Korean Bodybuilder Yu Mi-hee

Yu Mi-hee

Former aerobics instructor Yu Mi-hee (34) started bodybuilding 12 years ago when she claimed she weighed 176 pounds and wanted to lose weight, but it wasn’t until just last year that she won the Miss Korea Bodybuilding Championship.Although still a small field in Korea, the 5′ 2½”, 112-pound Mi-hee is considered to be one of the top female Korean bodybuilders in her weight class. When in training, she says she works out everyday for 3-4 hours and in case you’re wondering….she’s stated that she does not take steroids.

Yu Mi-hee

Yu Mi-hee

Yu Mi-hee

Yu Mi-hee

At the 2007 championship competition

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0 thoughts on “Korean Bodybuilder Yu Mi-hee”

  1. Thx for posting CEC.

    For both men and women, I never got this whole concept of body building to make your body look like that. But that’s just me…..more power to her if that’s her thing!

  2. why?

    thanks for the post cec…but she is not purdy and kinda scary 🙂 is this a fetish or something? :))

  3. you gotta be kidding…hahaha
    this is the first time seeing an asian body builder… it doesn’t look right!! 🙁
    i wonder how much she makes…$_$…..

  4. She’s not as bulky as many of the women competitors I’ve seen. She’s very toned, but I wouldn’t say she has an unusual amount of mass. Just from the little bit I saw of her, I’d say I believe her when she says she isn’t on the juice. She doesn’t have the look.

    I’ve got to give the bodybuilders props. Its takes so much dedication, discipline, and knowledge to be able to do what they do. I’d love to know what her diet is between competitions and if she carb cycles.

  5. props for being a bodybuilder. but most people aren’t into that type of look… it’s a little too masculine.

  6. and you guys complain about ladyboys…no offense but “she” may have a little something, something :)) he he

  7. Jeez, guys….compared to the “She-Hulk”-looking Western female bodybuilders, she’s not that bulky and certainly not masculine-looking.

    Oh, and javporno and wylde8, this article will answer your questions about how much she does (not) make as a bodybuilder and her diet.

  8. I can honestly say I’d be a lot more interested in some ladyboy profiles here than see this. lol…

    But hey, some people find this very attractive and there’s no denying the dedication these athletes(?) must devote to this sport(?).

  9. Good for her for losing 64 lbs and being fit, but no, I am not in the least attracted. Scary.

    And no, 1201, weenies only shrink if steroids are involved.

  10. Ok woman body builders aside..what is the deal with guys like Sevendeuce and Flipnirish asking for and admitting attraction to Ladyboys?

    Now THAT is just wrong!

  11. I didn’t admit that I had an attraction to ladyboys – I’m just saying that I find them more attractive than female bodybuilders…

    … oh wait, that didn’t sound good either. ^^;;


    I guess I just prefer a more feminine looking product. I find female bodybuilders have a very masculine look and are all hard angles.

    Not my thing… and I’m not sure if I’m exactly asking for an asian-ladyboy-sirens.com site, but it would be hilarious to post one on here and see how many regulars would guess the gender wrong. hehe…

  12. No matter who you posted, I’m sure there’s 2 or 3 people here who would immediately say its a ladyboy… except this time they would be right.

  13. ^ Haha! Exactly!
    I think every entry that’s featured a girl who’s spent enough time in the gym to really tone-up, will have at least a couple of “I’ll bet it’s a dude!” comments.

  14. I’m willing to bet a few of these guys who show any negativity toward muscle women, have beer bellies and man-tittiies also. A little jealous maybe. :)))

  15. I have to admit I think the ladies in the fitness category do look good. I am not at all attracted to the bodybuilder women out there. Just does not look good. Tone looks good, too much muscle, Yuck!!

  16. These days, with the juice-induced She-Hulks from the States and Europe, I’d say in comparison, Mi-hee fits more into the fitness category.

  17. actually you don’t need steroids and all that bad stuff to look like that. It just takes dedication, eating right, lift well, and motivation

  18. Arf, beer bellies and man titties? Have we met? Are there topless photos of me out there on the web? Seriously, pictures of her pumped up for competition will be very different than pictures of her posing normally. check out picture 5 to see the difference. Anyway, as she could probably kick my ass without breaking a sweat, let me just say “Saranghae (I love you)”

  19. Mr Lee two pictures ago you showed a real fat lady, now this. Is this your before and after part of the show? Man hands vs simply man. Next please!!!

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