even if I don’t agree with Dr. Lee’s opinion that most Thai women look “primitive,” it is still his opinion, doesn’t make anything right or wrong.

  9. Okay Jon, judging from your comments it seems you aren’t aware that I have made many of my own posts to Asian Sirens in the past. Apart from my posts regarding photography and cosmetic surgery, I have also posted on full blood Asian models from the following countries:

    US: 9
    Japan: 5
    China (including Hong Kong): 5
    Australia: 4
    Indonesia: 1
    Thailand: 1

    As you can see from the statistics above, I usually prefer full blooded Asian women, and I like a lot of Asian American models (despite your ridiculous claim that I am ‘jealous’ of them – huh?). Before you start attacking people, I suggest you check your facts, and review your own past comments too – you’ve been at least as critical of plastic surgery as I have. Indeed, you contradict yourself in your own comments above: on the one hand you say I prefer mixed girls, but on the other hand you say I only like Japanese girls. This obvioiusly doesn’t make any sense.

    As a moderator of this site I would normally delete comments such as your’s – I would not allow you to attack one of our other members this way. I’ve only let you get away with it because you’re attacking me.

  10. To answer VietnameseCritic’s questions, I actually find it hard to tell which nationality a white person is, so I just thought Kritin was white (although the surname made me think she was probably Dutch, which made sense to me).

    As for her eye colour (and yours), it could simply be a random genetic mutation – they look natural to me.

  11. To answer Robin’s question, I generally prefer more natural looking photos (especially as I want to represent what a girl really looks like in my articles), although the Maxim shots are very nice!

  12. Jon, I have to agree with Lee, so I suggest you refrain from any further personal attacks.

    Asian-Sirens is a site for people who love Asian beauty and like to discuss the models featured on this site (also critical if they wish).

    We do our best to make the visitors happy with the models we feature and I don’t think people come here to read comments filled with hostility towards other members (or in this case a site moderator).

    So please, lets just enjoy the beautiful women.

    Thank you 😉

  13. Ok guys. I will let it go.

    Lee, you win. Your site, your rules.

    As for plastic surgery, I don’t like ANY of it. It seemed like it is Lee has the “sometimes good, sometimes bad” opinion. But I guess “primitive” looking girls will always be bad.

    Whatever…this ain’t worth my time. The “doctor” can remain sanctimonious.

    However, if we are counting statistics, I suggest you count what percentage of Lee’s comments are positive and what percentage contain negative comments. You might be surprised.

    Just a humble suggestion.

    My apologies to the other moderators. You have a good site. Think about dumping this guy.

    Ok, going into silent mode.

  14. It’s a bit hard to dump the guy who’s hosting this site Jon! And I suggest you follow your own advice, and have a look at the ratio of postive to negative commments I’ve made – I think it is you who will be surprised. Then compare them with your own comments – they are almost universally negative.

  15. One more thing: saying somebody has a ‘primitive’ look isn’t necessarily negative. This look can have a primal sexuality to it, which many men find attractive (even me sometimes) – presumably the reason for the popularity of Thai and Filipina models. Note that the word “primitive” and “primal” have the same (latin) root – I think you are reading too much negativity into the way I use this term, like some people read too much negativity into the word “oriental”.

    If anybody can think of a less offensive word to express what I’m trying to say I’d be very happy to use it instead!

  16. I like how you guys ramble off topic and kidnap threads on most threads……

    It’s time for MrMoop to get the permission to post something.

  17. Funny, I saw this thread and then went downstairs and turned on the TV, flipped to Star Asia, and Smallville was on. Kristin Kruek was helping super boy look for his father after a tornado. I don’t follow this show so I have no idea who or what is going on. But the coincidence was pretty funny. And Kristin is pretty good looking.

  18. whoa.. indonesian girl.. i like indonesian girl.. because i’m indonesian hahahaha 😀

  19. Indonesian Chineses are so pretty. Too bad they were discriminated in the polynesian muslim majority country such as Indonesia and Malayia, and many have since migrated to Canada and other places. Especially after the recent Indonesian racist riot where many Chineses settlers were raped and murdered. Chineses now living in SE-Asia are of Hakka orgin I’ve read, and is closer genetically with Japanese than other mainland Chineses.

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