Kittee Lee


Kittee Lee was part of one of the rare nude viral videos after starring in Playboy TV’s Badass and burning rubber on a car to the point she started choking on the fumes. There may or may not be a nude photo below because I cropped it from This Set of photos that didn’t have the Playboy Logo on it, but may have been from Playboy and altered. Who knows? I’ll let Doc decide whether or not to keep it. If you don’t see her nude, then click on the link, since… you know… I just gave it to you like 2 seconds ago.Stats:

Age: 30
Height: 5’5
Located: California





Naked Playboy Girl trashes $170,000 Drift Car by Playboy_tv


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0 thoughts on “Kittee Lee”

  1. Travis – as of 1100 GMT the naked photo is still there. Maybe Doc is still in bed. Nice body with the implants. No comment about being a woman driver, though.

  2. ‘pneumatiky’ – a wonderful Slovak word used to describe Kitty (from the site of Travis’ favourite pic) is apt indeed.
    She is certainly pneumatic. Although on second thought, I believe it means pumped with air..and I’m looking at her tits in the yellow car pic above..
    No matter, I’d still say to her: “hello kitty”

  3. Ha, I was trying to think of a word to describe those, pneumatic is perfect. Though they are obviously fake, she’s got a really nice body, and her face is pleasant if not spectacular.

  4. Luke72, she looks REAL good in that selection of pics. Thanks for the link. They do her greater justice than some of the ones above I think. Maybe it’s the inclusion of a few pre-pneumatic pics.
    I like the one of her lying on the floor with her nipples nicely showing through the bra.mmmmm

  5. Me likey. Nice body, nice hair, and the face isn’t bad either.

    I still think doing stuff like that in a car is one of the stupidest things ever. It takes a naked girl like Kittee for me not to dismiss it entirely.

  6. she reminds me of Teanna Kai.
    hmmm, sexxxxy, and that voice!
    i usually don’t like tats but hers are nice and not hiding anything

  7. Tats are a dealbreaker. I hope the Inport Car scene isn’t going to degenerate to the point that all the models get tats. Unfortunate because she has a fantastic face and body. Boob job isn’t the best either – I wonder if she went under the muscle.

  8. Stripes, gotta admit, I had to Google labiaplasty. Found a site with before/after pix as well as a video of the procedure. Don’t know if any of the women readers here have comments, but it looks PAINFUL.

  9. Sexy, hard body.
    A hot girl and a Camaro are always a great thing.

    I’m just sorry to see she couldn’t handle that drift car. I could work with her on how to drive a stick, any time! And pro bono, too.

  10. dazn, you know that’s pro boner, haven’t you been paying attention?

    Luke72, I’m finding myself growing just looking at her:-p

  11. It was an immense pleasure seeing her on Playboy’s Beach House and Badass programs. I especially liked it when she was makin’ out with Rochelle Minami (another hot Azn). It surprises me there isn’t more content with Kitty Lee, IMO she is the defacto hottest Azn model out there right now.

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