Krishelle Brown

Krishelle Brown

Filipina model Krishelle Brown is from the northern California town of Walnut Creek. Her MySpace profile lists Krishelle as age 21, 163 cm (5’4″) and currently a college student. She has done quite a variety of modeling as you will see in her OneModelPlace credits. For more previews of this sexy young lady, click
Krishelle Brown

Krishelle Brown

Krishelle Brown

Krishelle Brown

Krishelle Brown

Krishelle Brown

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  1. Well that’s OK, everyone has their own tastes. Oh, could you send 20 or 30 of those 100 girls my way? 🙂

  2. Ah, if only I could hang out once more with the girls at old Stuy High … Krishelle has a pretty face and a great figure. But can someone pass a law banning the possession of hair dye by sweet Asian teenagers? The blondeness is so unnecessary.

  3. Picture #2 is a great shot however She has the same facial expression on ALL of the shots we see here. I bet she looks really pretty when she smiles.

    I agree that the blonde look is a negative on her.

  4. Actually, for once I think the blonde hair actually works! She also has a certain raw sexuality about her that I find quite appealing, but I just can’t past her nose (yet again). I don’t want to get NorthMan worked up, so lets just say I find it hard to believe a nose like this on a full-blood Asian could be natural.

  5. I like!!!!!!!!! So HOT. I would like to see how she looks with natural black hair. The blonde looks good though. Thanks for posting this filipina beauty. Now let me go check out her other sites…..LOL

  6. Mabuhay ya’ll. I have zero interest in the blonde look but I will say her colorist did a good enough job for me to give Krishelle a waiver. I think she doesn’t smile because she has braces and/or she is forcing out the pouty lip look. The nose looks real to me, I live in the PI and have been married to 3 different Pinays, (slow leaning curve on my part!), and none of them had really broad button noses. I think she has a really good make-up job that accents her positives and reduceses her negatives. She seems very white to be pure Pinay, but this could be done by lighting and make-up – none of these shots are candid, they’re staged.

  7. Robin….I stated Krishelle was Filipina because that is what she said in her profile. I’m not sure if she is “mixed” or not.

    But the thing is, even with “full” Filipinos, it’s hard to tell because they are inherently mixed anyway. This is due to 100’s of years of occupation by the Spanish, Japanese and Americans. That is why you wil see very wide variations in the Filipino “look”.

  8. I’ve known many Filipinas too, and I’ve never seen one with a nose this high. Besides, it once again has the characteristics of a nasal implant (accentuated bridge, a tip that protrudes very far relative to her nostrils, and just the fact that it looks ‘stuck on’), which combined with the fact that the majority of Asian models have them these days, leads me to believe it isn’t natural.

  9. Wouldn’t even look twice.

    Looks like 1,000 of the girls you see every night at a Saigon bar…in fact most of them look better!

  10. One of my brand new authors (Zane) over at posted this same model today.

    The irony of coming here to do my usual quiet lurking only to find out we have the same model posted… haha.

    This post is clearly better then Zane’s so perhaps I should direct people over here?

    – Webmaster Auron

  11. i have to agree with those who think krishelle is mediocre or ugly looking.

    that bleached blonde with the nasty black roots and the heavy “chola girl” makeup has got to go. it’s so 1990s & was never flattering at any female… even on a beauty like sasha singleton & all the other popular import models that have been in the business for over 5 years.

  12. I think Krishelle is pronouced “S-K-A-N-K-Y”.

    Definitely do-able if I was drunk enough 🙂

  13. You have got to be kidding me. Not even close. Krishelle is a beautiful young lady and anything but skanky. And not only is she good looking, I found out she’s preparing to enter law school. Beauty and brains is always a nice combination. 🙂

    I think some of you posters need to improve your social skills.

  14. Yes, some of the comments here are borderline – please mind your manners folks. Once again, we encourage our readers to state their honest opinions, but please try to do so in a respectful manner. You can say “I don’t like her” or “she’s not my taste” or “for me she’s not very attractive” or something like that. But please don’t just flat out say she’s ugly or skanky or whatever. Remember, the models themsleves may read this.

  15. awesome lips, sexy face and beautiful body. if any of you guys would kick her out of your bed, then you guy must be super-studs. are you?

    and to the guy who thinks girls in saigon bars are better: knock yourself out! just make sure you have enough money on you to pay them for their time (and whatever else they give you). and PLEASE don’t forget to wear your raincoat and mind your wallet!

    a girl that looks like this, is a native english speaker, and is going to law school? how do i meet her???


  16. Ok, ok, ok….perhaps she as a person is not skanky, but her choice of costume/pose/”look” definitely lends a viewer to make that assumption. I know absolutely nothing about her except what her pictures portray — and that IS what she is selling, her image. All my comments, good, bad, or ugly, are merely based on the images I see.

    The end.

  17. She is a very attractive girl that is posing in a way that is makes her look somewhat cheap and unattractive.

    If she would smile more she would look a lot better and I agree with the above post that her “costume/post/look” is going to work against her.

  18. The problematic thing about Asian-Sirens and like minded sites is that by their very nature they present women as objects to be judged and drooled over.

    Unfortunately the women we usually see here feel compled to than present themselves in this manner in order to be popular and keep working. See the disdainful and insulting comments for any photos of women that don’t fit the conventional “sexy” mode.

    But I think that the ruling sensibilities of Asian-Sirens behooves us to behave like gentlemen rather than talking like thugs. Lecherous and lewd language may impress your drinking buddies but it does nothing to attract women, unless the thing in your pants she’s looking for is your wallet.

    A little manners and graciousness does far more in actually meeting and getting to know real women in the real world.

  19. Wow, that girl is so sex — she looks like a 100 girls you went to school with? Your trippin’ I’ve never seen a girl who looks even close to this.

    My favorite is pic 5, holy shit, is that ass better than 99% of the asians out there? Yea it is.

    I do think she came out better in the vibrant pics — I’m not really “feeling” David Bang’s pics… but maybe he just had her on a grey looking day; except pic 3, i think that one is hot.

    Heck, I’m thinking of becoming a photographer just to get a closer look.

  20. what a trip.. i came across some old pics of Krishelle that i took.. right here! I took the 1st two pics a long time ago near her house. We were supposed to do a big shoot but had to find a local location near her home – so we ended up at some park. anyhow, she is so so sweet… and has completed school a couple of yrs ago and is going great!

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