Kristen Muranaga retired?

Kristen Muranaga (Photography: Mike Ray)

Another one from JB: Love your website. I was just wondering if you knew anything new about Kristen Muranaga? She hasn’t updated her website and I dont see anything new on other websites. Has she retired or did her stock just bottom out?


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  1. Dr. Lee, again we agree – those are nice. Sad to read on her website she had complications from the procedure. In one interview she said they’re saline. I’m not surprised given their slight sag.

    Her website looks very dead – no ‘events’ for a few years.

  2. The boob job we see now is what she ended up with after her initial complications – she obviously got an excellent surgeon to fix them up!

  3. Kristen is retired as far as I know and is enjoying family life. Definitely one of the sweethearts from the ol’ biz. We used to chat and I was a member to her site way back when. Got to meet her at the first Asian Sirens Expo and she is more gorgeous in person.

  4. When I was a member of Linda Tran’s website I posted on her forum about “dead sites” and used Kristen’s site as an example. Linda responded and (if I remember correctly) said that at one point she was talking to Kristen about reviving the site with her help but lost contact after awhile. Guess she chose to retire.

    I do remember a few years ago her site shut down for a few weeks ’cause there was some kind of spat between her and the webmaster…I think it was some kind of joint venture with Linda Lee that went sour. Then she came back with which lasted for maybe a year before the updates stopped. I kinda hung on a little too long hoping for another update but I finally downloaded all the photosets and canceled. It’s been “frozen in time” for almost 3 years now I believe. Too bad she didn’t let the fans know what was going on, but that’s the way it goes I guess.

    Kristen is one of my all time faves. I’ve been a fan ever since she started a member site. In fact I first heard of her right here at Asian Sirens, along with a whole bunch of other import models. So seeing her again brings back good memories of discovering the import model scene. 🙂

  5. Thanks for the update King!

    I met her on the first Asian Sirens Expo as well and I only can agree that she’s one of the most interesting import models of the good old days.

  6. I actually know Kristen M very well. We used to hang out every day here in the South Bay. She and her man/fiance/webmaster have moved to Redondo Beach and are raising a beautiful little girl together. Ever since Kaila their daughter was born she has stopped modeling, doing shows and updating her website. We were actually best friends for a long time but even i have lost touch with her since 2004.

  7. on retired/dropped out of site :), has anyone got any news on Yuki Love? Is she modeling/acting? Happy? I find all kinds of her old portfolio on various sites, but never see anything recent.

  8. She does look as though she’s aged, and her lower body has gotten a little too big for my taste, but it’s still good to see her back.

  9. I wonder what caused her to come back after all these years. Economic crisis? Who knows….

    But yah she does look liked she aged. I don’t really like the new modfx pics. There’s too much makeup on her face.

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